GH Update Monday 10/29/01


General Hospital Update Monday 10/29/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jax doesn't believe Gia when she says that Stavros is alive.  She tells him that he calls himself "Lucien Cain" now.  Jax wants to know how he could be alive if he died.  He thinks that Gia is losing it because her career is so stressful.   She assures him that's not it.  She gets angry and tells him that if he cares about the Spencers or Alexis, he'll believe her.  Gia reminds Jax that the Cassadines once froze the city so what is the big deal about freezing Stavros.  Jax isn't sure...she doesn't know the technical part, she says, she's only a spokesmodel.  Jax wonders if Lucien is just a relative that looks like Stavros, but she insists that they're the same person.  Jax figures this must be the relative that Alexis was so scared of.  Jax tries to phone Alexis, but she doesn't answer.  Jax wants to warn Alexis about Lucien.  Whether he's Stavros or not, Jax says he's dangerous and has to be stopped.  Taggert and Mac come up and remind Jax that he's a witness and not going anywhere.  Jax complains to Mac and Taggert about them violating his constitutional rights.    Jax wants to see his lawyer.  They give him a hard time and say they are holding him 48 hours until his arraignment for aiding and abetting, etc.   Jax threatens a lawsuit but Taggert, unimpressed, has him thrown in jail.  Gia breaks a necklace to distract the guard so that she can get his keys and let Jax out.  Just as she is letting Jax out of jail, Taggert comes in and demands to know what's going on.

Alexis arrives at Sonny's door in a crabby mood and asks him what he did to A.J.  Sonny says he just protected Carly and Michael the only way he knew how.  She rolls her eyes.  Sonny is sorry if he did anything to offend Alexis.  She wishes he could feel at least a little bit sorry for what he did to A.J.  He says he is and wouldn't do it again because it was done too sloppy.  He says he got what he wanted, but he hurt too many people.  She wonders, amazed, at how he can be "so considerate and yet so amoral at the same time?"  He says he's been that way his whole life.  She still worries that A.J. might be able to prove something, but he says he can't.  She says that she has " serious misgivings" about being his lawyer, even though she can't stand A.J., but Sonny is still her friend.  He adds that the cops might charge him for "abetting a fugitive".  He explains how he and Carly distracted the cops so that Angel and Jax could get away.  He also tells her that while he and Carly were together, he felt something.  She doesn't want details.  He wonders if he should go back to her.  Sonny asks Alexis her opinion as an "objective observer" whether he should go back to Carly.  Alexis says she can't be objective, since she finds Carly "grating" and often "mildly psychotic".  She almost lets it slip that she's attracted to Sonny but says instead that she finds him " morally bankrupt" but she is his lawyer and friend.  He presses her so she says, " Believe me, my gut reaction to your marriage is clearly not something that you want to hear right now".  Alexis tells Sonny that it's not that she doesn't want to help him, it's just that asking her advice about relationships is like asking Scrooge for personal advice on buying Christmas presents.  She babbles on and recites his options.  A, divorce Carly even though he's still in love with her and will no doubt keep obsessing about her and also there's Michael.  B, get back together with Carly and then spend more time than he normally does looking over his shoulder, wonder what Carly will do next to betray him.  C is that he move on and find someone else, someone reasonable and logical, and sane, who may have her own problems and may end up as bad as Carly.  There's just no guarantees in life, she says.  She suggests that he call a counselor.  He appreciates her advice.  Sonny leaves so he can deal with Carly directly.

Carly comes home to find Lucien waiting for her again.  She is not in a good mood.  He says that her nanny let him in to wait.  He is in a despairing mood himself and asks if he can take her and Michael to breakfast.  She tells him that she's feeling bad because Sonny and she were fighting again.  She says they're going to the park so they can't go to breakfast with him.  She explains that she's totally focused on her son when they're at the park.  He tells her sharply but with great sympathy, not to apologize for looking out for her son.  Their discussion is very sweet; Stavros is feeling bad about Nikolas hating him and acting human for a change.  He tells her that he had a son that he lost.  Carly sympathizes with Stavros' losing his child.  She asks if he was sick or something but then quickly says they don't have to talk about it if it makes him uncomfortable.  Stavros says that he was taken from him by "his mother's grasping, self-righteous family".  He explains that they lied to him and told him that Stavros was a monster since he was very young.  Carly wonders why they did that; did Stavros try to take him away from his mother?  Stavros says no, he would have never done that.  He would have done anything to keep them together.  Now his son is grown and they're strangers.  Carly tells him that her son doesn't know his biological father, because he's a drunk, and dangerous, and Michael needs to be protected from him.  But she never says bad things about his father in front of Michael because it's not good for him.  She urges Stavros not to give up.  He thanks her for not thinking he's a " raving lunatic".   He says it's not often that he finds a woman who thinks like he does.  She's happy to help.  He says, " This feels like the beginning of a beautiful friendship".  Carly and Stavros bond some more.  He thinks Sonny is foolish for not appreciating Carly's passion.  She sort of sticks up for Sonny.  She says she made a mistake and sort of betrayed him, even though she was trying to save his life.  Stavros completely understands.  She is amazed that he understands so well.  He says he once had to " break a few rules" and did some other things for the woman he loved, to make a better life for them.  He asks if that makes him greedy or selfish.  She thinks it makes him romantic; she doesn't think there are rules when it comes to loving someone.  Stavros can't believe how much he and Carly have in common. He suggests that they take Michael somewhere more adventurous than the park.  She isn't sure.  He says that he doesn't know them well, but hearing her talk about Michael makes him think of all the time he didn't spend with his own son.  This clearly tugs at Carly's heart strings.  She urges him not to give up; he asks her to let him spend an hour with her and Michael.  Leticia brings Michael in so Carly introduces Stavros to Michael and says he wants to take them out for a "big surprise".

At the Spencer house, Nikolas tells Lucky that Elizabeth is safe and he didn't hurt her.  Once they stop Helena, she'll be back.  Lucky thinks he's trying to lie.  Lucky remembers seeing Elizabeth dead and describes how she looked.  Nikolas tells him that it was an act, that Laura gave her a drug that slowed down her heartbeat and breathing, to fool Helena.  Lucky is not convinced.  He swears that Nikolas and his family will pay.  Laura comes in and tells Lucky that he should listen to Nikolas because he's telling the truth.  Laura explains to Lucky that she's been working for Nikolas all along and that he's on their aside against the Cassadines.  Lucky has a hard time believing it.  Nikolas says he's been faking his loyalty to Helena so he could find out her plans for Lucky and set him free.  Laura says Luke was also in on it.  Nikolas reminds him of the day that Luke punched him in the Grill; that was all an act.  Laura says Elizabeth was involved in the plot, too.  He wonders why they're telling him now.  Nikolas confesses that he messed up and Helena's onto him now.  He says he did it all for Lucky, he loves him, he respects him, and he begs his forgiveness.  They hug.  Lucky says he's sorry, he should have known, but Nikolas assures him that he couldn't have.  They made it impossible to tell.  Lucky says he feels like a stranger in his own life.  Nikolas feels that way, too.  He plans to help Lucky get away from Helena.  Lucky is defeated; he doesn't think they can do it.  They even threw the Ice Princess in the water but he thinks she got it back.  Nikolas tells him that he's stronger than he thinks and urges him not to give up.  Laura does the same and says they're all in it together.  Laura tells Lucky that once this is all over, they'll celebrate together and have fun again as a family.  Lucky doesn't think he can do those things now because Helena has changed him.  Nikolas reminds him that he fought back and not to give up.   He tells them to stay away, he doesn't want to hurt them.  They tell him that he can't.  He says to just forget about him and they should save themselves.  Nikolas won't let him give up.  Lucky wants to believe that Laura and Nikolas are right.  He says he may not have a choice next time he sees Helena; she has all the power.  He then talks about how no one has ever brought down the Spencers, not Frank Smith, Faison, or Helena.  They have love and commitment, which is hard to beat.  They agree.

Blonde Janine greets Edward warmly, calling him "sweet cheeks".  He asks who she is, looking shocked.  She says that their time in Atlantic City was "magical" and she dropped in because he told her to, if she was ever in town.  A.J. and Skye are having a great time at Edward's expense and really eating up every word out of Janine's mouth.  Edward claims that Janine is confusing him with someone else.  Janine acts concerned that Edward doesn't remember.  Edward says he doesn't know who she is.  Skye jokes that Edward has "memory lapses" and adds: " He'll forget weeks at a time occasionally. Even family members, sometimes for years". LOL!   As Skye prattles on, Edward tells her to knock it off.  Janine shows them the picture of her and Edward together in Atlantic City.  Just then, Lila comes in.  Skye introduces Janine as an old friend of hers from Pine Valley, Janine Trump.  Lila greets her graciously, as ever.  Skye says that Janine is in town for her college class reunion. Lila invites her to stay, and A.J. offers to carry her bags to a guest room, making Reginald suspicious.  Edward objects and Skye explains that Janine will be staying on campus.  The fact that Skye is acting nice also makes Reginald suspicious.  He says that neither Skye or A.J. can be trusted.  Skye says she's going to show Janine around.  Reginald takes Lila into to see Cook.    Skye advises Janine not to be upset that Edward seems not to remember her.  She says that Edward had a "twinkle" in his eye.  Skye says he's delighted that Janine is there.  Edward tells A.J. that this thing with Janine is a mistake.  A.J. can't wait to see how Edward will get out of his predicament.  Edward asks Skye what she wants.  She says she wants "respect", and "a place at the table, a smile, a kind word now and then".  She says she has Janine stashed away and they are great friends now; she can get Janine to do anything she wants.  Skye has what she wants and because of his "indiscretion", they're now new best friends.  She calls him " sweet cheeks" for good measure.

Stavros, Carly, and Michael go to an arcade that he rented out for them.  Carly is happy to see another side of him as he plays with Michael.  They're all having a great time.  Stavros praises Michael's motor skills; Carly explains that she and Sonny play a lot of games with him and he recently learned to ride a bike.  She says that seeing him with Michael, she knows he would have been a good father. He likes to think so.  He would have liked to teach him a lot.  He says he's "an amazing young man" who is intelligent, a sportsmen, and he likes to ride horses, fence, and even play the saxophone.  He would have preferred he played the piano, but it doesn't matter, as long as he enjoys it.  He hopes he can get him back.

Sonny goes to Carly's house and finds out from Felicia that Carly is out with Michael and Stavros.

Sonny arrives at the arcade and asks who Michael's new friend is.