GH Update Wednesday 11/07/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 11/7/01

By Glynis

Jax is at Alexisí house and he is searching for a way to track down Alexis. Christina arrives and finds him there. Christina was worried and came over. Something has obviously happened to Alexis and that is not good. He explains how Alexis is with Helena. That upsets Christina. No one has heard from Stefan. Jax has assigned people to track all the money for Helena to see where she is. Christina is moving about the room showing Alexisí things so that she can see that as soon as she gets back. Christina is in tears now. She has gotten to know her sister. She knows that her sister is going to come back soon. Jax assures her that her sister is going to come back real soon. This is Christinaís way of fighting back. Jax thinks that Christina being there is just what Helena would want. Christina is not in trouble. Running only letís the bad guy win. She wants to stand and fight. She wants to stay close. There is no way in hell that she is going to give in to Helena. Jax finally agrees. He calls Ned for some help. Christina agrees to find Ned for Jax. She agrees not to leave the room until he gets back for her. She locks the door behind him.

The guards come to take Bobbie and Stefan puts up a fight but they still take her away anyway. Stefan is worried that he feels useless. Alexis tells him that he is a good person and she is proud of him. Stefan feels that nothing matters if Stavros ends up getting Nikolas anyway. Stefan intends on getting out of there soon. They wall will. Alexis is in deep thought. She is thinking if Stefan ever wondered why she never got married and had a baby. She has never been able to commit to anyone. Stefan knows that if Alexis made a commitment like that she wouldnít break it. It is time that they get one up on Stavros. Alexis shouts out the door that the guards too will be eliminated.

Nikolas has a way to get help for them. Gia is not sure that she can help like he thinks. He tells her that once she is free she is going to get help. He tells her how to get out of the maze where they are. Left, right, 2 rights, left right. He swears that they will see each other again. He is sure of that. They kiss and he sends her off to be free. Nikolas walks the other way.

Gia starts walking through the maze in the tunnel underground. She gets lost real quick. She tries again to find her way talking to herself as she walks.


Lucky sees an apparition of Elizabeth and he asks her what she is doing there. She has come to see him and help him get free. Lucky tells her that she canít help. She assures him that Helena doesn't have her. She is in his heart. Lucky wouldnít be seeing and hearing her if she wasnít in his heart anymore. She knows who he is and what he has been from birth. Luke and Laura raised him and he is afraid because he thinks that he is alone. He knows what Helena is capable of. He can still help his family. She loves him. She gives him something to look at. It is a picture of her applying for a job at Kellyís. that was the first time that he had seen her. He has many pictures in his hand now. The pictures bring out many feelings from him about them. It spans the whole history of Lucky and Elizabeth. She was so beautiful. Every time that he was around her he wanted to kiss her and he was so afraid of hurting her. He feels hope. That is never gone if there is love and there is love inside of Lucky. She leaves him and he can still hear her voice. "Hope is never gone Lucky."

Luke shows up where Stavros has Laura captive. Luke tells him that he will not get Laura. Stavros tells him that he can take Laura anytime that he wants. The only person that ever yanked Stavrosí chain is his mommy. Luke and Stavros get into a fight and Luke shouts for Laura to run. She turns to the door but stops in her tracks. Luke gets hurt and Laura almost hits Stavros over the head but Stavros manages to stop her. When will she ever learn. He turns to Luke and she tells him not to hurt Luke. She will do whatever Stavros wants her to. That gets Stavrosí attention. She tells him that she loathes him. He turned her into a prisoner and she wanted for nothing. He canít believe that she would risk everything for Luke. Stavros shouts at her that she has no idea what she has just done. He runs out slamming the door. Laura goes to Luke to revive him telling him that they have to get out of there.

Nikolas walks up to the door and hears Alexis talking to the guards through the door. He tries to get the guard to let out Stefan and Alexis saying that his father wants to see them as soon as possible. He warns the guard that he will be sorry if orders are not followed. Alexis and Stefan hear what Nikolas is doing and plays up to him by shouting out that they are not going anywhere with him. The guard is finally convinced and opens the door. Stefan punches the guy in the face and tosses him into the room. They lock the door and greet each other. Nikolas walks off to do some more damage.

Scottie and Roy try to figure out where Luke is. Scottie starts bitching and complaining and Roy tells him promptly to "Stop Ragging on Him!" Scottie makes it clear that he is only there for Laura. The two guys are at the elevator site trying to find a way into the bowels of the hospital. Roy thinks that they could retrace Lukeís steps and that might send them in the right direction. Luke went to the auction and then he disappeared off the face of the world. Roy gets his phone out and makes a call to Jax. Roy has to meet Jax who agrees to leave as soon as possible.

Helena has Bobbie in her midst. She asks Bobbie to tell her where Luke is. Bobbie will not cooperate with Helena.

Nikolas gets to Laura and Luke and he promises them that he is going to get them out. They turn to find 2 of Stavrosí guards standing in the doorway.

Stefan, Alexis and Bobbie are brought before Helena. Soon Luke and Laura are brought in too. Helena is pleased to see everyone. Nikolas is the last one to be brought in. He tells them that he sees a waste of what could have been. Helena sees the same in him. Stavros whispers to his mother that if Nikolas is hurt she will be sorry. Gia is brought in last. She goes to Nikolas and Helena tells Nikolas to cherish every last moment with Gia. There is a sense that this really is the end. Helena wants Luke tied up special with some ropes. A guard goes and opens the door and Lucky enters the room seemingly like he is in a trance. Nikolas doesnít want to see Lucky hurt anymore. Helena thinks that this is the night when Lucky will fulfil his destiny. Helena gets the Ice Princess out and holds it in front of him. She waits for a reaction from Lucky, but she doesnít get what she wants. "That is such a rock and you are so pathetic and this whole thing is over." Everyone can see that Helena isnít going to get her way this time.