GH Update Thursday 10/18/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/18/01

by Suzanne

Mac and Felicia get Chinese takeout and go to her place so they can talk about the Sorel case.  He warns her that he's not sharing her potstickers.  She's distracted so he tests her by saying he got her Peking duck, which he knows she doesn't eat any more, ever since Lucy accused her of "being insensitive to waterfowl."  He knows that she's too busy worrying about Luke.  She shakes herself and turns her attention to Mac and the case.  He gives her the chicken dish that she wanted.  Mac lays out the suspects, motives, and evidence for Felicia.  Felicia has an idea, but she wants Mac's potstickers.  She suggests that they try to prove each suspect innocent, and that way the guilty person will show up more easily.    He is happy to be working with her again.

Roy tells Melissa how worried he is about Luke's condition.  He wants to go do something like knock Helena's door and choke the information out of her.  She stops him and asks him, "Don't you know how much I love you?"  She tells him that if they have to just be friends, that's okay, because he's helped her so much.  He's changed her life and made her happy.  He just doesn't think he should be there having fun with her when his friend is dying.  She thinks that since there isn't anything he can do right now, he should just wait and see what happens, rather than risking himself needlessly.  She asks him to stay with her and let her love him.  They kiss.  He tells her that she's "brought light to all this darkness" and "I thought I would be trapped in my guilt and regret till the day I died. Thank God I was wrong. I look in your eyes, I see so much hope, such grace. I love you, Melissa."  They kiss more.

Edward sees that AJ has come back; he thinks he's been out drinking so he gives him the usual hard time.  Monica and Alan come in and they tell AJ they were worried about him and they're glad he's okay.  Alan suggests that AJ go to an AA meeting.  AJ says he doesn't need one and resents how they're treating him, "like a pathetic drunk".

Skye visits Jacks.  She turns on the charm and asks if he can help her get Sonny out of ELQ, since she knows he doesn't like Sonny, either.  Angel is about to visit Jax when she hears them and stops to listen outside of his door instead.  Jax sees right through Skye, turns her down, and insults her.  She calls him an "arrogant jerk" and flounces out of his apartment.  Angel asks what Skye plans for Sonny; he wonders when Angel is going to come to her senses about him.  She says she just dropped by to find out how Kristina is doing, since he never explained why he moved her.  He just didn't trust Sonny's people.  They chat.  She mentions that she didn't let herself fall for Jax when they were having an affair because she knew he was still in love with Brenda.  She says that doesn't give him the right to tell her who she should be with.  He warns her that Sonny will only bring her pain.  She says that there doesn't seem to be much between her and Sonny anymore.  That pleases Jax.  They drink champagne to celebrate the fact that she's "over Sonny".  He says that she's the only woman he's ever been close to that he didn't feel he needed to protect.  They toast to good times in the past and future.

Carly is shocked to learn that Sonny is spending the night with Alexis.  She makes snide remarks about them.  Sonny is weary of her tricks and trying to stop the divorce.  She tells him to forget about adopting Michael.  Carly thanks him for getting AJ to sign away his parental rights.  Alexis tells Carly that Sonny is just staying there to protect her from a threat, but she won't go into details.  Carly doesn't buy it.  Sonny reminds her that he's never lied to her.  Alexis says gently that it might not be a good idea to use Michael to try to bargain with Sonny.  Carly resents that.  She says if that's what she wanted, she'd go ahead and sign the adoption papers, to give herself a "permanent tie to Sonny".  She just thinks Sonny should be a real part of the family.  Sonny says he wants Michael to know that he will always be there for him, and to make it legal.  He gives a nice speech: " I don't want to be a stepfather or someone Michael used to know. I don't want to disappear like his room in my penthouse or the 50 other places he's lived since he was born. "  He says they can't be selfish when it comes to Michael.  Carly says Michael needs more than that, and he can have what he wants if she gets what she wants.  She lies that she needs a new set of divorce papers because she tore up hers.  Alexis leaves the room to get them.  

Carly and Sonny continue to bicker about the divorce and adoption.  Alexis returns and Carly makes more snide remarks about the two of them getting cozy.  Sonny tells her that he'll put a guard on her and Micheal, too, and to call him if she sees anyone unusual lurking around.  It doesn't make Carly happy that Alexis gets Sonny as her bodyguard.  She angrily leaves, slamming the door.  Sonny tries to apologize but Alexis tells him not to.  She says it's absurd that she's jealous, thinking that something's going on.  He says there is something going on.  He says Carly resents it that Alexis is a woman.  Because they're friends.  They talk some more about Carly and the divorce, and why Sonny can't be with her.  Alexis sympathizes.  They both have to have control and order in their lives, but sometimes that leaves you lonely.  He says it's worth it, because he knows he can count on himself.  She says, "I'm very familiar with that rationale. I use it all the time. What's a little twinge of isolation compared to the fear of needing someone?"  He says you have to do what you can to protect yourself and all you can do is be honest with the people you love.  She jokes again about his lack of morals and ethics.  They are joking-flirting as she says she'll make up the guest room for him.  He says he doesn't sleep much anyway so he'll just sleep on the couch.  She says she'll get him a blanket and pillow.

Skye comes in before A.J. tells his family where he's been.  She stops him by making him agree with her that he was out drinking and he's agreed to go with her to an AA meeting.   He plays along.  Alan is glad that A.J. is going to a meeting.  Edward keeps insulting A.J.  Edward, Alan, and Monica leave the room, bickering as usual.  A.J. knows that if he'd told Alan that Sonny had him kidnapped and made him sign over custody of Michael, that he'd go after Sonny, who might retaliate.   A.J. just hates having his family think he's some pathetic drunk.  They agree that someday, Sonny will pay.  He says they need a plan.  Edward comes back in with Alan and Monica.  He makes another crack at A.J.'s expense.  Skye reminds him that he said he would be nice to A.J.  He doesn't back off, so she says she guesses she will have to tell them all where he was the night of Sorel's murder.

Carly answers the door at her place; she's disappointed to see it's only Bobbie.  She figured it was one of Sonny's bodyguards but hoped it was Sonny.  Carly tells Bobbie about Sonny and Alexis.  Bobbie doesn't believe that there is anything between them, but Carly knows there is.  Bobbie isn't about to defend Sonny, however.  Carly decides to sign the divorce papers.  Bobbie thinks she should take her time and not just end it out of spite.  Carly says quietly that she doesn't know what else to do.  She gripes that after everything she did for Sonny....Bobbie wonders what she means.  Carly just says that she saved his life.

Alexis dreams that she goes to Sonny's couch, he stands up, and they start kissing very passionately.  Their clothes start coming off.  She sits upright in bed, shocked, and says "Oh, My God".  Then we see that Sonny is indeed standing right in front of her bed.