GH Update Monday 10/22/01


General Hospital Update Monday 10/22/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas goes to see Laura.  He tells her what happened.  Laura is confused when he describes that Stavros was "frozen".  He figures out that she knew about Stavros, so she explains about the computer disks.  Laura gets a call about Luke, saying he is getting "a lot worse".  She asks Nikolas to show her the lab.  He thinks it's too dangerous, but she is desperate, so he takes her to the entrance.  Laura tells Nikolas that Tony said the antidote for Luke's illness "will probably be a reddish liquid".  He says he can go in and if anyone comes, she's to leave, fast.  She agrees.  He tries, but he can't get into the lab through the rooftop door.  He wonders if Helena is on to him.  She asks if he did anything to give himself away.  He says there was just a moment when he was kneeling by Stavro's coffin and he told him he wouldn't let him come back to life.  Laura says that they set him up to betray himself.  He doesn't get what she means.  She tells him that his father heard him--he's alive.  Nikolas is shocked; Laura describes that she saw him in the reflection of her mirror and how she's seen signs of him being alive for a few months.  And Stefan felt the same way.  He wonders where Stefan is; she is surprised he didn't see him the lab.  They suddenly worry about Stefan.  Nikolas freaks out, saying his father will punish him for what he said.  Nikolas still wants to find a way into the lab, but Laura thinks it's too dangerous now.  He's only concerned about Stefan.  He reluctantly promises her that he'll be careful, then he leaves to go see Gia.

Stefan desperately tries to convince Stavros that Nikolas wasn't to blame for hating him; he takes credit for poisoning Nikolas' mind against him, because he fears Stavros might harm Nikolas. Stavros asks if he really believes that his son has anything to fear from him.  Stefan knows him and he knows what it's like to be despised by someone you love.  He paints Helena as the bad guy who always pitted them against each other.  After insinuating that Helena has Stavros on a tight leash, he points out that Helena will see to it that Laura is dead, no matter what Stavros wants.  He offers to join forces with Stavros against Helena.  Stavros turns down Stefan's offer, saying it's "Too little, too late, brother".  He doesn't need help with his son, he says, as he leaves.

Jax and Skye share banter/flirting.  She thinks he might be there to reconsider your offer but he sets her straight.  He is really there to see Kristina, although he tells her it's Ned, and says he thought she was a burglar.  She goes to call the police but he points out that she is the one who jumped him.  He asks why she really hates Sonny.  Skye won't tell Jax why she wants to get even with Sonny, since he won't be partners with her.  He advises her to back off from Sonny before she gets hurt.  She says she won't call the cops after all.  She is trying to throw him out when she realizes that his shirt is caught on her blouse/sweater.  It's a very expensive sweater so they try to work it loose, but it won't come.  He wants to cut it but she won't let him.  She tells him to take off his shirt.

Alan asks Mac angrily why he's going on about Sorel when A.J. just told him that "Sonny forced him to give up his child"  There is arguing with Sonny, Alexis, and Carly on one side, and the Quartermaines on the other.  A.J. asks Zander again to help back him up, but Zander swears he hasn't seen him in weeks.  A.J. congratulates and tells him he's "officially now one of the bad guys".  Alan says that Sonny hired a hit man to kill Sorel so Mac won't find any evidence.  Roy points out that Mac is trying to pit them against each other because he has no real evidence against any of them.  Mac says he has plenty of evidence and didn't make it up.  He says some of it points toward Melissa.  Roy tries to protect Melissa.  Mac asks him how the thread from his shirt ended up on Sorel's respirator.  Melissa says it came from her and insists on telling her story.  She tells them about the photos Sorel's hitman had, and how she confronted him, but Monica intervened.  Later, she got the EKG simulator and intended to kill Sorel, but his eyes opened, and she couldn't go through with it.  Mac tells Felicia that he thinks she's telling the truth.  He announces that they know that Carly pulled the plug on Sorel's respirator.  A.J. is shocked that she actually did it.  Mac tries to get Angel to confirm it, but she won't.  Carly and A.J. start fighting again; he tells her that when she goes to jail, he'll get Michael.  She tells him that Sonny is adopting Michael.  Mike steps up and says Carly didn't do anything, he did.    Sonny advises Mike to talk to Alexis, but Mike doesn't want legal counsel because he's confessing.  Mike says that he held a pillow down over Mike's face.  Angel says that's not what killed Sorel; she says she found her father dead before Mike or Carly ever got there.  She didn't call for help because she knew he had to die and shouldn't be revived.  She calls him a "monster".  Alan wonders who then killed Sorel before that; Mac says "that's the million dollar question".  They know that someone turned off the respirator in that time period between Melissa and Carly's visits, and that is the killer.

Ned and Kristina have a night out on the town; they go to the bar where Jason used to live.  She has her latest disguise, a blue punk-looking wig.  He laughs at her.  They had some sort of bet so she tells him to pay her the $50 he owes her, which he does.  They joke around about "Eddie Maine".  She tries to find out why he doesn't rock and roll any more.   She thanks him for coming out with her; she just sits around worrying about Alexis.  Reginald comes in looking for Ned; having found him, he excuses himself and in comes Edward.  Ned wonders why he's there.  Edward says they have to take "drastic action" against Skye.  Kristina doesn't like Skye, either.  Edward is happy to hear that but asks Kristina to leave them alone.  She does for a little while.  Ned wants to know what Skye has on Edward.  Edward refuses to tell Ned what it is.  Ned can't help him without knowing.  They argue and Edward stalks out.  Ned tells Kristina they should leave.  She says one sec and jumps up on the stage.  She says they have a special guest, Eddie Maine.  The crowd cheers and chants his name.  He doesn't want to go up, but he does.  He sings "Barefoot Ballet".  Afterwards, Kristina tells him that he was great and she says they have to get to work on a comeback tour.  He tells her to forget abou tit.  They leave.  When they get home, they find Jax and Skye very close.  Jax's shirt is off and his arm is near Skye's chest.  They look embarrassed as Ned makes a wisecrack.