GH Update Thursday 11/29/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/29/01

by Angie

Nikolas is dreaming when Gia comes in. She comforts him and says she is there. He is dreaming about Stavros and wakes up screaming, "stop doing this." Gia runs back into the room.

Kristina goes to L&B Records. She calls for Ned and gets no answer. She walks over and picks up a box when Ned comes into the room. He tells her to put the box down and back away slowly. She says she just wants to be productive again. Ned tells her there are rooms at Alexis' that she could re-arrange. She says he could give her a job.

Zander tells Carly he came to her for advice on women in general. Carly says that she can see right through him. She knows that he's only there because of Sonny. So he took the friends angle and is trying to watch out for her. She asks Zander if he and Sonny thought she was really that stupid.

Sonny and Alexis are on his jet. Alexis drops some stuff and Sonny asks her if she's ok. She says she feels like she's confined. He tells her maybe her seatbelt needs loosened and he reaches across her to loosen it.

Jax is walking out when Skye barges in. Skye tells him they're in trouble because Edward brought in Sonny for help. Jax tells her he's tired of Sonny's name and everything associated with him.

Nikolas tells Gia he's fine. It was just a dream. Gia asks him what it was about. He tells her it was about his father and she says that isn't a surprise. He starts to cry and tells her that he can't stop thinking about him. He's a part of him and there's so much he needed to know. Gia says she'd like to forget she ever knew him and then apologizes for saying that. Nikolas asks her to tell him what Stavros was like.

Kristina tries to convince Ned to give her a job. He asks if she arranged Alexis' throw pillows to many times. She tells him that Alexis is out of town with Sonny on a business trip. Ned says he can't give her a job because he doesn't want to talk about Alexis all the time. She informs him that he's the one that brought her up. They don't have to mention Alexis anymore if he doesn't want to. He tells her he'll give her a test run and asks her to file some music sheets. She starts to play the music on the piano and sing. Ned comes back down to listen to her.

Skye asks Jax how he can refuse to help her considering how he feels about Sonny. She needs his help. Jax says for her to fix it herself; she's the one that started it. She only cares about herself and he's not going to help her. She says that Carly did something to change his mind. Jax tells her he doesn't want to talk about Carly either.

Gia talks about how she met Stavros/Lucien. Nikolas asks her if she was frightened of him and she says no. She tells him that as Lucien he was considerate. He was always concerned for her, but now she knows he only wanted to hear about him. Nikolas asks her if she liked him and tells her to be honest. She says yes and he asks her how much he and his father are alike.

Sonny knows there is more going on than Alexis has said. Sonny tells Alexis she can tell him and she doesn't have to lie. Alexis says she's just skittish. Sonny says that is understandable for all she went through. Maybe she should talk to Stefan or Nikolas since they went through it too. He tells her that you can't keep it bottled up to which she responds "this from the master bottler." Sonny tells her to tell him about it. She says she hasn't felt that helpless since she was a kid. She wanted someone to rescue her and then she pictured him telling her to breath. He tells her he's sorry for letting her down. He should've been there after all she has done for him. Alexis tells him she doubts that he could ever let her down.

Carly tells Zander that he's following orders because Sonny doesn't want her near Jax. She can take care of herself. Zander says he knows that; he was there when she went up against Sorrel. He said she put her life on the line for him, but he guesses that doesn't change anything now. He just wanted someone to talk to because he's going nowhere; but at least he knows where the road leads. Carly tells him to stop talking like that and to sit down. She will talk to him.

Jax is on his jet and makes a radio call. They ask for an e.t.a. and he says he doesn't have one; he's taking the scenic route. Skye comes up to the cockpit and tells him she feels sick. Jax asks her what she's doing there.

Nikolas tells Gia to tell him the truth. Gia says that she only saw what Lucien wanted her to see. It was all an act so he could learn about Nikolas. Nikolas tells her to forget it. She says that she understands that he's afraid of turning into Stavros. She tells him to hang onto the good and let go of the bad. He tells her he's sorry and to go get ready for her photo shoot.

Kristina is singing and Ned goes closer to her. Kristina says she didn't think that Ned would like that song. It's a classic and he can't put it on a pop album. Ned says he was thinking of releasing a standards CD, but he never found the right voice. Kristina says that they didn't give one another enough credit and Ned agrees. Kristina asks him if music is just a hobby for him or is it a passion.

Skye asks where they are going and Jax wants to know why she's there. She says she wants his proxy. He tells her no so she better buckle up because she's along for the ride.

Nikolas is shown at the hole Stavros fell down when he "died."

Ned tells Kristina that he likes being the gatekeeper at the mansion. Kristina says he's very ambitious and can do anything he wants. She asks him if he's chicken and he says no. She tells him he's afraid to take chances and he asks her if he does something daring will she shut up. She says yes and lets go.

Alexis kicks off her shoes. She says she doesn't know if she's ever been this relaxed before. Sonny tells her its passed time then. She says she promised when she got away from Helena that she was going to live her life and she's going to do that. She tells Sonny that he's nice and that he knows how to treat a woman. She says he should be meaner since he's an underworld figure. Maybe he should buy some sunglasses and a gold chain. She asks him if she can buy the gold chain for him.

Skye asks if she can open her eyes. Jax is sort of mean. She asks him if her company is really that bad. He tells her its not company when he didn't invite her.

Carly asks Zander to humor her and walk to the window and back one more time. Zander doesn't want to, but he gives in. She says he's a looker; he's got the hair, the confidence, but he isn't too cocky. She also tells him that his shoes have to go, but he has a good butt. Zander asks her if she was looking and she says yes. He kind of laughs and she says he checks out girls the same way. She tells him he just needs to get back into the game; don't look for love, but have fun. He says fine, but asks her to come with him. At first she says no, but then tells him to give her an hour. She leaves and Zander calls Sonny. He tells Sonny that everything is set; he found the perfect way to keep an eye on Carly. Sonny says thanks.

Stefan shows up at the Yacht. He asks Gia where Nikolas is and she says she isn't sure. Stefan asks her if she can approve the dinner menu for their engagement party. She lets Stefan know that she is worried about Nikolas and tells him what has been happening. Stefan says he is glad Nikolas is concerned; he's facing his fears and making a conscious effort not to be like his father.

Nikolas is at the hole and he is talking. He says that he's tired of being told he's like Stavros. He's gone and its time he stays gone. He is getting ready to throw the Cassadine ring down the hole when a hand reaches up out of the hole.


AJ to Edward: "I wonder how Grandmother will react when Janine shows up for Christmas."

Scott to Bobbie: "I got you a present," and he hands her a little black box.

Laura is in a room and there's a sound: "Is there somebody there?"

Skye: "What's the secret mission?"

Jax: "It's not one you can handle."