GH Update Tuesday 11/13/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/13/01

By Glynis

Sonny comes to Carly’s house with Michael and he tells Carly that he might not be there in the morning but they will talk anyway. Michael whispers to Sonny on his way upstairs, "I hope you stay." Then he is gone. Carly meant it that she wants Sonny to adopt Michael. He would take care of Michael all the time if they would move back into the penthouse with him. Both of them are moving back and forth in this matter. He is doing everything that he can to find a solution. What she comes up with is not doable for him. His guard comes in and whispers to him. Sonny has to go.

Skye bursts in on Monica offering Jeanine $100,000 to get lost. Jeanine wants the money and Skye doesn’t want her to take it because as long as she has Edward hanging he behaves and treats her properly. Jeanine makes a grab for the check and soon all 3 women are fighting for it and they all fall on the bed together shouting. Monica is only interested in what it is going to take to get Skye out of town. Skye knows that Monica hates her because she reminds Monica of her mother. Rae must look good right now to Alan. Monica leaves the check telling Jeanine that she will tell Sweet Cheeks goodbye for her. Skye tells her that she is going to make her an offer that she can’t refuse. Jeanine puts the $100,000 in her bra and she asks Skye how much she is going to pay to keep her around. Jeanine thinks that she is worth at least a quarter million for her help. Skye’s jaw drops at that figure.

Stefan is asking Jax to sell back everything that he took from the Cassidines at cost. Jax has a better idea. He thinks that they should draw costs for the assets of the Cassidines. Nikolas and Gia are watching all of this wondering what the 2 men are doing. One hand, the high card wins. If Stefan loses then Jax will get Windemere. Nikolas has never been fond of that place. Ned has a deck of cards and he brings them over and shuffles them for the gentlemen. Alexis watches very carefully. This is crazy. They draw the cards and Stefan wins. Jax shakes hands all the way around and Nikolas and Gia are going to see Laura at her house. Alexis tells her nephew that she loves him. Nikolas is afraid of saying ‘Welcome to the family to Christina’ but he hugs her just the same. Nikolas apologizes again to Stefan for what he has done, but Stefan doesn’t need to hear that. Nikolas and Gia leaves… Alexis knows that Jax lost that card game on purpose. There is a knock on the door and Ned opens to Sonny who walks right in. He looks at Alexis. She assures him that she is fine. The men at the party think that Sonny can leave now that he has seen that Alexis is fine. Alexis ends up leaving with Sonny and Ned, Jax and Christina watches not sure what to make of that. Christina wants to know if there is more of a relationship there than client/attorney. Ned can’t talk about that and he goes to bed.

Bobbie is outside Laura’s house alone when Scottie walks up with a pony that he is going to use to get Laura to come around to his way of thinking. How can she say no to a pony? Helena is going to jail and that is what is important. What is important to Scottie is this pony and he even has clowns if he needs them. Inside the house, the kids and family for Laura come running out to see the pony. Scottie asks where Laura is. Lucky ends up telling the kids a story of Darth Vader and all the kids living happily ever after. Tony thinks that it is time that the kids went home and the party starts breaking up. Scottie goes over to Lucky and asks him where his mother is.

Luke has come over to Laura’s house to see her. She was on his mind and he is upstairs with her after having come in the back way. That is curious behaviour to Laura. The truth is that there is something that he wants her to say. It is his 3 favorite words. He is worried about what he did when he was delirious. She laughs. Everybody knew that the drugs were working on him overtime. He didn’t know what decade it was but she still couldn’t have done what she did without him. He told her that the answer was in her past. That was the only clue that he gave her. She looked through all their old stuff to job her memory and she found something. She found letters that they had shared. He can’t believe that she kept those all these years. They remember running off together. He remembers a courageous woman that he knew. She was always running after him, even when he told her that she shouldn’t. He was always saving her. She had the guts and the smarts to get herself out of anything. He saved her but she never always needed saving. Luke wonders what he is going to do now…maybe politics. He leaves smiling…

Gia and Nikolas arrive at Laura’s house and Lucky is there to greet them. Lucky tells how he cured himself of Helena by talking to Elizabeth. That was the way that he did it. Nikolas knew that he was going to win. Now Nikolas has his little brother back. They hug. Luke watches them unseen. Gia and Nikolas go outside to see what she wants to do. She wants to be with someone that night. She kisses with Nikolas.

Mike is over at Carly’s and he can’t believe that Sonny has asked Carly to move back in and have a life with him again. Carly doesn’t want to feel like she is on trial again. Sonny can’t accept her without questions. Mike has done things that Sonny would never forgive him for and he will not reveal those things anymore. Carly doesn’t want to live the rest of her life like that. She understands why he wants to keep things from his son, but she doesn’t want to do that. She loves Sonny and she always will but something is wrong and broken inside of him. He can love with all his heart but he can’t forgive. That means that she can always lose him. She is not going to constantly seek his approval. That is nuts. She hugs Mike closely to her.

Sonny takes Alexis home with the guard and they check out her apartment. She is fine and she tells him that he can go. He closes the door behind his guard leaving and tells her that he doesn’t think that she is fine.

Jeanine walks into Luke’s bar and she likes what she sees. She orders a Long Island Iced Tea from Luke and then she sees Mike. Turns out that they know each other… Luke stops what he is doing to think again.