GH Update Friday 10/19/01


General Hospital Update Friday 10/19/01

By Suzanne

Zander is on the phone to Emily, telling her that he's on his way to visit her.  He grabs his small bag and is almost out the door when a cop knocks on his door to tell him that Mac wants him to cooperate in the Sorel case and come with him.  Zander wants to call his lawyer, but the cop tells him to tell it to Mac.

Mac and Felicia go into a creepy mansion.  It has cobwebs all over and sheets on the furniture.  It kind of looks like Windemere, if no one had lived in it for a while.  They think it's the perfect place to make someone want to confess.  He asks her to keep her eyes and ears open and let him know what he thinks.  They hope to catch the guilty person off-guard.

Melissa tells Roy that she's waited a long time to hear Roy say that he loves her.  She hopes he really means it.  He says he wouldn't say it if he didn't.  She says he's been everything to her, "confidant... co-conspirator ... woodsman" and her "true friend".  They joke about whether they are "buddies" or "pals".  They kiss.  They are about to make love when a cop knocks on the door.  He tells them that Mac would like both of them to help in the Sorel investigation.  They exchange looks of longing and smile at each other as if to say, "Uh-oh, well, maybe next time".

Jax and Angel talk some more about their past and relationships in general.  She says it's funny how some people make connections or don't.  She says that when they met, it was a "crazy time" for both of them.  She knows that he wanted Brenda, not comfort from her.  She wishes she could be the woman that got him past Brenda.  He doesn't know if such a woman exists, or if he can ever get past her.  She advises him to avoid her mistakes and to leave himself open to love.  And not to look for perfection.  He says he had it once.  She says, "How's this for irony? I find people for a living, but I have yet to find the person that I'm looking for."  He leaves.  A cop arrives to take Angel to Mac.

Carly is about to sign the divorce papers.  Bobbie suggests that she  take a minute first and weigh the pros and cons, think about it objectively.  Carly doesn't think she can do that.  She hates the thought of losing Sonny to anyone.  Bobbie wonders why Carly thinks that Sonny and Alexis are having an affair.  Carly has no rational reason; she's just judging by Sonny's spending the night, and how he already has a very high opinion of Alexis.  Bobbie asks Carly when she last gave Sonny a reason to trust her.  Carly sarcastically says that Bobbie is supportive as ever.  Bobbie says being supportive being honest.  Carly doesn't want to end up with nothing while Sonny and Alexis get what they want.  She says petulantly, "it's either me and Michael or it's nothing".  Bobbie reminds her that it's Michael that's the important one.  She doesn't know why Carly still wants Sonny.  Carly says that they love each other and asks how she can let someone take him away from her.  Bobbie tells Carly that love isn't enough; you need trust as well.  Carly says she'll make Sonny trust her again.  Bobbie points out that she doesn't trust Sonny, either.  The doorbell rings but Carly doesn't want to see anyone.  Bobbie says she'll take care of it.

Sonny asks Alexis if she's okay.  She says yes, but the little voice in her head says otherwise.  She is still recovering from her erotic dream about Sonny.  He doesn't think she looks fine, and he sits down on the bed.  This makes her sweat and think about how great he looks with his shirt unbuttoned.  He feels her forehead.  She doesn't say anything, but she thinks about how great his touch feels.  She finally says she's fine, she just had a dream.  He asks what it was about.  They go back to the living room.  Alexis sits silently while Sonny keeps asking her about the dream.  She is thinking that she liked the dream, that's the problem.  She says they shouldn't analyze it, but he wants to know why.  She babbles on about how dreams are, they are about one thing but really another.  In the middle of her babble, she blurts out, "Or you dream about kissing someone".  Sonny tells her, " Seriously, have you seen the doctor about the asthma?"  He thinks maybe the dreams and the asthma come from anxiety.  She's so worried about Kristina, Helena, and Stefan, that her " subconscious is probably twisted up like a pretzel", he says.  She thanks him for everything he's doing.  He wonders why she's so jumpy and acting weird.  She spills her popcorn.  He suggests she go back up and try to sleep again.  There is a knock on the door and they both tense for the worst.  It is another cop; Alexis asks him if they've found Stefan or Stavros (the man who hit Officer Capelli over the head).  He says he isn't working on the Cassadine case; he tells them that Mac wants to talk to Sonny.  Sonny doesn't want to go, so the cop says that they thought he would want to be there when Mac talks to Carly.  That changes Sonny's mind and both he and Alexis go with the cop.

Monica tells Skye that if she has something to say about Edward, to spit it out.  A.J. wonders what nefarious scheme Edward was up to, or if he was responsible for Sorel's murder.  Edward turns on A.J. and insults him, as usual.  Skye drops more hints.  Alan asks her to tell them what it's all about.  Lila wheels in and  says she'd like to know, too.  Edward says it's just Skye playing a game with him.  Skye tells her not to worry or be upset.  She tells Lila that she's just giving Edward "a taste of his own medicine".  Lila replies, "If that is truly all it is, then good for you, Skye. Somebody has to give it back to him".  The Q's weird maid, Alice, who is subbing for Reginald, tells them that the "fuzz" are at the door.

Mac and Felicia's "guests" start to arrive, starting with Alexis and Sonny, then Carly and Bobbie.  They are all grumpy and wonder why they're here.  Alexis wonders where they are.  Sonny tells her to ask Angel (so that made me wonder if it was Sorel's place; but they never mention where it is).

Edward tells Skye that he can't believe the police took Alan, Monica, and A.J., but left her.  She says maybe she should go after them and tell them what she knows.  She asks, "or would you like the family to find out what you really did?" Edward acts outraged.  Skye says she's only stayed quiet this long for Lila's sake.  He asks her what she wants in return for keeping quiet.  She wants "a larger share of ELQ, a guaranteed position in this company".  He is disgusted by how easily she is bought off.  They argue and insult each other.  She wonders why he turned out this way.  He says that if she wants a war, she's got one, but she will be the big loser.

Angel tells them that she has no idea why they're here, either.  Carly doesn't believe her, naturally.  Sonny knows that this was Mac's idea.  Mac says they're waiting for some more guests.  Alexis asks Zander if he's okay. He's nervous that they want to pin Sorel's murder on him.  She suggests that he keep his mouth shut.  Zander says that they think he's guilty; she tells him to look around at all the people Mac suspects.  Sonny and Mike exchange hellos.  Sonny says to Angel that bring there must bring back some bad memories, so maybe it is Sorel's house.  Carly tells Bobbie that she's annoyed at how Angel and Alexis are acting toward Sonny; she's just being very jealous.  Carly tells her that she can leave, but Bobbie tells her that she's a suspect, too.  

Felicia tells Mac that so far, everyone's just nervous, including Sonny.  But she can't tell whether he's nervous for himself or someone else.  She doesn't think Bobbie should be there.  Mac asks her to think about what she would do if Sorel had threatened Maxie and Georgie repeatedly.  Felicia admits she doesn't know.  He thinks anyone is capable of it, if pushed hard enough.

Sonny tells Mac to tell them why they're here, or they are going to leave.  Mac wonders why he's so nervous.  Sonny says Mac is wasting his precious time.  Alan and Monica arrive; Alan yells at Mac for dragging them out in the middle of the night "like a bunch of common criminals".   Melissa and Roy arrive; Roy says that the place has bad vibes.  He asks her to promise that whatever happens there won't take away from the time they shared right before this, or what they said. She promises.

Mac says they're all here.  He says Felicia is helping him out.  He tells them all that their presence is "strictly voluntary".  Alexis says her client is within his rights to refuse to participate.  Mac suggests they get comfortable.  They all want to leave but he starts listing the possible charges he can bring against each of them, if he so chooses.  When Sonny says he's leaving because there are no charges Mac can bring against him, A.J. jumps up and says he has some charges for Mac against Sonny.  He says Sonny forced him to sign away his son.  Alan and Monica are shocked.  A.J. tells them how Sonny kept him in a meat locker for days, so he would sign away his parental rights.  A.J. says that Sonny put booze in front of him, so he finally had to sign.  Alan is glad he didn't give in to the booze but threatens Sonny.  A.J. tells Zander to tell everyone what he knows, since he was there.  Zander says he has no idea what he's talking about.  A.J. and Alan beg him to tell the truth, but he sticks by his story.  Sonny says it's a pattern with A.J.  the drunk to do stupid things and then turn around and blame them on other people.

Mac turns the topic back to Sorel's murder.  He tells A.J. if he wants to file charges, to come down the station, if he has proof.

Skye goes (to her room? or the Gatehouse? I couldn't tell) and someone jumps her from behind.  It is a tall blonde male who puts his hand over her mouth.  She throws him over her shoulder with judo.  It's Jax, of course.  She asks if he's there to reconsider her proposition.  He smiles.

Edward tells Alice to wake up Reginald to get the car; he has to be someplace.

Mac tells the assembled group that this case is very frustrating.  There is one last piece of evidence that tells them exactly what happened to Sorel.  He says both Sorel and the murder are here tonight, standing next to one of them.