GH Update Thursday 11/08/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 11/8/01

by Glynis

The Quartermaines are having lunch together and fighting as usual. Edward is angry that the family having lunch in the main room and he wishes that they were in the dining room like always.

Reginald announces that some woman that Edward had a dalliance with some time ago is there. Skye is surprised by that and so is Edward. The woman, Jeanine walks in and greets everyone. Skye offers to take her out of there, but Lila would like her to stay and visit for a while. Monica wants to know who this woman is. She is introduced as one of Skye’s friends. Jeanine is hungry and she asks ‘Sweet Cheeks’ for a bite of his roast beef. Edward nearly chokes on that request. Reginald pours water on Edward and then realizes that Edward is okay. There is a call for Mrs. Quartermaine. Lila thinks that she needs to take that call right away. She tells Jeanine to enjoy her reunion. Monica asks questions about how Skye met Jeanine. Jeanine avoids the question and heads for the food instead. Skye takes Jeanine out to the yard to get her away from the family. Edward tries to leave the room but Alan orders him back to the room right away. He explains that Jeanine just showed up days ago to hang out. Alan and Monica can tell that Edward is allowing Skye to cover up his little scheme with Jeanine. Alan and Edward go off to talk in private. Monica asks AJ what his relationship with Skye is all about.

Scottie, Jax and Roy are trying to get into Helena’s lab and they are met by two of Helena’s henchmen. A fight breaks out. They manage to overpower the guards and they change into guard clothes to act as if they are part of Helena’s gang.

Helena is trying to get Lucky under her power, but it doesn’t seem to be working. "Come to me Lucky….Listen to me Lucky." Stavros wants her to move this along. Nikolas tells his brother not to give. Helena tells Lucky that she understands him. Suddenly, Lucky shouts, "Now!" Nikolas springs into action and punches out a guard. Lucky grabs the rock from Helena and Nikolas and Lucky tell her that she is through. Luke can’t believe it. Helena thinks that she has underestimated them all. Alexis unties Stefan. Nikolas starts walking out and Stavros and Helena tell them that they should get fair warning that there are many guards waiting to recapture them. Stavros only cares that no one touches his son. Nikolas can’t believe that this man claims to love him. He should prove it. Nikolas tells him to call off the guards, let everyone go and put an end to this. Stavros has never meant anyone any harm. This is part of his mother’s petty grudge. He loves Helena and he will protect her with his life. If Stavros let Luke and Stefan go, he will be condemning himself. Nikolas can’t love his father when he is like this. Guards enter the room, but they are not the guards that Helena hired. It is Jax, Scottie and Roy in guard clothes. This is one hell of a party. The real guards show up and everyone starts fighting. Alexis stops Helena from leaving the room. "I win, you lose." Stefan is still tied up and he orders Nikolas to untie him. When he is free, he turns to Helena and he tells her that it is over. Stefan sits at the main computer trying to get other things under control…Scottie can’t find Laura and Bobbie tells him that Laura went after Luke. Scottie goes running off to find her…Lucky is sure that Helena has the place wired with some mechanisms. Stefan thinks that he will be able to shut down the mainframe from the computer that he is working on. Alexis wants to stay with Stefan but everyone tells her to leave. Jax threatens to sling her over his shoulder. Alexis thinks that he should take Helena out instead.

Helena tells Stefan that he couldn’t dismantle the computer. He couldn’t’ even do it with instructions. Alexis and Roy leave behind Jax and Helena…Scottie goes looking for Laura in the tunnels and finds a guard that he promptly punches out…Laura walks through the tunnels shouting out for Luke…Luke walks through the tunnels calling for Stavros but no one is answering. He turns a corner slowly and then he finds him. Both stare at each other with a knowing look…Stefan continues to work on the computer from the lab…Jax and Helena meet up with Alexis, Roy and Bobbie. Helena is careful not to help the party with their escape. She wonders what they are going to do now…Luke and Stavros talk. Luke thinks that he is about to rid the world of vermin. Suddenly, Luke hears Laura calling his name. He turns to see if he can see her and in that instant, Stavros hits a lever and Luke falls through a trap door. He manages to hold on to the edge. Stavros stoops over Luke and he tells him that he is about to fall into the bowels of hell. Stavros drops a coin into the hole past Luke and the coin doesn’t drop. Stavros walks off and leaves Luke to what looks like certain death. Laura finds him hanging in the trap door hole and she comes to him telling him that she is going to help him. They look into each other’s eyes. Maybe for the last time.

Melissa gets a message from Tony and she goes about calling him. Tony shows up telling her that Luke is not in his room. Melissa tells him that Melissa has made her move. She thinks that Roy has made his way into the lab. Tony tells her that Helena is a formidable enemy. Melissa knows that Roy is never going to give up but she can’t help thinking that she may lose Roy in all this. Tony calls Mac hoping that he can do something to help them even though they don’t know how to get to the lab. Tony could have put a stop to this before it started and he didn’t have to give in to this even though his child was in danger. Luke would have never gotten sick and Bobbie wouldn’t be in danger. He should have fought back. Melissa understands that he was protecting his child. A nurse tells him that there are two patients that are going to need immediate surgery.

Carly, Leticia and Michael are getting ready to go back home and they are on a private plane strapping themselves in. the pilot comes to tell them that they have to wait for few minutes because another plane is leaving first. Carly can’t believe the delay. Sonny gets on the plane telling Michael that he can go and get ice cream in the airport. Leticia takes him off the plane to get some ice cream. Sonny was worried. He walked in the room and his family was gone. She didn’t want him to feel pressured. Sonny is trying to do the best that he can but she is not making things easy. She never promised that. He never cared what she did before. She doesn’t know how to do this. She can’t move back, she can’t move forward. She wants out of limbo. He tells her that the penthouse is ready and that she can move in with him again. That is what they both want right? This is what Carly wants. She can move back in the penthouse but where will Sonny be? HE tells her that he will be with her in the bed. She seems to be making things so hard. She can’t believe that he is trying so hard. She tries to touch him and he moves from her. That is exactly what she was talking about. She wants him to open his heart and his soul to her, not just his bed. He loves her and can’t snap his fingers and make everything okay. He protects himself even if he doesn’t want to. She knows that she is going to have to run around in circles trying to make him happy. She can’t do this. Sonny can’t promise that everything is going to be perfect, but he will give her everything that he has. Leticia returns with Michael who asks, "Are we all going home together?" They all end up going home together and eating ice cream as Leticia reads to Michael.

Skye has Jeanine in the yard and Jeanine talks a whole different game. This is a con job right from the start. The woman has nothing at all to do with Edward in or out of bed. Jeanine admits to the truth. She never slept with Edward and Skye threatens to come clean with the news that she has just learned from Jeannine. This has all been a setup. Alan and Edward appear with Alan asking, "What has been a setup?"