GH Update Wednesday 10/17/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/17/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Sonny's bodyguard, Max, tells him that Alexis is fine and things are quiet.  Sonny visits Alexis, who is busy and doesn't want to talk to anyone.  She has papers all over her living room, in various piles.  He asks if she's heard from Stefan.  She is really on edge and he is a bit tense, too.  He asks if there's something that she hasn't told him.  She changes the subject and asks what Carly has done to him this time.  He says this isn't about Carly.  He suggests that he fix her something to eat, but she is too distracted to eat.  She worries that Kristina came all this way and she is in danger.  Sonny assures her that she has 24/7 protection.  He offers to find Stefan for her.  He assures her that Stefan is tough.  She jokingly wishes Sonny had been on the island where she grew up, because then no one would have messed with her.  He starts trying to straighten up her messy piles of papers, but she stops him because she has it organized the way she wants it.  She accuses him of being nervous about Carly so he comes over to mess up her stuff.  He suddenly asks, "Am I a selfish jerk?"  After he explains that he's talking about adopting Michael, she says sweetly that the world could use more selfish jerks like him.  She asks if he's considered why he wants to do this, since it will tie him to Carly for the rest of his life.  He says that's no problem.  She says that, "Carly is going to devote her life to trying to cross paths with you."  And she also points out that the Quartermaines will fight him about that custody agreement.  He knows there will be a fight but it doesn't bother him.  She says that he needs to think this through.  He assures her that he has and again offers to make her dinner.  She says she'll fix herself something.

Carly calls Mike and leaves a message on his answering machine.  She says it's about Sonny and to call her back.  Gia drops by and asks for her help.  Carly gives her a hard time.  Gia is in a hurry; she has to save the people she cares about.  Carly doesn't care and blasts her for being rude to her before about Deception.  Gia says she'll apologize later but she wants to know if Carly has Lucien Cain's office address.  Carly says she doesn't have it and suggests that Gia is chasing after him.  Gia asks her if she doesn't get the idea that Lucien is dangerous.

Melissa takes Lucky aside at the hospital and explains to him gently about Luke's worsening condition.  Lucky tells her that she's very easy to talk to and thanks her for her help in the cave when he was so upset.  She thinks he should go see Luke, but he's worried about hurting him again.  She assures him they won't let that happen.  He talks about growing up with Luke, how he taught him so many things like cheating at poker, and how to barter in Marrakesh.  Then he had quite a shock when he found out his dad was just human.  He guesses that Helena built onto the anger he had in order to brainwash him.  She suggests that he see Luke soon.  He looks worried as he asks why the rush.

Roy visits Luke.  Luke doesn't recognize him at first, but Roy reminds him and Luke does remember him.  Roy looks distraught over his friend's condition.  Luke is still in the past so he catches up a little by apologizing to Roy about how he couldn't help him out after Frank Smith shot him.  Roy is long over that.  Luke doesn't feel well, he says, and asks Roy to give him the straight truth, why does he feel like he's going to die?  Fortunately for Roy, he doesn't get a chance to answer because Luke goes out of it again.  He isn't sure about anything and asks Roy what year it is.  Luke can't get his head around 2001.  Luke says, "Feels like my brains are like a plate of greasy onion rings."  He babbles some more and asks where Laura is.  Roy says she's out trying to help Luke.  Roy mentions Lucky and at that, Luke gets frantic and starts asking Roy to bring Lucky to him because he's in danger.  He is so upset that Roy leaves to get him.

Stavros gloats to Stefan, who is still tied up on a chair, that Nikolas will be there soon and Stefan will get to see them reunite.  Stefan is set up to watch the room in the lab via a close-circuit TV.  Stefan tells Stavros that Nikolas is a good person inside and is nothing like Stavros or Helena.  Stavros looks suddenly worried.

Helena tells Nikolas that behind these doors (the lab doors) are the "greatest treasure".  She asks him to be patient while she makes sure everything is ready.  She goes in and asks Stavros if he's ready to meet his son.  He tells her that he's worried about what Stefan said.  He asks her to bring Nikolas to him and he will give him one more test.

Outside, Nikolas is acting like the impatient prince and tells the guards that he is about to leave if Helena is not back...then she come sout and asks him to come in.  He looks around at the lab curiously.  He asks why she wasted so much money to build it below GH, when it would have been more "cost-effective" to build it in Greece.  She points him toward the coffin-like place where Stavros was sleeping before she unfroze him.  Stavros is lying in there again, pretending to be asleep.  Helena says, "Nikolas, meet your father. "  He can't believe it.  He asks, "You froze my father?"  He seems to be having a hard time grasping it all.  She tells him, "soon Stavros will awaken, and he will embrace you, his beloved son".  She can tell it's been quite a shock so she leaves him alone with Stavros.

Felicia runs into Mac at GH.  He asks why she's here, so she says she's visiting "a friend".  He's working on the Sorel investigation.  She imagines there is a long list of suspects.  He asks if she would give him her "take" on it.  She is surprised but says she will after her visit.

Carly shows Mike the custody agreement that Sonny got A.J. to sign.  He is impressed.    She tells him that Sonny wants to adopt Michael.  At first he thinks that this means the divorce is off, but she tells him it's not.  Carly thinks it means that Sonny still wants her in his life, he just can't admit it yet.  She thinks that no matter what he does, they will see each other so much that they will have to get back together again.  Mike isn't so sure.

Felicia tells Roy that she saw Lucky at the nurse's station.  She wonders if she should go in to see Luke.  Roy asks her to stay and suggests she does go in to see him, even though he's confused.  Felicia goes in.  Luke doesn't recognize her at first.  She reminds him of some of their adventures and he suddenly calls her "Orphey".  She smiles and says she missed him.  She calls him "Hiram" and they hug.  He asks how "Bubba" is and she says her family is fine.  He asks her to give him his best.

Lucky asks Melissa whether his father will get better.  She says Tony is working on a cure.  Lucky blames himself; she tries to make him feel better.  Roy comes over and says Luke is asking for him.  Lucky doesn't think he should see him.  Roy says he's asking for him and just wants to know he's all right, so he'd better.

Stefan and Helena watch Nikolas look at his father.  Stefan has great sympathy for him.  Helena is confident that Nikolas is his father's son.  But Nikolas bends down to Stavros and says, "You evil bastard. I hate you for torturing my mother, and I swear by everything I have, I will never let you come back to life."  Helena returns.  Nikolas pretends to be happy about seeing Stavros.  He tells her he's in "awe" and that she made his dreams come true.  He tells her to wake him up.  She says, "soon".  He asks how Lucky fits into this plan.   She replies that Lucky will "take care of anyone who tries to stop" the plan from happening.  He pretends to admire her plotting.  She suggests he rest.  He protests that he wants to be there when he awakens.  She assures him that he will be.  She has the guards show him out.  Helena is triumphant and tells Stavros that they should celebrate.  He tells Helena that she was wrong and that Nikolas hates him.

As Lucky walks to Luke's room, he hears Helena's voice in his head, tell him to hurt and hate his father.  He says he will never do that.  Lucky goes in to see Luke so Felicia leaves.  Luke is glad to see him.  Lucky is sorry because he thinks he hurt Luke.  Luke tells him to forget it.  They're Spencers, they'll get through it.  Luke tells him they've got to fight this.  Lucky says he'll fight if Luke does.  He says he can't lose him and he begs Luke to fight.

Mac can tell from Felicia that her friend isn't doing well.  He asks how Luke is.  She is surprised that he knew all along whom she was visiting.  He was just guessing, but now she's confirmed it.  She says they're blaming the Cassadines.  He's not surprised.  He asks what he can do to help her.  She says she's fine.  He's glad and asks again for her help on the Sorel murder case.  She walks off with him.

Melissa consoles Roy.  He feels helpless.  She suggests that he go home with her.

Sonny tells Alexis that he sent Max home but Johnny will be there soon.  However, Sonny insists on staying the night, since she is feeling so afraid.  She looks a little uncomfortable with that idea as she serves him coffee and popcorn.  He complains that this isn't dinner so he says he'll order takeout.  Carly arrives, to talk to Alexis, so she's surprised to see Sonny there.  Alexis says she's very "swamped".  Carly says okay, she needs to see Sonny, too, because she needs to tell him something.  She asks if they can go to the penthouse to talk.  He says, no, he's staying there for the night.  Carly looks shocked and suspicious.

Gia finds Nikolas.  He looks absolutely stunned and horrified.  She can tell something is wrong.  She takes him in her arms to comfort him.

Stavros is very upset that his son hates him.  Helena is annoyed that she worked so hard to bring him back to the family.  Stavros asks, like a little boy, "How can he hate me when I love him so much?"  You almost want to feel sorry for him because he is so sad.  Helena blames Laura, Stefan, Luke, and Lucky for corrupting Nikolas.  She says, "They have taught Nikolas to hate the one person who truly loves him."  Stavros plans to "prove them wrong."