GH Update Thursday 11/15/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/15/01

by Glynis

Alan demands that Monica end her feud with Skye. Monica tells him that the feud is officially over. Monica tells him that she paid off Jeanine to leave Edward alone and that means that the family canít be hurt by Skye anymore. AJ and Skye are having breakfast together and Skye tells them that Jeanine had a change of heart and she just canít leave Edward alone. Edward hears that and is suddenly sad again. Monica wants Skye to prove that Jeanine has welched on their agreement. Skye tells her that for ľ of a million dollars Jeanine was willing to leave well enough alone. This is all Edwardís fault. Alan wasnít given all his choices. Monica thinks that means that now Alan would be married to Rae if he had the chance. Monica canít be in the same room with Skye. She walks out. Alan asks a question. Do they want to go through with this and make so much trouble with the family? Skye believes that Sonny has to be punished but they are not acting any better, trying to force Edward to sign over his shares. Alan asks to talk with Skye. He asks her what she will do. She will tell Lila. Alan thinks that she should get it over with right now. Alan goes and gets Lila presenting her to Skye. Skye wasnít expecting this. "Mother, Skye has something to tell you." Lila waits patiently for what it is that Skye has to say to her. Skye thanks her for letting her feel a part of the family and she really appreciates it. Lila thanks her for her praise and Alan wheels her out of the room again. Skye canít believe that Alan would be so sure that she wouldnít tell her grandmother everything. Alan knows her better than that. She would like to make people think that she is Attila the Hun but Alan knows that she couldnít want to tell Lila that she is married to a selfish jerk. That is true, Skye doesnít want to do that.

Christina is with Ned and he has gotten out of bed early that day. He remarks that Alexis is a lot like him and she likes to sleep late too. Soon, Christina will be moving in with Alexis and things will get back to normal for Ned. He will be able to have his furniture the way that he likes it. He is going running and Christina would like to go running with him but he is going to run with Jax that morning. He really doesnít mind having Christina there. He has had worse houseguests than Christina.

Alexis wakes early and she peers down from the staircase at Sonny sleeping on her couch. She slowly goes down to get the paper and she gets it walking to the kitchen. She tries to be quiet but then doesnít understand why she is doing that. She was going to make coffee but then decided against it. She walks over to him and tries to cover him but he jumps awake grabbing her wrist in the progress. She apologizes. His covers slipped off and Alexis was just trying to fix them for him. Sonny gets up and she wonders what he is doing. She wants to get away from him so that she can feel much better. She sits down and Sonny offers her something. She has scones in her refrigerator. He reaches to move something from her face and she reaches back from him. They are standing there in their pajamas and Alexis in her peignoir and then it happens, Carly walks in unannounced. She comes in and lets Alexis have it. She says that Alexis is after Sonny because she canít have a man of her own. Alexis tells her that she is right and she is not going to see him anymore. Sonny turns to Carly asking her to forgive him. They start passionately kissing and then we realize that Alexis has imagined most of this. Carly did come into the room but she didnít do all the rest. Carly instead apologizes for bursting in. She tells Alexis that she wants Sonny to adopt Michael. Carly is having a hard time containing herself. She has her fist clenched and is trying her best to stay calm. Carly wants to get Deception back and she is going to try her best. Lucien Cassidine is going to be her backing for the project. Alexis tells her that Lucien was really Stavros and he isnít going to be helping anyone. Carly didnít know that. She will find herself another investor. She turns to walk out but Sonny tries to stop her and she ignores him anyway. She leaves closing the door behind her. Sonny and Alexis discuss how he canít understand his wife. She wants to know why he doesnít want to sign his divorce papers. He tries to leave, but Alexis shouts at him, ĎNo, donít!"

Ned and Jax are out exercising and Jax finds a card that he palmed to lose a bet the night before with Stefan. Jax denies that he would lose millions of dollars. Ned thinks that Jax is just a noble guy that canít stand seeing anyone hurt. They have to figure out what they are going to do about Alexis. Ned canít get involved with her anymore. She tells him repeatedly to mind his own business. Jax knows that Ned still has feelings for Alexis. Ned is going to have to listen to Alexis. Ned canít do that. She is involved with Sonny and Sonny is too territorial. Ned feels that they have to make Alexis see that she is making mistakes with the way that she is living her life. Jax has done many things in the past and he needs something to do right now. Ned thinks that he is chivalrous. He is one of those people that canít stand seeing women in distress. Jax is not going to desert Alexis if she needs him but at the same time he is not going to go messing in her life if she doesnít want him to. Ned is sad about that because something has to be done.

Edward goes to Christina to get her help ion this matter with Jeanine. Christina tells him to tell his wife the truth before someone else does. Jeanine is crazy for Edward. Christina canít believe that he really thinks that Jeanine has feeling for him. He tells her that some women find his kind of maturity and self-confidence overwhelming. Christina explains that Jeanine took $100,000 from Monica and then switched it for ľ million dollars. She goes to the highest bidder, which is what she does. Christina thinks that he has been fooled. This was not Edwardís fault. Christina is sure that he is not blameless though. He ended up in her bed. Christina thinks that she can find out more about Jeanine and put an end to this. Edward will have to listen to Christina and do as she says. She explains her plan to him.

AJ is telling Ned that for the first time, he has grandfather on the short end of the stick. Ned hates that AJ is hurting their grandmother. He is pathetic. AJ is not doing this for Michael and he doesn't care who he hurts in the process. Skye comes along saying that Alan wants to see them all in the den. They all head to the den and Monica and Alan are there. The family fighting is going to stop and now they are going to treat each other kindly. A heavy revelation has caused this shift. Alan is going to give Skye his shares so that she can use them to get rid of Sonny from the family. Monica and Ned think that Alan must be on drugs again.

Jeanine gets a visit from Edward and he is dressed to a tee. She is shocked to see him. He is carrying a dozen roses and she is shocked as anything to see him standing before her.