GH Update Tuesday 11/27/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/27/01

By Angie

Laura is at Deception. She listens to her messages and hears Scotty. He says he and Bobbie have been in jail all night; could she please come bail them out.

Luke shows up at the jail. He rakes a cup across the bars to wake Bobbie and Scott. He looks at Bobbie and asks her if this is what its come down too.

Alan tells Monica he wants her and Skye to get along. Monica tells Alan that if Rae is there for Christmas she won't be. She says whatever Skye is for she is going to be against.

Edward goes to Sonny's, but is stopped by Max. Max tells him he's busy, but Edward won't go away.

Sonny tells Alexis to set up a second trust fund for Michael. He wants their house bought, but put in Carly's name and he also wants to be responsible for all maintenance charges. Alexis tells him if he's letting go he's doing a great job. Sonny hears Edward outside and goes to the door. He tells Max it's ok. Edward tells Sonny he wants to make him a deal. He says he wants to buy Sonny's ELQ shares so he can beat Skye. Sonny says he likes owning part of Edward's company and wants to know what Skye has on him.

Janine and AJ are at Kelly's. Janine tells AJ that he and Skye better get their acts together or she's gone. AJ says she'll get her money when he's satisfied with the job. She tells AJ that she misses her daughter and he says he understands; he misses his son too. Mike walks into Kelly's and Janine makes a horrible face. AJ tells her that he didn't realize she knew Mike.

Edward tells him that she's blackmailing him and he's just trying to protect Lila. Sonny tells him they should let Skye tell her. Maybe then she would leave Edward. Edward says she won't leave him because his marriage doesn't work that way. You don't just throw someone out when it doesn't work. Sonny says he doesn't want to see Lila hurt so he'll help him. Edward tells him he wants someone to "eliminate the threat," but he doesn't want Janine hurt. Sonny goes and gets Max and tells Edward to describe Janine to him. Sonny tells Max to get someone on her. Edward tries to leave, but Sonny says they aren't done. They have to discuss his part of the deal. Sonny says he gets Edwards vote. When they have ELQ board meetings however Sonny votes "Eddie" will vote the same way. Edward says they have a deal.

Skye tells Monica Edwards problems are his own. Monica blames Emily's accident on Skye. They start fighting and Alan says he just wants them to stop. Monica tells Alan that she meant it when she told him about Christmas and she walks out. Skye asks Alan if he's ok and he says, "No, neither are you."

Bobbie tells Luke she's glad to see him. Luke tells her he paid their bail and they should be getting out. The cop comes and lets Bobbie out, but shuts the door on Scott. He tells him that he's going to check his record. Luke tells the cop that Scott is addicted to speed. The cop talks about Scott doing 80 in a school zone and Luke asks him how many times he's had his license revoked for that. The cop decides he's going to go search Scott's car. Scott and Luke are fighting when Laura walks in.

Alan asks Skye why everything has to be a contest with Monica. Skye tells him that Monica judged her long before she knew her and she just wants her place in the family. Alan tells her she's doing it the wrong way because she is turning his family against each other. Skye says they were fighting long before she was part of the family. Alan tells her that he love's Monica and he's with the right woman; Skye needs to remember that. Alan says he can't live like this anymore and one of them needs to make a gesture.

Janine tells AJ it's none of his business if she knows Mike. AJ tells her if Mike bothers her he will take care of it.

AJ walks over to Mike and asks him how he is. Then he tells Mike he was just talking to his friend Janine. Mike says, "She's no friend of mine."

Alexis asks Sonny what he has planned for Janine. He tells her he's not going to hurt her and the phone rings. Sonny gets off the phone and tells Alexis to go pack her bags they're going to Puerto Rico. Alexis starts walking out the door making excuses why she can't go. Sonny tells her he needs her there; there is a labor dispute and he needs his attorney. She continues to make excuses and Sonny asks her again. She says no and goes into the penthouse and screams.

Scott tells Laura what happened and she asks Luke about the things he said. Luke says the cop misunderstood him. Scott and Luke start to bicker so Laura takes Luke outside. Luke asks Laura if she really thinks a second chance with Scott is going to work. Laura says that's between her and Scott and Luke agrees, but asks her to hear him out. Luke tells her that they're not right together; it'd be like having a Ferrari and never getting to go above the speed limit. Then he says he better go get Bobbie. They both go in and Luke and Bobbie start to leave. When Luke walks by Laura he makes a little engine revving noise.

Skye is looking at a family photo when AJ walks in. AJ tells her about Janine knowing Mike. Maybe they can use that to their advantage. Skye says she thinks they should pay off Janine, get her out of town and drop it.

Edward walk to Monica on the patio. He asks her who the argument was with this time; Alan or Skye. She says its always Skye and Edward tells her it's going to be over. She wants to know what he means and he says he asked Sonny for help with Janine. Monica asks Edward if he's crazy.

Sonny and Max come out of Alexis' kitchen. She tells them that she saw a rat. Sonny tells her there aren't any rats in her penthouse, but he'd be happy to have it exterminated for her. She's on a table and ranting about how he's a bad landlord for letting her penthouse be infested by rats. He tells her to get down and come to Puerto Rico with him; she accepts.

AJ tells Skye now isn't the time to lose leverage. She says she's worried about Alan and maybe its time for the family to stop blackmailing one another. AJ says he's going to do whatever it takes to get Sonny to give him his son back.

Monica can't believe Edward asked Sonny for help. Edward says he did it for Lila and that he told Sonny not to harm Janine. Monica says that everyone believes Sonny when he says he wont hurt someone. They go into the house arguing the whole way. AJ asks if the new alliance is in trouble. Monica tells him that because of him and Skye scheming Edward has called in the big guns; he's asked Sonny for help.

Sonny tells Alexis to calm down and pack. They have to go to his Sugar Cane warehouse. Alexis said she never saw any papers about a sugar cane warehouse and Sonny says he just bough it. He tells her its legitimate and it's actually a molasses refinery. He uses the molasses to make rum.

Kristina comes home and sees Alexis' suitcase. Alexis asks her opinion on a suit and tells her she's sorry she has to leave her so soon. Kristina asks her where she's going and Alexis says to Puerto Rico with Sonny. Kristina looks concerned. Alexis tells her it's only for a few days and Kristina clearly points out "and nights." Alexis explains about the warehouse dispute and says she needs to go as his attorney. Kristina asks her what the spaghetti straps are for if she's going as an attorney and Alexis tells her it gets hot there.

Skye asks Edward why he would rather work with his enemy than with her and he says she's the one that started everything. Monica tells her she's the one tearing their family apart. AJ tells Edward that he can't believe he asked his worst enemy for help. Edward says, "why not you aligned with someone who is trying to destroy me."

Bobbie tells Luke that the more trouble he makes for Laura and Scotty the closer together he's bringing them. Luke's phone rings and he tells Bobbie he has to go; the police want to see him. She tells him to call her if he needs anything.

The cop decides to let Scott go because Commissioner Scorpio vouched for him. Laura and Scott go outside and he tells her she's the prettiest girl that's ever come to his rescue. He tells her he wants to convince her to marry him and she says they need to talk about that. Scott tells her not there; he wants to take her to the spot he wanted to go in the first place.


Scott: "Things are going to be different this time"

Laura: "Things ARE different this time."

Jax: "Any woman willing to get away from Sonny Corinthos is a good investment to me."

Carly: "Just hold it right there."

Kristina and Sonny.

Kristina: "Who's going to protect Alexis from you?"