GH Update Thursday 10/25/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/25/01

by Suzanne

Angel, Sonny, Carly, and Jax figure out how to get Angel out of her house and out of the country.  Mac and Taggert are sitting outside in the squad car, waiting for a warrant so they can arrest Angel.  Angel and the others try to figure out what to do.  Jax even wants Sonny to help.  Carly thinks Angel should turn herself in.  Jax points out that Angel probably saved her husband and child by siding against Sorel.  Carly just thinks she wanted Sonny for herself.  Carly shortly realizes that getting Angel out of her life immediately would be a better idea.  Angel protests that Jax and Sonny shouldn't get involved, but they convince her to let them help her.  Jax tells her to pick a place, so she names an island Santarini, that she talked to Jax about before.  Carly figures out a plan to distract the cops so Angel can get away.  Sonny rolls his eyes.

Taggert thinks they should just go in now, but Mac wants to do everything by the book so they don't mess up the arrest.

Sonny, Jax, Angel, and Skye put on a big show for the cops.  Sonny and Carly pretend to have a big fight where Sonny tells her to go home; he's staying with Angel.  Carly yells and screams like usual and begs Sonny to return to her.  Jax advises Carly to leave it alone and Angel says that Sonny is staying with her.  Sonny and Angel go in, making goo-goo eyes at each other.  Carly charges in after them, with Jax following.  Next we see Jax coming out, carrying Carly over his shoulder; she is kicking and screaming as he puts her in his car.  Mac and Taggert laugh at her antics.  Taggert again thinks they should go in.  Of course inside is Carly with a black wig on to look like Angel (um, why would Angel have a wig that looks like her own hair??? or one that looks like Carly's hair either??).  Carly stands in front of the window and kisses Sonny so Mac and Taggert think that Angel and Sonny are inside.  Meanwhile, Jax helps Angel escape.  They go to the airport where Jax has a private plane waiting to take her away.  She tells Jax that she will miss him.  He says they will see each other again before too long.  She leaves.

Carly kisses Sonny; he is forced to go along with it because he has to be convincing for the cops.  He seems to enjoy it anyway.

A.J. tries to dissuade Skye from getting involved with Jax.  Zander comes in and demands to know what A.J. said to Emily because she won't have anything to do with him any more.  Skye wants to know what's going on.  Zander fesses up that he did lie to protect Sonny and that he did see A.J. in the meat locker.  Zander explains, " The only reason A.J. Was there was because he was trying to take Michael away from Carly, trying to get Carly sent to prison for a murder that she didn't even commit. I don't blame sonny for trying to stop him. Emily wouldn't, either. But that's not what A.J. Told Emily. You told her that I helped sonny's guys pin him to the floor while I poured vodka down his throat."  Skye is shocked.   A.J. bitterly says that Zander deserves it.  Zanders says that Emily needs to believe in him and their love, in order to walk again.  Zander begs Skye to talk to Emily for him.  Skye thinks about it and then says she will help him, if they get something on Sonny for her and A.J., so he can get Michael back.  Of course he can't betray Sonny.  He explains how Sonny has helped him.  Skye won't make any other deal.  A.J. makes some other obnoxious remarks to Zander.  Zander tells A.J. that it's a good thing he won't be father to Michael and that he will grow up to think of Sonny as his father.  He says that someday, Emily will find out that A.J. lied to her and caused her to lose him, and then she will hate A.J.  Zander walks out.  A.J. thanks Skye for trying to help him.

Gia and Nikolas have trouble realizing that they are really together after all this time.  She asks him to let her fight for him, the way he's been fighting with everyone else.  He says they'll think about it tomorrow.  He has a surprise for her and tells her to come with him, even though she's not dressed.  They sit in a hot tub with romantic candles all around it.  She thinks they must be crazy since it's cold.  He says they can huddle together to stay warm.  Gia sees a shooting star and wants to make a wish; Nikolas says that his already came true.  They talk about the stars a while.  Nikolas also talks about how he had this spot in Greece where he used to lie on the grass and look at the stars.  He dreamed about meeting his parents.  Later, he apologizes to Gia again for hurting her and says, " Whatever happens, I will be able to get through it just because I have you again. "

Laura dreams that Stavros comes up to her while she's sleeping and terrorizes her.  Stavros says that no one can stop him; he's invincible.  Scott comes in and wakes her up.  She's upset and hugs him tightly.  He wants to know what it was about.  She just tells him it was terrible and about the Cassadines.  He gets annoyed that once again, she won't give him anything specific.  She is amazed that he won't give up on her.  He jokes around with her.  She wonders if she's being fair to him and thinks maybe they should end their relationship.  They argue about it for a while and then he asks if it's because she still loves Luke.  She doesn't answer directly.  He can tell she's scared and wants to know why.  Finally she tells him about Stavros being alive.  He can't believe it at first, like most people.  He phones Gail and asks her to take Serena out of the country for a while, where it's safe.  Laura doesn't think he should risk his family but he says Serena will have a good time and because he loves Laura.