GH Update Wednesday 11/21/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/21/01

By Angie

Luke goes to Melissa’s; she answers the door in a towel. She realizes it's Luke and slams the door on him. He observes that she wasn’t expecting him.

Gia tells Nikolas that she wants to shout from the rooftops that they are engaged. Nikolas tells her she can shout whatever she wants. After, they head to Kelly's so they can tell Lucky the news first. Gia’s admiring her ring when Janine walks up. Janine says the guy couldn’t even spring for a diamond. Gia tells her that emeralds are more unique. Janine tells her to take him for all he’s worth.

AJ meets with Janine. She wants to see Skye. She’s mad at them because she has to stay at Kelly’s. She believes she should be receiving better treatment from them, and seethes at the thought that she isn't.

Skye goes to see Jax. He wants to know about the progress with Corinthos. She says Janine is helping them get more stock. Jax says they have to change their strategy. He wants to hit Sonny where it hurts.

Sonny goes to Alexis’. Kristina says she’s going to put away groceries. Sonny gives Alexis the divorce papers. He tells her to take care of them right away. Alexis tells him he could save a lot of money if he would just tear them up. He tells her he signed the papers.

Bobbie asks Carly if she’s okay. She doesn’t look like she has slept. Carly tells her she was up all night. He asks what happened. Carly tells her she was mature and rational. She signed the divorce papers and asked Sonny to sign them too. Bobbie observes that Carly now wishes she could take it all back.

Lucky joins Gia and Nikolas at a table. Lucky tells them this better be good as he had to work all night. A woman walks by and tells them "Congratulations". Gia says thank you. Lucky asks if it’s her birthday. She shows him her ring. Lucky asks why they aren’t shouting it from the roof. He tells them to hold onto the good things. Nikolas asks him to be his best man. Lucky tells him to try and stop him.

Janine tells A.J. she wants a nice place. She can hear the cats outside and she has to get her own coffee. A.J. tells her she should feel at home. Janine tells him she’s not who he thinks she is. She misses her daughter, so she needs the money. A.J. assures her that if Skye falls through, he will help her.

Carly tells Bobbie that she wishes she could go back. She would do last night over. She wouldn’t bring up the papers. Bobbie tells her that Sonny loves her. Carly says that doesn’t matter if he can’t trust her. He’s always going to see the worst in her. She doesn’t want to spend her life defending herself. She deserves more and she won’t settle for less. They talk about Roy. Bobbie says she couldn’t trust him anymore. He wasn’t the man she fell in love with. Bobbie say

Alexis doesn’t want to file the papers. She tells Sonny there is no going back if he does this and she can’t undo it once they’re filed. She asks Sonny if he’s sure about this and he replies that he’s sure. His marriage is over.

Bobbie thanks Scott for helping with Thanksgiving. Scott asks where his turkeys are, but Bobbie tries to change the subject. Scott keeps asking about the turkeys he decorated. She says that Lucas thought they were hippos. He asked if she threw them away. Bobbie tells him that they made them into confetti for an art project. Scott starts rambling about a bunch of things. Bobbie can tell he hasn’t heard from Laura. She lets Scott know that she also invited Luke to Thanksgiving.

Luke tells Melissa that he was supposed to meet Roy. He wants to go fishing with him. Melissa asks him if he’s been fishing with Roy before. Luke replies that they went a long time ago. Melissa asks if they saw any bears. He can tell there's a story so he wants to hear it. She says it's long. Melissa tells him he’s just trying to skip out on dinner. Luke tells her that Thanksgiving is all about mush.

Roy stops Mac outside of Kelly’s. He tells Mac that he’s interested in the possibility of a police job. Roy wants to know if the old offer still stands. Mac says he made the offer once and Roy chose to work for Corinthos.

Alexis asks Sonny what happened. She wants to know if it has anything to do with what she said to Carly. Sonny tells her the problem is Jax. Jax needs to learn to stay out of his face and he needs to learn fast.

Jax opens his door to see Carly. He says this is a surprise. Carly asks if he’s going to invite her in. Skye looks worried.

Sonny tells Alexis that Carly won’t settle for a life without trust. She knows what she wants and she won’t settle. Something has changed her. Alexis points out that he loves her, though. Sonny tells her love isn’t enough, but he wishes it were.

Skye tells Carly they’re in the middle of something. Jax says they were done. Carly says she has perfect timing. Skye leaves. Jax tells her if she’s here to get back at Sonny, she can leave. Carly tells him to forget Sonny. She has a proposition for him.

Melissa wants to know if Roy is a good guy. Luke asks her what happened. She says nothing, except he’s been more serious lately. Luke says they aren’t girls and they don’t share secrets. Luke tells her to let it be. They can’t be like they were in the past. She can’t go back. Melissa asks him if he’s talking about her or him.

Mac wants to know why Roy wants a job now. Roy says he wants to do something good in the world again. Mac wants to know what he has in mind. Roy says he couldn’t be a regular cop, but maybe Mac could use him for something. Mac tells him he can’t think of anything right now. He says if anything does come up, he’ll keep Roy in mind.

Lucky tells Nikolas and Gia to elope. Nikolas asks her what kind of wedding she wants. She explains that she wants a big exotic wedding. Nikolas goes to get drinks. Lucky says he wants Elizabeth to come home. He can’t wait until they can all get together and start over. He’s getting his memories back slowly. He remembers Gia being a friend to him. Lucky thanks her for that. Nikolas overhears them talking about Stavros. Gia asks Lucky how you can get away from having a father like that.

Scott wants to know why Bobbie thinks Luke will show up. Bobbie says he has a lot to be thankful for. She says she also invited Roy and Melissa. Scott asks her what’s wrong with her. She says its time to put aside their differences and be thankful for the things they have. She says if she can break bread with Roy DiLucca, he can with Luke.

Luke tells Roy that he wants him to go fishing. Roy says he’ll go. Luke says, "Come on". Roy says they’re going to Bobbie’s for Thanksgiving and Luke says he’s not going. Roy reminds him that Laura will be there, but Luke tells him he needs to catch up. They’re over and they’ve been over for a year.

Lucky tells Nikolas and Gia that he’ll be the loudest one cheering at their wedding. Gia says it takes time, a good wedding takes a year to plan. Lucky tells them to elope now, today, and Nikolas agrees. Gia asks Nikolas if he’s okay. He says he’s fine.

Skye tells A.J. she’s had enough of the snake. A.J. asks what Jax did now. She says it's not Jax, it's Carly. A.J. asks whose life Carly is trying to ruin now. Skye says she showed up at Jax’s while they were in the middle of something, and Jax just dismissed her.

Carly tells Jax she’s looking for a backer for her club. Jax tells her not to use him to get to Sonny. She says this isn’t about Sonny. She wants a club and she can even envision all the rooms. Carly tells him she just has to sell the idea. Jax says she hasn’t sold him. She can go unless she has another pitch. Carly says she does.

Luke tells Roy he’s not going to dinner and that when Roy’s done with Thanksgiving, to join him in Montreal. Roy says he’ll be there. Luke leaves. Melissa says Laura is smack dab in the middle of Luke’s heart. Roy agrees. She asks him how it went with Mac. He explains to her that she’s the reason he’s trying to be a better person.

Bobbie tells Scott he can’t win a woman. You can charm her, but you can’t win her. Scott says he just wants to know where he stands. Bobbie tells him to watch Luke and Laura at dinner and he’ll know.

Kristina tells Alexis it’s good that she doesn’t have feelings for Sonny. Sonny looks like he’s dangerous. Alexis tells her that Sonny is in love with his wife.

A.J. tells Skye that if Carly goes after Jax, it’s good for them. Skye wants to know how that’s good. A.J. says that if she pursues Jax then she won’t let Sonny adopt Michael. If that happens, he has a better chance of getting his son back. Skye says Jax would never go for Carly. She’s clearly jealous of the thought of Carly and Jax.

Jax tells Carly that a club isn’t a big business like he usually invests in. Carly tells him she’ll create a place that people will want to go to. She has good instincts. If he won’t help her, she’ll find someone who will. Jax says he has no doubt she’ll find someone else if he won’t help her. Sonny shows up.


Nicolas and Gia tell Stefan they’re engaged.
Scott and Bobbie get arrested.
Sonny tells Jax to stay away from his wife.
Rae shows up at the Quartermaine mansion.