GH Update Friday 10/12/01


General Hospital Update Friday 10/12/01

By Suzanne

Kristina tries to cover to Ned about her and Alexis being sisters, but he knows she's lying.  He wonders why he can't know.  Alexis comes in and conforms it unknowingly.  She thinks Jax blabbed but Kristina says she did it.  Jax and Ned both blast her for not being honest.  Alexis talks about how dangerous it is and that Stefan is out there, alone, fighting for his life.  Kristina is suspicious that Alexis might have had something to do with his escape.  Kristina suggests that she and Jax go for a walk to leave the other two alone.

Helena goes to Stefan's place and finds Stavros chained and shackled to a chair.  He warns her to stay back.  Stefan steps out and confirms that if she makes any further movement in Stavros' direction, he'll die.  Stefan gloats a bit now that he has the edge on them both.  Helena tries to make a deal with Stefan.  Stavros says he always comes out on top, but Stefan points out that he's the one in shackles.  Helena asks who else knows, so Stefan replies, "No one".  She is pleased and hopes they can settle this "like a family".  LOL!  Helena says that maybe she's misjudged Stefan.  He doesn't fall for her flattery.  She offers to work things out, and he reminds her that he's still a fugitive.  She asks him what he wants.  They go to her lab and he applauds her ingenuity.  She says Stavros has been a disappointment because he thinks he is immortal now, plus he keeps focusing on Laura.  She suggests that Stefan can take his place.  But she wonders if he can do what's necessary.  She offers him everything.  He says that her empty promises can't erase the hatred he feels for her.  Her men rush in and wonder if she's in trouble.

At GH, Bobbie asks Amy if she's seen Luke or Laura.  Amy saw them running out of the ER.  Scott comes in looking for Laura.  He's not pleased to hear that she's trying to hide Luke.  He is also worried about her involvement with Stefan.  Bobbie tries to reason with him.   She says he is trying to live out an old feud and it might get her brother killed.  He says consolingly that Luke seems "indestructible".  She's not so sure.  She remembers their youth fondly.  He just doesn't want to lose Laura again.  She tells him that if he thinks he can have something with Laura like what she had with Luke, he's dreaming.

Laura tells Luke that even though they're not together any more, she still loves him.  He says it's not the same.  He has a deep love for her and asks her to remember it.  She says it's just that Helena has his brains all scrambled.  He's in the past and she's in the present. He knows he hurt her.  She says they hurt each other.  It's just another thing they share.  Luke asks, "Can't we reinvent ourselves? We've done it before. You know, just take our love and move forward without all the years of pain and regret and the excess baggage. Can't we do that? Can't we start over, Laura?"  Laura doesn't want to talk about it right now.  Luke suggests they go out dancing, on a date.  He has to remind him again that they have to stay hidden and try to find Helena's lab.  He talks about date stuff, like eating popcorn and watching bad movies.  He lists some titles, including "Don't Look in the Freezer."  She doesn't remember that one and wonders if it has something to do with Stavros.  He says it's a horror movie with Dr. Frankenstein and the lab.  She asks him if he can remember how to get to the lab.  He says he can.  Then he gets distracted again and asks her again to go to a movie.  She promises she will, once things are settled.  He apologizes for how he treated her and then starts to draw a map of the lab.    He asks if he signed divorce papers.  He chants a nursery rhyme about a frozen man and then shows her the map he drew.  But it looks like a maze.

Ned suggests that they tell each other the truth.  He thinks that when she left him at the altar, she was really saying that they couldn't get any closer.  She agrees and said she couldn't tell him.  He knows that her past family history taught her not to get too close or trust anyone.  He says that he may have had her heart, but he didn't have her.  She tells him about her past with Kristina, how she had all this guilt for years that she repressed.  The necklace brought it all back, she explains.  Then Jax found Kristina for her.  She also reveals that Sonny knows about her.

Taggert and some other cops search Stefan's place for him.  Instead, they find Stavros, locked in a trunk.  He pounds and they let him out.  Taggert demands to know who he is and why he's there.  Stavros says he's a business associate that was there to meet Stefan, who flipped out.  He was unaware of the trouble Stefan is in because he's been out of the country.  He goes to leave but Taggert tells him he's not done.

Jax tells Kristina that what's happening between Ned and Alexis is not her fault; it started long ago.  She just wishes that things could be a little more normal.  He says that's not going to happen.  She is worried about Alexis.  He says that as long as she has Kristina, she'll be fine.  She points out that she thinks Jax is worried, too...worried that he might be wrong.  When she looked into Stefan's eyes, she didn't see a dangerous person.  Jax hopes she's right.

(The last 15 minutes of the show was interrupted)