GH Update Tuesday 11/06/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 11/6/01

By Suzanne

Alexis is banging on the door trying to get out of the board room but no one answers. Sonny arrives and tells her that everything is okay. He tells her that everything is safe and she will be home in no time. She suddenly awakens from her dream and tells her fellow-captives that she dreamed that Sonny rescued them. Stefan canít believe that she dreamed that. Bobbie and Stefan are not fascinated by her dream. The dream isnít going to help them escape from Stavros. They try to think of what they can do to get out.

Carly returns to the room thinking that Sonny would be gone by now. He is still sitting there and he hasnít signed the divorce papers. He doesnítí want to. He wonders if there is a way that they can get back to where they were before. Carly tried too hard and she isnít going to do that anymore. I isnít trying to make him do something using reverse psychology. She is the same person but she has learned that enough is enough. It is like the joke about the guy that bangs his head against the wall because it feels good to stop. She will not chase a man that doesnít want her. She doesnítí fault him for not being able to love her the way that she should be. He just finds it so hard to trust her. She understands, she doesnít trust him either. He has never lied to her or broken her word.. What doesnít she believe in him? She didnítí see it either, her mother had to show it to her. She brings up Angel and Alexis. She couldnít trust him with those women. She should have trusted him but she couldnít. There was no trust. The night that they got married, they pledged themselves to each other and she thought that he would trust being with her until they died but that wasnít the case. What is going to happen the next time that happens? She accepts his life and she is not going to ever going to make the same mistake of trying to trust him again. He doesnít understand what she wants. She was always on trial with him and they were always waiting for the next screw up. She loves him for the rest of her life but it has to go both ways. He stood by her from the beginning. She remembers him throwing her out of the penthouse and throwing her in a cab. She doesnít want him to love her sometime, she wants to love him all the time. She wants what they promised. Can he do that? She will be sorry for what she did for the rest of her life. He left her for weeks. He needed time. She knows what that is like. She left Michael when he was born. She tore his life down. He loved her and he came back so what he is trying to say is that all this time, he has been trying to come back. How close will he get before he stops? He has to come back all the way. Can he do that? He canít snap his fingers and pretend that there was never any lies between them. You canít change the past. You can decide what you want and then make it happen. He can promise to love her and promise to try but he canít change. She felt really desperate when he left. She never wants to feel that way again. She is trying to make decisions about her life and she will need to count on him. Can she do that? Michael comes running down the stairs because he has had a bad dream. Sonny tells Michael that he is there with his mother and he is going to protect the child no matter what. Michael heads off upstairs. Sonny was right, Michael does need two parents. He is not a bargaining chip. She thanks Sonny for loving him. Can Sonny accept her and trust her without blame? Can they really have their marriage again? Sonny pushed Carly away because he wanted not to feel for her anymore. This time, hate didnítí come to him because it was like he was losing her again. Every time. When he was at home, he would want to see her junk and her noise. When he sees his bed, he gets crazy with wanting her. He wanted to go and get her. He loves her and he wants her back. Carly needs something too. Sonny loves her but he canít promise that if she hurts him again that he will not have that feeling again. He will have to protect himself. Does he trust her right now? He trusts that she loves him but it is still going to take some time. She doesnítí want to spend the rest of her life trying to prove that she is good enough. He is going to try to trust her but it isnít going to happen overnight. They have an agreement.

Nikolas and Gia are put in a room by Stavros and he has to get them out. He can tell that something is still being hidden from him by her and he wants to know what that is. She admits that she is just selfish. She may lose him and she might if he does something dangerous and crazy. She thinks that he may be able to do something to reach out to Stavros. She thinks that Stavros really wants Nikolas to love him. Nikolas wants to know where she is going with all this. He wants her to trust him. There is no halfway with her and he admires that. He is not going to lose her right now. He wants her to follow his lead. He bangs on the door for a guard who comes right away.

Now that Stavros has Laura alone he takes her to his bed and she stands over it. He tells her that he has waited for this moment for a long time. She shudders when she thinks of what it is that he wants from her. Stavros tells her that she will offer herself to him and he will not take her this time. Stavros tells her that she can go if she wants to. He is encouraged by her not wanting or trying to leave. Stavros wonders if he can be optimistic. She canít do this knowing that her son and his girlfriend are being held captive. Stavros assures her that he wouldnít harm Nikolas. Stavros wants her help with their son. What does he like? Nikolas may be safe but what about the rest of her family? He only wants to focus on the two of them at this moment. Everything else is secondary. He has been thinking about this ever since the Nursesí Ball. All he has wanted to do was possess her again. Then something happened. He watched her and Nikolas and it was like he was seeing her with new eyes and feeling new feelings. He knew then why he was giving a second chance at life. He knew that Laura was afraid. He wants her more than everything in the world and he wants her to want him too. He has a necklace and he wants her to put it on. She topples the items over on the table. He is a little angered by her behaviour. He only wants to make her happy. She tells him then that he will put an end to this and let everyone go. He wants everyone to be together. He is sorry that he canít give her what she asks but perhaps there is a compromise. Maybe they can help each other. Helena insisted on taking Alexis and Bobbie and Stavros could convince her to let them go if she would allow her heart to soften to him. There must have been some rays of brightness in the memories that Laura has. She assures him that there were not. She rejects him and he grabs her arm twisting it and hurting her. She is in deep pain and is slowly moving to the floor because of his hold on her.


Lucky tells Scottie that his mother is missing. Scottie thinks that they can find her. Scottie wants Lucky to trust him but Lucky is afraid that he will hurt someone. Roy comes up to tell the two that Luke is missing and he is really worried about what he is going to do. He knows that Helena is calling him and going to use him as a weapon against everyone. Roy and Scottie want to follow him but Lucky will have nothing to do with their plan. Roy and .Scottie run off to figure out what they have to do. Lucky remembers Elizabeth writing him a note and telling him that she loves him. She will come back and make things right for him. He turns and sees an apparition of Elizabeth standing before him. "You couldnít lose me Lucky, not ever."