GH Update Friday 11/30/01


General Hospital Update Friday 11/30/01

By Angie

Luke comes up out of the hole and is trying to pull himself out. He asks Nikolas is he's going to help and Nikolas asks what he's doing. Luke says he's just trying to figure out how much cement it would take to fill that hole. He's decided there isn't enough cement in the world.

Scott goes to Bobbie's. He calls for her, but doesn't see her. There are sheets all over the place. She comes in and says she's going to paint. Scott says he got her a present since he made her miss her dinner and hands her a little black box. She opens it and asks if it's the engagement ring he gave to Laura. He says yes and she tells him she's sorry.

Laura is at Deception. She's making phone calls to find someone to have dinner with. The lights go off and she asks if someone is there. The lights come back on and Elton walks in. Says he's sorry; he didn't know anyone was still there. He asks her if Scott is coming and she says no. He asks if there's anything he can do for her and asks her if she wants to go for a drink. She says how about dinner and he tells her that he has a date, but can cancel. She tells him not to cancel his plans; they'll do it another time.

AJ is with Edward in the living room. AJ sees a box and says the necklace is nice. Black pearls with a diamond clasp; it's to bad his one-night stand only likes gold. Edward says it's for Lila and he better not spoil the surprise. AJ says speaking of surprises how surprised will Lila be when Janine shows up for dinner. Edward tells him that because of Sonny Janine will leave town soon. AJ says he just had dinner with her; he's hidden her somewhere even Sonny won't be able to find her.

Skye asks Jax if they can go now. Jax says he's on a mission. Skye complains about the swamp, the way the restaurant smells and everything in general. Jax says she can take a bus home; she's the one that stowed away on the plane in the first place. Skye asks him what the mission is and he says she can't handle it. Skye says for him to try her; she can handle anything. The waitress comes and Jax and her are very friendly. Skye is jealous of their interaction. Jax orders a ton of food and tells Skye to try the gator, frog legs and hush puppies. Skye asks about the mission again and he says he came for food. She calls him a jerk for putting her life on hold for food.

Scott tells Bobbie he had everything planned for a wonderful life and asks how he gets over Laura. Bobbie tells him she wishes she knew. She says it will get better day-by-day; today was the worse and each day will get a little better.

Laura brings home a Christmas tree. Lulu says she thought she was going to get to pick the tree and Laura apologizes. Lulu says its ok because she likes that tree. She asks if Laura is going to marry Scott. Laura tells her no they're just going to be friends. She then asks her why she doesn't marry "daddy" again.

Skye keeps complaining about being in the "swamp" with a smug billionaire. Jax says he doesn't like being bugged while he's eating; in fact he doesn't like being bugged at all. He tells her that she can leave anytime; just watch out for the gators cause they like to feed at night. She asks him what else he likes to do and he says dance. She tells him that she wouldn't dance with him if he paid her by step; he says he didn't ask.

Edward calls AJ all the same names he use to call him. He tells AJ he has a new quality that he likes; ruthlessness. AJ tells Edward that he isn't there for him to use anymore. Edward says a man who knows what he wants and goes after it can have anything; including a top job at ELQ. AJ says he doesn't want a job at ELQ. Edward tries to turn him against Skye.

Luke asks Nikolas who he is today. Nikolas says Luke has called him so many names maybe he could refresh his memory. Luke calls him some things and Nikolas tells him to be careful; he could push him into the hole. Nikolas says that it scares Luke because he doesn't know if Nikolas is like his father or not. Luke says we find the faults in others that are closest to our own.

Laura and Leslie discuss Scott. Leslie says she wishes that Laura did love him. Laura says she does, but not like he love's her. She wishes that she could just put Luke and Scotty together. She tells Leslie that she needs some time alone to sort things out so Leslie goes to dinner and Lulu goes to a sleepover. She turns the radio on and hears Christmas music. Laura tries to move the tree and knocks over some knick-knacks. Throws a pillow at the radio and decides to go through the ornaments. She gets sad when she finds one of her and Luke.

Nikolas asks Luke if he is a shrink; if he got his degree of Luke's house of blues and sensitivity. Luke says he doesn't do sensitivity; you are what you do and make of yourself. He will give him some advice even though he didn't ask. Question everyone, don't trust anyone; love sees everything; the past is gone, you can't love it, buy it or steal it back. He tells Nikolas to stay there he'll be right back. Nikolas tosses the Cassadine ring into the hole. Luke comes back with a steel cover.

Jax is dancing with the waitress and Skye is clearly jealous. She tries some of the hush puppies. A guy whispers something to Jax and he says thanks. He then whispers to the waitress and Skye gets more jealous. Skye tells Jax she is not staying in the "swamp" so that he can sleep with the "trailer trash waitress."

Bobbie brings in hot cocoa for the two of them. Scott says he hasn't had this much fun since he painted his aqua man statue. He starts to whine about Laura again and Bobbie tells him if he wants to wallow he can go to Kelly's or the Grill. Scott says she needs to give him time. Bobbie tells him neither of their lives are perfect; she's suppose to be married to the love of her life with four kids and two dogs. He rushed Laura and she wasn't ready. Scott says sometimes you have to go out on a limb. Bobbie asks what if Laura always wanted Luke and he ignores her and starts painting.

Nikolas and Luke put the steel lid on the hole. Luke starts to screw it down when Nikolas starts laughing. Luke asks him what's so funny. Nikolas says he's not sure; something just came over him. Luke says maybe it was closure and they both laugh. Nikolas invites him for a drink and Luke asks him if he really wants to have a beer with him. Nikolas says why not there's a first time for everything so Luke accepts. He tells Nikolas to go to Jake's and order them a pitcher; there's something he needs to do first. Luke talks to Stavros and says he's the last one standing still; he says he's going to dance on his grave and does a little dance on the lid.

Laura starts getting depressed, so she leaves the house.

Jax and Skye are at a hotel and he tells her he doesn't care what she thinks. He tells her she is unbearable and says a lot of mean things about her. He says she complains about Edward, but at least Edward is entertaining. Skye gets upset and leaves the room.

Edward tells AJ that Skye has brought out the steel in him. He says now he should cut Skye lose and run ELQ; AJ says he'll pass. Edward says he can finally be accepted, admired and even respected. AJ tells Edward that he would've jumped through hoops to hear him say those words; here it is now and he realizes that Edward hasn't been holding back he's just empty.

Laura is on the docks looking at the decorations the workers are putting up. One of them asks how they look and she says good. They each say happy holidays and the workers leave. Luke reaches up and touches Laura's shoulder. She screams and hits him with her purse.

Jax hears Skye crying. He goes to her door and knocks, but she says go away. He pushes the door open and sees her crying.


Carly: "Why are you suddenly so interested in me?"

Zander: "You sell yourself short."

Ned: "I have just one question."

Kristina: "Ask me anything."

Luke to Laura: "Where's Baldwin?"

Jax: "What's going on here Skye?"

Skye: "Sonny deserves to be punished for what he did to me."