GH Update Monday 10/15/01


General Hospital Update Monday 10/15/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas prepares to go see Helena and find out once and for all about the lab and everything.  Gia is worried that he won't be able to fool her.  She asks what he has planned.  He plans to wing it, which makes her worry more.  He is happy to hear that she' s concerned about him.  They argue again about him keeping her in the dark all these months.  She tells him that she won't be won over that easily.  He tells her that he will do his best to win her back, once this is all over.  She likes the sound of that.  He realizes that she plans to go see Lucien Cain again.  He warns her not to because it's too dangerous, since he may be working for Helena.  Finally she agrees not to see Lucien, but after Nikolas leaves, we know that she is planning to go right to see Lucien.

Stavros impatiently tells Taggert that it's Stefan he wants, not him.  Taggert remembers seeing him at the auction with Luke,  so he knows that he knows more about the Cassadine-Spencer feud than he's letting on.  Stavros maintains that he's just a business acquaintance.  Taggert plans to keep him around until Alexis gets there, since he said he knows her.  Taggert leaves the room; one of his guys Andy Capelli asks Stavros for his name and a form of ID.  Stavros hits him so he falls, unconscious.

Stefan asks Helena if she was serious about sharing power with him.  She claims she is.  He says she has to hurry up and prove it because Stavros is in an airtight trunk and won't last for much longer.  She says she'll tell him whatever he needs to know.  He has her excuse her thugs so they can be alone.  He asks her how she turned Nikolas around, and how much Nikolas knows about everything.  She says he knows nothing.  Stefan says it must have been difficult not to tell him about Stavros.  Helena compliments him some more.  Stefan has had enough.  He opens this door that looks like a big closet or freezer and tells her to go inside.  He closes and locks it.  Stavros appears.  He taunts Stefan some more about their past.  He gloats that Stefan will become irrelevant again...he cackles madly.  Stefan smiles as he reminds him that he's about to lose everything.  Stavros thinks he sees fear in Stefan's eyes.  Stefan takes off his jacket, preparing to do battle, as Stavros keeps taunting him.  Stefan tells him that he's always been overconfident.

Bobbie tells Amy to page Tony immediately;  she tells Jax that the sample he stole from Helena's place could be the answer to saving Luke's life.  He asks her if this could endanger Alexis and presses her for more details.  She says that " this is more dangerous than you can imagine".  Tony comes by and she gives him the sample; he says he'll take it to be analyzed in the lab.  Scott listens in on the whole conversation.

Laura gets upset when she realizes that Luke has collapsed, unconscious.  Laura phones the hospital; Amy answers.  She asks for Bobbie in a hurry.  Laura tells Bobbie about Luke's condition and asks her to please bring Tony there immediately.  Bobbie, Tony and Scott rush to Laura and Luke.  Laura slaps Luke's face lightly and talks to him to try to get him to come around.  She gets really upset when she thinks he may be dying or dead.  She says she loves him and begs him not to leave her.  When Bobbie, Tony and Scott get there, Bobbie says that they should take him to the hospital. Laura worries about Helena finding him, so Bobbie says that he can be admitted under a fake name.  Tony and Scott pick up Luke to take him.  Laura grabs the map that Luke made.

Kristina tells Ned that they should have told him the truth about who she was.  He only blames Alexis, maybe Jax.  She tries to get him to be less sour about Alexis, but he tells her not to mention her name again.  She gets upset because she is feeling very alone right now.  She says maybe she shouldn't have come to town right now, but he assures her that Alexis is very happy to have her there.  She is just fed up with everyone having to protect her and not being able to go out without worrying, etc.  As she talks, she moves stuff around.  He teases her a little about that.  She points out that she moved his favorite reading lamp to a more comfortable spot, with a better view.  He has to admit she's right about that.

Alexis is not happy to find that Taggert let Stavros get away.  Taggert says he has an APB out for him, but he's more concerned about Stefan's escape.  He asks her how she helped Stefan escape from jail.  Jax arrives, looking for Stefan.  Taggert questions him about the escape, too.  Jax lies that he followed Alexis but she was just worried that Stefan had vanished.  She wanted to convince him to turn himself in.  Taggert doesn't buy his story but Jax sticks to it.  After the police leave, Alexis thanks Jax for helping her.  He doesn't want to see her in jail.  He asks who this other guy is that she was trying to get Taggert to arrest.  She won't say, but she tells him that this man is the one who killed Chloe and she asks him to protect Kristina from him.  Jax guesses from her clues that this man is another crazy Cassadine.  She asks him to just trust her and promise to keep Kristina safe.  He reminds her that he's been doing that.  Because of what she says, he agrees to stop hounding Stefan for now.

At the hospital, Scott tries to get Luke to wake up by mildly yelling at him that Luke can't let Laura go to him without a fight.  Tony asks him to wait outside.  Scott apologizes to Laura for acting like an idiot and pledges to just go along with what she says now.  She laughs that she may not recognize him. They hug.  Luke deliriously calls for Laura.  He is out of it still, as he has a conversation with Bobbie that goes back and forth from the past to the present.  Luke tells Laura, "The secret is in the past. The past is the future." whatever that means...