GH Update Tuesday 10/16/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/16/01

By Suzanne

A.J. comes home.  He looks pretty ragged.  Skye wonders where he's been.  He knows that his family will think he's been on "a bender".  She knows he wouldn't do that.  She tells him about the bartender that came by.  He realizes that Sonny really would have gone through with killing him and setting it up to look like an accident.  He vows to bring Sonny down.  Skye asks him not to go after Sonny.  She thinks it's too dangerous for him.  He fills Skye in on what Sonny did and that he finally signed his papers because of Sonny giving him the alcohol and the fake newspaper headline.    She asks him again not to go after Sonny, because "you're like the only family member that I can stomach for more than five seconds at a time."  He tells her that this is because he took his son.  She knows what it's like to lose a family; she lost the Chandlers.  She points out that Sonny and Michael love each other, and Carly seems to take good care of him.  He admits that's true and that Sonny is the only father Michael has known.   He knows she's just trying to get him to back off of Sonny.  He agrees not to go after him.  He can't believe that for once, Skye doesn't have an ulterior motive.  Skye says that one day Sonny will need something from them and then they'll be in a position to go after him.

Sonny knocks on Carly's door.  She takes a long time to answer and then opens the door wearing a sexy negligee and revealing robe.  She pretends she was sleeping.  He knows that she's just trying to make him want her again.  He shows her the paper that A.J. signed.  It says that A.J. gives up all rights to Michael.  She is ecstatic.  He tells her that he'd like to adopt Michael so that he will have two loving parents.  She doesn't think that's a good idea, if he wants to divorce her.    They discuss it.  She doesn't think she can let him adopt Michael if he's not going to live with them.  He asks her to think about it.

Lucky asks Gia if she's seen Elizabeth.  He has this terrible feeling that she's hurt.  Gia can't believe that he can't remember seeing her earlier.  She asks if he remembers being with Helena.  He says that he has these blank spots.  He has the feeling that he did something terrible to his father, but otherwise he can't remember anything.  He thinks he came close to fighting Helena's brainwashing today.  He asks her if she knows where Elizabeth is.  She lies that she doesn't know.  He feels like he's lost her forever.  She assures him that he hasn't, which makes him immediately suspicious that she knows more than she's telling.  She tells him that love doesn't die.  He's surprised she'd think that after what Nikolas did to her.  She tells him that next time he's with Helena, to tell her to go shove it and to go in that place in his mind where Elizabeth is.  He reminds her that Helena cut that out of his mind.  She says it doesn't matter, love doesn't die, and one day she and Nikolas will be back together, and so will he and Elizabeth.  He doesn't think Helena will let that happen.  Gia talks some more about love and how it endures.  Lucky sees a vision of Elizabeth, telling him to fight Helena and that he'll never lose her.  He's ready to fight Helena now.  She asks him what he knows about Lucien Cain.  He says he's a "demon from Hell" who will never let go of Nikolas.

Nikolas somehow finds where Laura is (with Luke in the hospital) and visits her.  Scott stays with Luke so she can go out in the hall and talk to her soon.  Luke babbles about how Scott should give up on Laura and just sign the divorce papers.  He talks some more as if he's in the past, then Scott tries to get him to come back to the present and look at the map of the lab.  He asks Luke if he knows what year it is.  Luke replies, "It's 2001 and you and I have still got full heads of hair."  LOL!

Laura asks about Elizabeth.  Nikolas assures her that she's fine as planned, except that Gia and Lucky showed up.  He tells Laura that Lucky thought Elizabeth was really dead, and he couldn't tell him the truth in case Helena got hold of him.  She asks about Gia; he tells her that he had to tell her the whole truth.  He tells her that he's torn between worrying about her and being glad that she finally knows.  Laura tells him to make Gia understand that "Helena is capable of anything."  He talks about how horrible it was waiting for Elizabeth to wake up.   Passing Helena's test made him feel like his father.  She assures him that he's just the opposite.  She fills him on Stefan's escape from jail.  He wishes she hadn't broke him out of jail; he thinks he's safer there.  She says they really need his help.  He wants to know Stefan's plan against Helena, but she says she doesn't know it.  He worries more.  She asks him to stay out of it, but he can't.  He has to help Stefan if he can.  She says there's something she hasn't told him yet.  He tells her that there's nothing she can say that will convince him.  He asks her to promise to look after Gia if anything happens to him.  She tells him it's about his father.  

Helena walks by right then so Nikolas covers by saying that Laura was giving him a hard time about being a Cassadine again.  Helena asks if Laura told him about her little escapade with Luke.  She wonders if Luke is in the room.  Laura warns her to stay out.  Nikolas points out that Helena is on the hospital board so she can go in if she wants.  Scott comes out and grouses, not very convincingly, that Serena just had her tonsils out, so what's with all the noise?  Helena doesn't believe him.  Scott tells Laura that "Serena" is asking for her, so she goes in.  Scott tells Helena to go away, so she tells him that he shouldn't get involved in matters that don't concern him.  Helena and Nikolas leave.  Laura tries to follow but it's too late.  She ends up telling Scott that Nikolas was just faking and he's really working for the good guys, not Helena, and he is probably headed for the lab right now.  Scott tries again to get Luke to tell him about the map.  Luke says cryptically, "Laura knows where it is. The doors -- they're all in here." and he points to his head.  He all says, "the father and the son. The father is the son".  Scott relays the messages to Laura, but they don't make any sense to her, either.

Stavros taunts Stefan about Chloe.  Stefan, taking off his tie, tells Stavros that this is "judgment day".  Stavros laughs at his threats.  He says he'll win again.  Stefan says he'll prevail because he's fighting for his loved ones.  Stavros keeps laughing at him.  They bicker about Nikolas.  Stavros says he's proven himself to be a true Cassadine and killed Elizabeth.  Stefan doesn't believe it but his anger gets the best of him and he lunges at Stavros.  Stavros knocks him unconscious and lets Helena out.  She wants him to kill Stefan, but Stavros would rather keep him alive so he can suffer more.  He ties Stefan to a chair and keeps taunting him after he wakes up.  Stefan wants to know what he did to Nikolas.  Stavros says he didn't have to do anything; he and Nikolas are connected, "part of each other".  Stefan counters that he's nothing like Stavros.  Stavros ignores him and says that Stefan tried hard to make Nikolas hate him, but it didn't work.  He says Stefan will have to watch as Nikolas takes his rightful place by his side, and he'll win Laura back, too.  Stefan says he's "delusional".  Stavros tries to get some information about Nikolas from him, but Stefan won't say anything.  Stefan says incredulously, "You actually believe this will be a joyful reunion for him?"  Stavros speculates about what Nikolas likes to do besides horseback riding, what kinds of books he likes to read.  Stefan says he's in for a shock.  Stavros says he's wrong but he'll have a "front-row seat".

Helena takes Nikolas to the roof.  He is surprised, naturally, to learn that the lab is 30 floors beneath GH.  She tells him that his life is about to change forever.  Nikolas is impressed with the fortifications.  She says it's like a maze.  She says she has a "miracle" to share with him, one that has consumed her life for many years.  Stavros waits inside as Helena is about to open the door.