GH Update Tuesday 10/30/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/30/01

By Suzanne

In the elevator at the Port Charles Hotel, Skye gives Janine the lowdown.  She is covering Janine's expense in the best hotel in the city as long as Janine keeps her part of the deal.  Janine tries to say she's not here for a deal, she's there because "Eddie" invited her.  Skye doesn't buy it and explains how ludicrous her idea for a scam is.  Skye says she's in charge so Janine better follow her orders or leave town--her family will see to that.

Ned is on the phone to one of his bands, chewing them out because they are a punk band that wants to switch to playing accoustic music.  Kristina comes in carrying a huge vase to help decorate L&B.  She explains to Ned about feng shui.  He tells her that she's not going to rearrange his office like she did his home.

Gia and Jax try arguing with Taggert to let them leave.  Gia tries to say how important it is that they get going, and all will be revealed to him later, but that's not good enough for him.  She says he should be out looking for Lucien Cain.  Taggert is only interested in prosecuting Jax for helping Angel escape.  He threatens Jax with 2-3 years in prison, minimum.  Jax says he wouldn't be stupid enough to use his own plane to help Angel escape.  Jax insists that he find Alexis immediately and bring her there.  As Gia continues to plead, Jax adds that he promises not to leave town.  Taggert is not swayed.  Mac comes along and tells them that they can't leave.  Alexis walks in and says yes, he has to release Jax and Gia immediately.

Nikolas asks Laura if she thinks Lucky will be okay.  She thinks he will be, once they stop Helena.  They chat about Luke's condition.  They try to figure out he meant when he said that the key to Helena's lab was in Laura's past.  They wonder if they should be looking for Stavros instead.

Sonny asks Michael if he won anything at the arcade.  Michael asks him to play.  Sonny says he's going to take him and Carly home.  Michael asks, "To live with you?" and Sonny says, "We'll see".  Stavros tells Carly that if this is what she wants, go ahead, but if not...Carly tells Sonny that they're not ready to leave.

Alexis wants to know Mac's charges against Jax.  He replies, "aiding and abetting, obstruction of justice, and, as of the last half hour, escape, possible breach of custody. And there's still unlawful flight."  Jax says he needs to leave to take care of someone who might be in danger.  Gia chimes in that she has to get to Nikolas.  Taggert can't believe that she's back together with him.  Alexis advises Gia not to say anything as she goes to confer with Jax.  Taggert tells her that she can't tell him when to speak to his sister or not and then goes back to talking to Gia about Nikolas.  Gia says she loves him.  She tells him that it's possible for someone to come back from the dead.  Mac and Taggert laugh at the very idea.

Jax tells Alexis that he knows that the dangerous relative she mentioned is Stavros.  She reluctantly confirms it and that she's afraid of him.  He tells her that he's been using the name Lucien Cain around town.  She is concerned about keeping Kristina safe.  Jax says Alexis needs to be kept safe, too, and he can help more if he's out of jail.  Alexis assures him that she'll get the charges dropped.  She gets the bare details about what he and Gia did, then they go out to talk to Mac and Taggert again.  She tells Mac that they don't have enough evidence.  He says he has a witness that saw Jax put Angel on his private jet.  Alexis says she can find a roomful of people who heard Mac tell Angel that she was free to go.  Since he didn't charge her with a crime, it makes it impossible for Jax to be charged with aiding and abetting.  Mac sputters that Jax knew Angel was guilty, so he's an accessory after the fact.  Taggert asks Mac if it's okay to let Gia go for now.  Mac agrees.  Taggert tells Gia that this officer will see her home and she's better stay there.  She tries to protest but he insists, so she agrees.  Alexis says that Jax can't be held responsible for Mac's department's failure to produce a proper warrant.  Jax says he really needs to be somewhere.  Mac says "Well, that's too damn bad".

Nikolas says he could ask Helena to tell his father that he wants to meet with him.  Laura worries about that idea; they don't know what is agenda is.  She thinks they should get more information before they confront him.  Lesley Lu comes in wearing her Little Mermaid Halloween costume.  Laura helps her with the zipper.  Lulu reminds her that she was supposed ot have fixed that already.  Laura tells Nikolas that she knows what it takes to go up against Stavros and Helena, but she doesn't know how she can do that when she should be home, protecting her daughter.  Nikolas says, that's why he has to be the one to see Stavros.

Stavros, Sonny, and Carly bicker.  Sonny says he just wants to see her and Michael.  Carly reminds Stavros about their conversation and that he should never give up on someone he loves.  He tells Michael it was nice to meet him and shakes his hand, thanking him for the day.  Stavros leaves.  Sonny sends Michael and Leticia off to get some ice cream so he and Carly can talk.  After they leave, Carly yells at Sonny for being mean to "Lucien" because he's going through a tough time.

Alexis reiterates that she can find a bunch of people to say that Max let Ellis leave and that she was free to go, so Jax has done nothing to merit being questioned or held by police.  She gets Jax to agree not to leave town and says Mac can always bring him in again later.  Mac finally lets him go.  Taggert says to Alexis, "I hope you know what you're doing, ms. Davis, because I got a bad feeling about this".

Kristina criticizes the way Ned has the room set up.  The leader of the band that Ned was talking to comes in and says that the rest are coming in behind him.  He tells Ned he's got to have a more open mind or they are ready to leave the label.  Ned tries arguing with him that it's not a good idea to follow up your debut CD by switching musical styles.  Kristina comes to the rescue.  She uses reverse psychology.  She tells the band that she really admires their courage that they can go their own way and have commitment to the music, even though it means they're giving up all the luxury, the big venues, the many screaming fans, etc.  Ned pretends to relent and says they can put in one acoustic song on the next CD, but if they're serious about doing it all that way, they will have to find another label.  The band looks like they regret their original idea; they say they'll go give it some thought.  Ned, amazed,  asks Kristina who she really is.

Janine still tries to stick to her story but Skye points out that she won't be able to stand up to the Quartermaines.  Skye is the only one who can protect her from making mistakes like underestimating Edward.  Skye says she works for her now.  She warns, "You do what I say or you walk away empty-handed".  Janine has no choice but to agree.  

Sonny says the arcade is perfect for Carly because everything there is a game.  He talks about how she plays pool and roulette, what her mistakes are.  She loses concentration, doesn't follow through.  But in an arcade, all you lose is quarters.  "Nobody gets hurt", he adds.  She says it's better than the games he plays with her.  The words sound mean but they are smiling and speaking softly as they talk; it's almost like a dance.  Sonny says he doesn't want to play any more games; he wants a divorce and she keeps stalling.

Gia goes back to the yacht to look for Nikolas, but he's not there.  She phones him and leaves a message that she has something important to tell him about his father.  She's looking at the picture of Stavros with Nikolas as a baby, when Stavros walks in and says hello.  She says hello to "Lucien" and asks why he's there, but he knows that she knows, so he replies, "My son--Nikolas".  He remembers the day the picture was taken.  She wonders why he told her all the lies.  He says he just wanted to know his son, and she had a lot to say about him (that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, nor does it jive with the things he said to himself about Nikolas when he first met Gia).  She asks why he tried to seduce her.  Stavros says she's a "very beautiful woman" but she replies that he's a "very sick man".  He says all he cares about is Nikolas.

Laura still doesn't think Nikolas should meet Stavros, since they don't know what he has planned.  Nikolas points out that they know that he's out there and coming after Laura.  He may have the medicine Luke needs.  He reminds her that it is his father.  She says she knows he wants to believe that, that he can make him understand and that he loves him, but she doesn't have that same faith.  Nikolas says they should get Lulu out of town.  Laura agrees.  She thinks maybe she can get Lesley to take Lulu out of town the same way Gail did with Serena.  She goes to talk to her.  Nikolas says he'll phone Bobbie to make arrangements.  They hug and tell each other "I love you".

Carly doesn't like being told what to do by Sonny.  She is suspicious as to why he wants to rush this all of a sudden.  He says that he doesn't want them to hurt each other any more.  He asks her to agree that they won't leave there until they settle things.

Skye tells Janine to stay in the room, order whatever she wants, but not to go out or let anyone in, or contact any other Quartermaines.  Janine agrees but warns Skye that she'd better not be messing with her.  Skye gets into the same elevator as Jax.  She is delighted to see him because she knows now how to get Edward's shares out of ELQ.  He doesn't really care right now because he's in a hurry.  She keeps trying to talk to him about it but he doesn't want to right now.  She keeps pushing the button to stop the elevator and he keeps pushing it to start it again.

Ned can't believe how great Kristina worked that band.  He points out that she knew just what to say to Edward and Skye, too.  She say she just watches people and listens.  Ned goes to make some phone calls.

Stavros says he's done a lot of things, made some mistakes, but he loves his son.  Gia says he's "screwed up big time".  He says that he was brought up as an heir, which isn't a great place to learn humility.  He was given everything that he ever wanted until he became an adult.  He didn't know how to learn patience and things like that.  She wonders what his point is.  He says he watched a child play today, which made him realize that he lost his son's childhood and can never get it back.  He begs Gia to help him be a part of Nikolas' future.  She looks doubtful but moved.  He says that whatever she's heard about him, she can't deny that there is a bond between a father and a son, and Nikolas has a right to be a part of that.  He says if she really cares about Nikolas, she'll help him meet his son.

Sonny says they've just got to end it now.  She suggests they just go to Martinique and end it there.  He agrees.

Predictably, Skye and Jax get stuck in the elevator.  He's not happy about it, but she is.  Now she has a captive audience.

As Kristina cleans up around L&B, she listens to an Eddie Maine CD and sings along with it.  She sounds pretty good and does harmony.  She uses something as a microphone, singing into it.  She is intent and doesn't hear Ned come down the stairs and watch her, smiling.

Lucas asks Nikolas what it's like where they're going.  Bobbie knows it's the right thing to send the kids away, but she also doesn't like them out of her sight.  Laura understands, but they've got to focus on the fight against Helena and not worry about the kids.  Laura bids Lesley and Lulu good bye, hugging them.  Lulu wants Laura to come.  Laura says she has to stay and help Daddy get well.  She says she'll have lots of fun with Serena and Lucas.

Stavros tells Gia that she knows Nikolas will want to meet him.  She says she doesn't know wher ehe is.  Stavros knows she has ways to find him.  She isn't sure if she should trust him.  He points out that if he endangers her in any way, he knows he will destroy any hope he has of having a relationship with Nikolas.  Gia thinks she's crazy but she says allright, "let's go".

Leticia, Michael, Sonny, and Carly are on his plane, headed to Martinique.  Leticia takes Michael to the restroom, leaving Sonny and Carly alone.  He offers her ice cream and they joke around, flirting.  He wonders how long this will take.  Carly says, "Guess it's just going to take as long as it's going to take", as she smiles coyly at him.