GH Update Wednesday 11/28/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/28/01

By Angie

Luke is at the police department and Taggert asks him if he can help him. Luke thinks Helena escaped. Taggert tells him that Helena is still there, but Mac wanted to see him.

Scott takes Laura to the part where they were married. He says it's a great place for a wedding and Laura agrees. They talk about the changes in the park and the things they did there.

Carly is at Kelly's waiting for Jax. When he arrives Carly greets him as "partner." She asks him if he brought the agreement and he says yes. She wants to see it. Carly says this is really going to happen; she's going to pull it off. Jax says "they're" going to pull it off; he isn't going to be a silent partner. Carly tells him he's making a solid investment. Jax responds with "any woman willing to get away from Sonny Corinthos is a good investment in my book." Carly gets angry and tells him to stop right there.

Sonny and Johnny are at PH4 talking. Sonny tells Johnny to keep an eye on Kristina. He tells Johnny to let Max know he should keep looking for Janine; make sure she doesn't leave town. Johnny says he'll take care of it and goes to leave. He opens the door to find Kristina there. Kristina asks if she can talk to Sonny and Johnny lets her in. Kristina says she's going to cut to the chase; it took her whole life to find Alexis and she doesn't want to see anyone hurt her sister. Sonny says he'd put his life on the line for Alexis and he'll always protect her. Kristina asks Sonny who is going to protect Alexis from him. Kristina says she doesn't want him to lead Alexis on in Puerto Rico; he's still in love with his wife. He should divorce Carly before romancing Alexis. Alexis walks in and tells Sonny she's sorry for Kristina; Kristina has a boundary issue.

Luke says that Helena is a menace. They have a dozen sworn statements to build a case against her. Mac says all they have are statements from people who hate the Cassadine's and no evidence. Mac says anything that was in the lab is gone now. Luke says its because they gave them time to destroy it. Luke asks about what Helena did to Lucky and Mac says that's why Lucky is there. Lucky says the problem is he can't remember anything she did to him. Luke tells him to call Tony and Mac says they already have a call in to him. Mac tells Luke not to leave and he says he won't; he'll probably be sitting at her cell. Luke says Helena is going down.

Laura tells Scott she loves him, but she can't forget about the bad things. She talks about how much he means to her. Scott tells her that when they were kids he never realized how much strength she had. He never saw it as clear as he does now; it's as clear as her answer to his proposal is.

Carly tells Jax not to make this about Sonny. She is doing this for her, not to get back at him. Jax says he thought he was making a business venture, but he can tell she's still hung up on Sonny. Carly says she realizes now that all this was about getting back at Sonny. He's still mad because he lost Brenda.

Sonny tells Kristina that Alexis is his trusted friend and Attorney that's all. Kristina says she's sorry for over reacting, but she won't be sorry for loving her sister. She says she's going to go back to their PH and help finish packing. Sonny tells Alexis that Kristina is a good bodyguard; he may want to borrow her if Johnny goes on vacation. Alexis asks if they're still going to Puerto Rico and Sonny says he'll come get her when she's ready. Alexis says it may be fun to get away; even if it is business.

Luke tells Lucky that Elizabeth will be back soon and everything will go back to normal. Lucky says its not Liz it's him. When they defeated Helena all these emotions that had been held back came flooding in. He just wanted to call her and tell her that he loved her, but when he called he changed. It was like all his feelings were fading as quick as they came back. Luke tells him not to run from her because things will calm down; then he'll know how he really feels. Luke says that he thinks they're the real deal and when you have a love like that it's never to late to get it back. Lucky says if he really believes that then why does it look like he's getting a new step father.

Scotty tells Laura he needs to say the answer and the answer is no. Laura says she's sorry and he says he needs a minute. Laura asks him if he's ok and then decides that was a stupid question. Scotty says he respects her decision, but he'll always love her. He has to ask her one question though. He wants to know if it's because of Luke.

Jax tells Carly that she knew nothing about Brenda. If she knew anything she would've learned from other people's mistakes. He can see she is still hung up on Sonny and it was a mistake for him to make a deal. Carly says it wasn't a mistake and Jax tells her the deal is off. Carly says she's sorry and Jax says she's going to have to do a lot better to pull this out of the fire.

Sonny tells Zander he needs a favor from him. Zander says he could use a distraction from Emily. Sonny asks him to keep an eye on Carly and stay close. She can't know that Sonny asked him to do this because she tries to be brave. Zander asks if Carly is in trouble. Sonny says she's doing business with Jax and he doesn't trust him. He tells Zander that Carly tries to be brave, but over reacts sometimes. She needs a friend and maybe Zander could give that to her. Zander says it isn't a problem.

Luke tells Lucky that he's not sure what Laura is going to do about Scotty. He knows that she'll want Lucky to stand behind whatever decision she makes. Luke says all they can do is hope that she makes the decision that will make her happy. He tells Lucky to let go of the past and move on whether it's with Elizabeth or not. Helena is brought upstairs and Luke goes out to her. Helena says she knew his life was empty without her. Lucky tells Helena that Luke has a lot of purpose in life and one of them is bringing her down. Luke asks her where her lab went and Helena tells him she was just expanding GH. Luke says, "If that's the only story you've come up with cookie, you better keep baking." Taggert comes in and sees Helena. He asks why she is up there and a cop says he was processing her. Taggert says he will escort her to the cell himself. Luke tells him he better call swat or get a chair and a whip just in case. Taggert says that after what she tried to do to his sister he will personally see that she pays for her crimes.

Scotty says it is Luke and Laura says yes. Her feelings have resurfaced, but she doesn't see a future for them; it just confuses her. Scotty says he'd like it better if she were going back to Luke because then he could punch him in the nose. Laura tells Scotty he means so much to her and she doesn't want to lose him. She doesn't want to go forward with all these doubts.

Kristina tells Alexis that Sonny is still attached to Carly. She's concerned because Sonny is very attractive and she knows all about "he look." Alexis asks her what she's talking about and Kristina says the way his eyes get big when he wants something; they suck you in like quicksand. Kristina decides maybe Alexis needs to have fun, but no drinks with the tiny umbrellas; they are full of rum. Sonny comes in to get Alexis. He takes her luggage and as they are on their way out the door Kristina says, "I have three words: NO TINY UMBRELLA'S." Sonny is apparently amused and asks Kristina what kind of rum she likes; he could bring her some back.

Carly tells Jax that nothing has changed. They disagree about Sonny so they just won't bring him up. Jax says he's not so sure about this deal anymore. Carly asks him for a week or two and she'll bring proposals, figures, and sketches to him; he'll see that this is a good idea. Jax tells her that she gets one more chance and he leaves.

Zander comes into Kelly's. He sees Carly and asks her if she has a minute. Carly tells him not if Sonny sent him. He sits down and tells her that he just can't get Emily out of his head and thought maybe she could give him some advice. Carly just gives him a little smirk and Zander says he can tell she doesn't have time so he starts to leave. Carly tells him to wait.

Alexis and Sonny are on his jet and she is going over the contracts. Sonny is staring at her when she looks up. He tells her that Kristina seemed doubtful that this is really a business trip. Alexis says she doesn't know where Kristina gets her ideas. Him and her together is laughable; she means that in the nicest way. Sonny laughs and offers her some rum; she declines.

Scotty tells Laura that he's not going anywhere. Whatever she needs from him he's always going to be there for her. She says thank you and he suggests they pretend he never proposed. Laura asks him why he's so good to her and he says it's because he love's her. He has dreams and he'll never stop dreaming. They hug and Luke sees them. He looks for a minute and walks away.


Kristina to Ned: "Maybe you can give me a job."

Skye to Jax: "How can you refuse to help me?"

Zander: "Sonny has nothing to do with this"

Carly: "He's why you're here."