GH Update Monday 11/26/01


General Hospital Update Monday 11/26/01

By Angie

Skye runs to the bar at the Quartermaine's and is pouring a glass of wine. AJ starts telling her not to take a drink when she explains to him that it isn't for her. Monica walks in and Skye asks her if she would like some wine with her dinner. Monica tells Skye to stop acting like a three year old and Skye asks her what the age limit is for saying it's her fault. They're arguing and Skye is about to throw the wine on Monica when Rae walks in. Rae steps between them and tells Monica if she wants Skye she's going to have to go through her.

Carly and Jax walk into a dark building. Carly asks where they are and Jax says it's a building he owns. She tells him to the point and tell her why they are there. Jax tells her that when she spoke of the club he thought of this place. He turns on the lights and asks her if it's a dream come true.

Nikolas is at the jail. Helena asks him if he's there to gloat like everyone else and he asks her if he should be. Helena tells him that Stefan cut off all her funds and she's been appointed a public defender. Nikolas tells her he's not there to gloat so she asks why he came.

Luke asks LuLu why she thinks Laura is going to marry Scotty and LuLu says she heard him ask Laura. LuLu asks Laura what she is going to say and Laura says they'll talk about it later. Everyone except Luke, Laura, Roy and Lucky get up and leave the table. Luke makes a toast to the soon to be happy couple and gets up to leave. Roy asks him if he's ok and he says that he's going on a vacation. Roy asks if he wants company and he tells him no to stay and enjoy turkey. Laura goes after him.

Gia shows up at the Brownstone to talk to Lucky. He asks her if everything is ok and she says she doesn't know. Gia tells Lucky that something happened with Nikolas and now she doesn't know where he is.

Nikolas tells Helena he is there to find out about his dad. Helena says she wondered how long it would be before he felt the loss of his father. Nikolas says he barely knew him and Helena blames that on the Spencer's. Nikolas tells her it wasn't because of the Spencer's it was because of her. Nikolas tells Helena that Stavros didn't care about vengeance; he wanted to change and be a father, but she wouldn't let him. Helena says that Stavros was everything he wanted to be and she saw Stavros in him when he was playing prince.

Rae tells Monica she'll give Skye the respect she deserves and Monica says Skye will get what she deserves. They start arguing about Monica's jealousy of Skye and then Skye and Rae end up pouring the wine on Monica's shirt. Skye tells Rae she was wonderful and thanks her for sticking up for her.

Monica and Alan argue about Skye and Rae. Alan says that they both should be at the occasional family function. Monica says she doesn't know how Alan can ask her to love and respect a child that he had with another woman. Alan says he doesn't see the problem because she did it with Jason. Monica tells him not to compare "that viper" to Jason. Alan says she always assumes the worst about Skye and Monica doesn't understand why he can't see her side. Alan says he has tried and Monica says he better try harder. She's really done with all this.

Rae likes that Skye called her mother. Skye says she's called her that before, but Rae says it always sounded like an accusation. Rae says she would've knocked Monica out if she would've taken one more step. She tells Skye she hopes she didn't make a bad situation for her and Skye says the Q's were snipping long before her.

Alan tells Monica that she has no reason to be jealous of Rae. Monica says she's not jealous of the woman that attacked her in front of everyone. Alan tells her she would've done the same thing if someone were attacking her daughter. Monica says thanks for explaining that, but she can't believe he's condoning their behavior. He says he doesn't understand her anymore and she says maybe they're not as simpatico as him and Rae. Alan tries to talk to her and she tells him to go be with his soul mate. Alan asks her not to do this.

Carly tells Jax the place is fantastic and he's glad she likes it. Carly asks him if it's 2600 square foot and he say 2700. Carly says it's big enough, but they can still create intimate space. Jax asks her how she guessed the size and she says that she took some interior design classes. Jax tells her its been empty for about five years. She takes a look at the ceiling and tells him they are going to have to check out the plumbing problem to see if it's serious. (Jax is clearly impressed at this moment) She asks him how the inspections went and he tells her he read them all himself and that the place is solid. She picks up a book that is among many stacks. Jax tells her it use to be a book binding business. She picks up Othello and they discuss that book for a little bit. Carly asks Jax if he thought she'd take one look at the place and back out; he thought she would see all the spiders, scream and run away. He says he thought something like that. She says the place has potential and for him to use his imagination.

Gia tells Lucky about Nikolas walking in on the conversation at Windermere. Lucky asks her how Nikolas reacted and she says he got real quiet. Gia says she could tell it bothered him, but before they could talk he left in the middle of desert. She tells Lucky she is worried. Lucky says he thinks he knows where he's at and they leave together.

Laura goes to Luke and tells him she's sorry he had to find out that way. Luke tells her it isn't important and she should be inside. Luke asks if Scotty proposed and she says yes. She also tells him that she didn't give Scotty an answer. She hasn't made a decision yet and she wants to know what he thinks.

Helena tells Nikolas that Stavros isn't dead in his heart. She says he's different than the Spencer's and he has a destiny to fulfill. Nikolas says he's happy with the life he has and Helena says he'll never be content; he'll always know that he's denying what's inside. Lucky and Gia show up and Lucky tells him not to believe a word Helena is saying.

Rae tells Skye she came to see her because she misses her. She also has a gift for her from her grandmother. Skye asks her if Alan told her about the ELQ shares and Rae says yes.

Monica asks Alan if he's threatening her and he says no. He's committed to their marriage and her. Alan tells Monica that Skye needs her mother and he's not going to keep her away. Alan walks back into the house.

Rae tells Alan she hopes she didn't make things worse by being there. Alan says he's not going to desert Skye for Monica. He asks Rae if he was wrong for giving the stock to Skye; he doesn't know what she's going to use it for. Rae says no he is demonstrating his faith in Skye by giving her the stock.

AJ asks Skye how she is and she says she always feels like a kid around Monica. AJ says so does he and if she figures out how to stop to let him in on the secret. She asks how Edward is and AJ tells her that he's still mad; the turkey made it all the way to the table and they still had to order pizza. Skye says it's been a great holiday and AJ says for everyone except Carly. AJ says he wonders what Carly is doing with her new friend Jax.

Jax tells Carly she has an ambitious vision. Carly asks Jax what he thinks and he wants to know if she's going to stick with this. She says when she wants something she gets it; usually it's by scheming and lying, but this time she wants to do it right. She tells him that she had Deception, but Sonny was her safety net it wasn't really hers. She wants to show all the people who thought she would fail that she can succeed; their club is going to be the place to be. Jax tells her it's a big job. She says she'll put all her blood, sweat, and tears into this place.

Helena tells Nikolas that even his friends knew he'd go see her. Gia tells Nikolas not to listen to her. Lucky tells Helena that she's out of tricks and that it's over. Gia tells her that she's going to have to try her voodoo on the inmate's upstate. Helena tells them that Nikolas came on his own free will and tells him to say he's a Cassadiene.

Laura tells Luke she cares what he thinks. He says he's not going to crash the wedding or try to stop her. She says his opinion will always matter to her. Luke asks her to tell her what she wants from him; he's dizzy from trying to figure it out. Luke then asks her why she couldn't have gone for Roy or Mac; at least that's something he could've got behind. She says she could always go for the mailman because he's always had a crush on her. Luke says the mailman made a pass at him last week. They laugh and Luke tells her he can't give her what she wants. Laura asks him how he feels about her marrying anyone.

Carly says she can tell by the look on Jax's face that she blew it. He tells her no she didn't; she would be an excellent investment. Jax says bars, restaurants and clubs are usually high-risk ventures; that's not a minus for him. Carly says it won't be a risk; she'll succeed. Jax says he'll bet on it because this is a passion for her and they have a deal. Carly says he won't be disappointed and he says he's betting he won't. Jax tells her he'll need more that her dreams; he'll need some figures next week and she says she'll get right on it. Jax tosses her the keys.

Skye says Jax can do whatever he wants with Carly as long as he stays committed to their plan. AJ tells her not to count on that. Skye says we'll see after she puts the full court press on him. AJ asks her how she's going to do that and she says she has her ways. Alan comes out and tells Skye Rae is getting ready to leave. Skye says she's sorry for ruining dinner; Alan says he doesn't care as long as she had a good visit with her mother.

Rae thanks AJ for being so kind to Skye; AJ says they understand one another. Rae says it's obvious that Skye cares about him and AJ says the feeling is mutual. Skye and Alan enjoy everyone. Skye says she'd love to see Rae again soon; maybe for Christmas. Alan invites Rae to come for Christmas and she accepts. Monica is in the background and looks livid.

Nikolas tells Helena good-bye; she says their discussion isn't over. Nikolas says its over; Justice is served and she's where she belongs. There is nothing left for them to say. Lucky tells Nikolas that his family is Gia, Alexis, Stefan and him; he is free of Helena and Stavros.

Luke tells Laura she is extraordinary, but it makes him crazy to think of her marrying anyone. She's not his, she doesn't need him anymore and she's an independent woman. If she decides to marry someone he'll do the best he can to be happy for her. Luke kisses her and walks away.


Janine and AJ at Kelly's when Mike walks in: AJ looks at Janine and says, "I didn't know you knew Mike Corbin."

Skye asks Alan if he's ok. Alan says, "No and neither are you."

Scotty calls Laura and asks her to come bail him and Bobbie out of jail.

Luke shows up at the jail to see Bobbie asleep in Scott's arms. He rakes a cup across the bars to wake them.