GH Update Monday 11/05/01


General Hospital Update Monday 11/05/01

By Glynis

Carly and Sonny share a moment together. She is looking beautiful. She is ready to let him go, but he is not so sure that he is ready to release her. What does he want? He remembers her wearing the dress that he gave her for their wedding. He made promises to her that night. She loved him and that is why she did what she did. He is trying to get there with her. He hates what she did and it tore him apart but she matters to him and she always will. He needs to bend. She would have given anything to hear him say those words. She knows that he canít forgive. It is not in him. He was trying to freeze her out and punish her. The truth is that forgiveness is not wired into him. Sonny still loves her in spite of what she is saying. He doesnítí want to hurt her. She wants him to stop saying these things to her. She begs him to stop. She signs the divorce papers. She has made her decision and she is not angry, she is relieved. She will always love him. She is going to go for a walk now. She walks from him and leaves him with the papers. He throws them away. He walks the floor thinking, wondering if she will return to him. He gets the divorce papers and looks at them closely.

Luke is trying to get out of bed and Roy and Jax try to make him stay where he belongs. Jax is going to work on what is happening with the Cassadines, but Roy reminds him that he needs to know what is going on with the case. Luke stops fighting and decides to let Roy take care of things for a while. Luke still feels that he should be doing something but Roy knows that he has to rest. Luke knows that he is supposed to protect Bobbie as they have always had this connection even as kids. He thinks back to when they were kids and Bobbie got lost. Luke promised to take care of her then and he always did.

Alexis is with Stefan when Helena arrives with her henchman and Bobbie as captive. Alexis and Stefan didnítí have a chance at escaping from Helena. Alexis tells Helena that she is going to be caught, but Alexis can find a good defense for the old woman. Helena finds her to be pathetic. There is no one there to protect Alexis. Helena gets a message and she moves to read it. It is from Jax demanding that she release his friends. He wants to make a deal with her. She is to meet him in his hotel roomÖ Bobbie hates that she is getting drawn into this mess. She yells at Stefan about the way that he has handles things. She thinks that he is looking out for himself. Stefan loves Nikolas and Alexis believes that. He has been making a change in his life. Stefan gets cut off from people because he tries to betray them all the time. Stefan tells her that they have to work together to get rid of Helena.

Stavros finally meets up with Laura face to face. He can tell that she is as resourceful as ever. She is with Nikolas who warns Stavros to back away from his mother. Gia is fine, but Nikolas wants to see her. Stavros reminds him that Gia and he are friends now. Gia never gave up on him. Her loyalty and love were too strong to give up on Gia. Stavros feels the same way about Laura. Stavros can handle his mother but he needs to know that what he is fighting for is possible. He wants Nikolas and his mother to be with him. He would like to be a family again with them. He wonders if Nikolas still wishes that his father never existed. Nikolas didnít want his mother hurt again. Laura wants Nikolas to calm down but Nikolas is determined not to let Stavros hurt his mother again. Stavros likes that he is ready to protect his mother from harm. Stavros doesnít want to hurt Laura. He would like to have a future with Laura and Nikolas and Gia. Nikolas and Gia have nothing to do with Laura and Stavros but Stavros thinks that their lives could intertwine. Nikolas might be willing to try to be a family but he would first have to see Stavrosí intentions. He was prepared to meet a monster and he wants to believe that his father wants things that are only good. Stavros calls for Gia and she comes out. She runs to Nikolas and hugs him. They are all in deep negotiations. This is an emotional moment for Stavros. Nikolas did the things that he did to protect his brother. Stavros is having a hard time believing that Nikolas really wants to be a family. He passed the previous tests with flying colors but still he was being deceitful. Nikolas needs the assurances now. What is this all about? Using him? Owning him? Stavros knows that Nikolas is his own man. Stavros is very proud of him and will always be. Nikolas used to wonder what Stavros looked like. He wondered if he could be loved and protected by Stavros. Stavros assures him that he can be loved and protected. All Nikolas has to do is go to his father. Nikolas takes steps to his father and they hug for the first time. As they hug, Nikolas smiles over his shoulder. He is released and he canít buy any of this. Nikolas suddenly takes out a weapon to kill Stavros. Stavros grabs his hand unable to believe that Nikolas would kill his own father. This enrages Stavros and Laura can see that. Stavros turns to Laura and tells her to come with him. Laura agrees to do so. Nikolas tries to stop her, but she is determined to go. Nikolas and Gia are taken to the conference room and Laura is left with Stavros once again.

Jax is at his hotel room making the mood right for Helena. There is soft music playing and he has a bottle of wine there. He dims the lights hoping that Helena will take the bait.

Helena shows up at Jaxís room with a henchman that she leaves outside. She enters and she can tell that he has been waiting for her with Champagne. He was confident that she would come. He wants to make her an offer.

Melissa goes into Lukeís room to find that he is gone. She calls Roy and tells him the news.