GH Update Tuesday 10/23/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/23/01

By Glynis

Scott comes to see Lucky and learns that Laura is not there. Scottie is trying to help but Lucky doesnít know where she is. Lucky tells him that if he wants to get with his mother, it is not going to happen. Scott explains that he still loves Laura. Lucky knows that Laura left him for his father and Lucky knows that Scott hates Luke. Scott knows that Luke and Laura are important to each other. Scott is only trying to help. He likes to make Laura laugh. He is not trying to win Laura back by default but he doesnít want to look back and think that he lost the woman that he loved because he didnít try.

The Quartermaines and others are gathered trying to figure out who the killer of Sorel was. Melissa and Roy try to leave, but are stopped. This was the act of a trained medical professional and the room is full of them. Withholding the blood thinner to the patient is another effective way to kill the patient. Carly and Angel get into it. Sonny feels that the police have no evidence to charge anyone and they are not buying anymore. Even Bobbie is a suspect. She was looking for her brother that night and they canít account for her movementsÖ Alan asks Zander if he wants to be like Sonny now. Zander may owe Sonny but he doesnít owe Sonny his life. Alan can tell that Zander is a liarÖ One of Sonnyís employees is brought into the room and Alexis tells everyone that they donítí have to answer any questions. AJ recognizes the man immediately. The manís name is Max and he works for Sonny. Sonny denies that the man does anything for him and that infuriates Melissa. She tells him that it is dirt bags like him that got her brother killed. Mac is sure now that he knows what happened by just listening to the group fight with each other. They are all there because Sorel didnít quietly slip away. He had to be stopped and everyone agreed. Who did it? Mac wants to tell everyone what happened that night. The guard that night drank coffee with sleep medication. Zander saved up his sleeping pills and put it in the coffee for the cop to drink and later he was found hurt the next day. One of the doctors withheld medication from Sorel hoping that Sorel would take a turn for the worst. That was Alan. Melissa then came into the room and removed tampered with the machine using a tongue depressor. She had second thoughts about turning off the machine. The left the perfect opportunity for someone to do in Sorel once and for all. Mike came into the room and he hated Sorel terribly. He took a pillow and smothered Sorel, but he was already gone by then. Later on Roy comes into the room and saw what happened. He wanted the perpetrator to get away with what had happened, so he switched the machine back on. Carly comes into the room then and she pulls the plug and walks out. Angel did see her. Alexis thinks that Mac has proved that everyone and no one is responsible. Mac doesnít think that he has excluded anyone. He can eliminate Zander, Alan, Roy and Melissa, Mike, Carly and Angel. However, the person that turned off the respirator is the one that killed Sorel. There are four suspects: Monica, Bobbie, Sonny and AJ.

Ned and Christina arrive home and find Jax and Skye in a compromising position. They try to explain what has been happening to them. Ned wants to know why Skye broke into his house. Jax reveals that Skye wanted him to team up with her to get back at Sonny. Ned explains that Skye is mad at Sonny for not wanting to get in cahoots with her. They all warn Skye not to get involved with Sonny. She grabs her coat and announces that she will get Sonny by herself. She walks out. Skye is unpleasant and unhappy. Christina clearly hates Skye too and Jax has to wonder why. Skye has been rude to her the minute that she met her. Skye accused Christina of being an underage groupie. Skye is trouble and shouldnít be trusted. Jax has to go. Ned knows that he is going to the mansion. Christina knows that Jax has lost a woman. She wants to know her name. She knows that the womanís name is not Isabella because he says that name as if it is a boat. She knows that the woman gambled at one time. Every time that Jack gambled, he would look from side to side. Christina is sure that Ned feels sorry for Jax. Ned admits that Jax was in love with this woman and Ned finally says her name, "Brenda."