GH Update Friday 11/09/01


General Hospital Update Friday 11/9/01

By Glynis

Jeanine is found out. She has been staying at the Quartermaines and pretending that she slept with Edward. Skye knows the truth but she is not going to let Edward off just yet. Edward denies that he has done anything with the woman. He wants her to spare them all the theatrics. He has been around a lot more years and he is not easily fooled. Jeanine starts crying. Edward tries to make the girl feel better.

Monica is upset that Alan doesn’t care that Skye is getting AJ’s stock. She is just trying to get on her brother’s good side. She is exploiting AJ’s love for the child so that she can get all the money. Alan is not buying anything that she is saying. They go inside and tell Skye and Jeanine that they are going to be arrested for fraud. Skye gets alone with Jeanine and tries to get the fraud to explain why she is trying to scam the Quartermaines. Jeanine admits that she has a kid to support. She saw Edward and she thought that she could get him to give her some money. The money he drops for fun, she could use as a down payment on a house. She will do anything to support her kid. Skye tells her to go back to the hotel and stay there. Jeanine leaves and Alan walks in and he has overheard her talk with Jeanine. Alan can tell that Edward hurt Skye deeply and she was trying to get back at him with Jeanine. Skye admits that was true. He is still proud of her but he would like the rest of the family to like her as he does. He wants her to meet the family half way. AJ just accepts that she is his sister and Alan accepts her too. Alan doesn’t want her to be the worst of the family. He loves her too much. If she starts something with her grandfather she will be sorry. AJ comes into the room wanting to speak for himself. He believes that Skye is helping him, for him. This isn’t about getting revenge on grandfather, this is about getting at Sonny and she doesn’t want her father to stop her. Alan tells her that he will always be there for her but she shouldn’t do anything rash. He leaves and AJ warns her that what Alan said makes sense. AJ is her whole life and she loves the way that it feels. AJ is going to have to give in and accept that Skye is on his side. He is on hers. They hug.

Monica is finished with Skye and her antics. She and Jeanine are out of there.

Felicia comes to see Mac, she needs his help. She can’t find a whole slew of people and she thinks that Helena has the people. Mac will check it out but he refuses to let Felicia go. She reminds him that she was his partner at the Private Detective agency, etc… She thinks that this is about Luke. Mac just wants to make sure that she doesn’t’ get hurt. She is only going to follow him anyway. Finally he decides to let her go with him. They leave.

The captives have taken over and are trying to get out of the maze that Helena has built…Lucky is waiting for Stefan to break the codes of the computer to get the captives out. The code in the computer is encrypted. Lucky is sure that his father will help stop this… Laura has found Luke and he tells her to go and save herself. She will not leave him. He tries to pull himself out of the bottomless hole where he almost fell to his death. Stavros rigged the floor to drop under Luke’s feet and he was left hanging there until Laura found him… Roy, Jax, Bobbie and Alexis are holding Helena and trying to get out of the maze. Some guards show up and in the fight Helena tries to get lost and escape, but Bobbie and Alexis find her and keep her where they can keep an eye on her…

Stefan has done some work and he now waits for the computer to process what he has done. They discuss that they have come a long way. He can see why Laura is so proud of him. Lucky can see why his mother cared for him. Suddenly there is an announcement. "Security Breach…Count down has started…

Laura is trying to pull Luke from the hole, but she is losing her grip. Scottie arrives and grabs Luke just in time. Luke never thought that he would be ever so glad to see Scottie in his life. Luke still has more to do he leaves Laura and Scottie and runs off… Gia and Nikolas are together when a guard runs in and grabs Nikolas by the neck. Nikolas shouts at her to run, but she doesn’t. She stands there watching the guard holding her man. Stavros walks in and surveys the scene. Gia shouts at him, "Aren’t you going to save your son?" Stavros continues to stand there watching… Helena is watched very carefully as the troupe walks through the tunnels. They can hear the announcements regarding countdown. Helena says that they shouldn’t worry about the announcements at all. The maze is designed to confuse the intruder and it seems to be working. Helena could tell them the right way to go if they want to make a deal with her. Jax will make no deals with her. "COUNTDOWN HAS STARTED…10 MINUTES." They have come right back to where they started. They are lost and Stavros is going to find them. Her son is strong, intelligent and resourceful…

Stavros tells the guard holding his son to let go of him and to return to his post. Nikolas is freed. Now what? Stavros tells his son to take Gia and go. Nikolas and Gia pass him and Nikolas returns to ask his father to come with them. He tells his son that he needs to stay. There are things that he needs to take care of. Nikolas is everything that he has prayed for and more. Nikolas tells his father that if he really wants to get to know him, he will come. Gia tells Nikolas to come with her and they leave together… Laura and Scottie are running through the tunnels, but Laura can’t leave until she is sure that Luke is all right… Stavros looks at the necklace and dress that he had for Laura but that is not going to happen now. Luke finds Stavros and he tells him that: "…Laura has gone as far with Stavros as she is going." Stavros turns shocked to find Luke standing before him… Lucky gets out of the tunnels and finds his mother waiting there. The police are coming. Scottie is there too with Stefan and Mac arrives with Felicia. They enter the tunnel to get the rest of the people…Laura thanks Stefan for helping her sons. He is glad that he could be there for her and her family… Nikolas exits the tunnels and hugs his brother and mother. He would do anything for his family. He goes to Stefan and they hug. Laura has 2 wonderful sons. Luke hasn’t come out yet from the tunnels. He said that he had something to do…Luke is in the room with Stavros. He thinks that Stavros is amazing. He thinks that Stavros is really weird. Today Stavros’ son called him father and that is all that he cares about. He will reclaim his family and Luke won’t be able to stop him. He laughs like a maniac. Luke wants to end it here now with Stavros. Stavros gets a sword and points it at Luke. He is going to end things his way…Bobbie comes out of the tunnel with the others and she is scared. She is not going to imagine the worst. Luke will make it out of there…

Stefan hugs Alexis. This is a new beginning for the family and Helena will never hurt them again. They all hug…Taggert is angry to find his sister there. He gave her specific instructions on staying away from the tunnels…Helena is read her rights and everyone stands by and smiles as they listen to it…Stavros is prepared for Luke this time. He has a sword pointing at Luke. Luke gets part of the bed in the room and the two fight. They manage to hurt each other with their weapons. Stavros holds Stavros down but Luke pushes him off. Stavros goes running into the tunnels. They come across the bottomless hole where Luke was hanging not so long ago. Stavros hangs there for a while. Luke is ecstatic. "You died twice and both times the last face that you saw was mine." Stavros laughs like a maniac and lets go of the edge of the bottomless hole and drops. Luke loves it. He gets up and turns to run… Roy takes care of Lucky who seems to be hurt. COUNTDOWN IS COMPLETE! At that moment, Luke comes running out of the tunnels as a big steel door comes down, Luke is shown rolling under it. He runs right to Laura’s waiting arms. Scottie stands by watching, not at all thrilled at what he sees.

Christina is showing Ned her special box. All of her baby things are in that box. Alexis had these things and the memories must have been too painful for her to share them with Ned. Alexis didn’t want to rehash the past. Christina can’t believe that Alexis kept these things after all these years. Christina needs to spend time with Alexis and get to know her better. Christina would like to get old with her. Ned is sure that Christina is going to get her special time with her sister. Christina gets her coat and says that she is going to the police and Ned tells her no. Ned has to keep his promise to Alexis. If there were something that Ned could do, he would be the first one out the door. Christina decides to wait for Alexis to return and she will hope for the best. She wants to get some champagne on ice for her, but Ned knows that she would prefer popcorn. Christina thinks that is a much better idea. Ned tells Christina some stories about Alexis. The door opens and Alexis walks in the door. Christina runs to her sister and hugs her.