GH Update Thursday 10/11/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/11/01

by Suzanne

Jax is annoyed that Alexis is siding with Sonny and Stefan.  He bickers with Sonny.  Jax is not happy to hear that Sonny knows about Kristina being her sister.  He doesn't know if he can keep lying to Ned if she's already told Sonny.  Jax tells Alexis he hopes she doesn't live to regret this.  Alexis is upset that she may be losing her friend.  Sonny and Alexis chat, joking around as they always do in that way that's hard to describe.  He asks, if he offered her help, would she take it.  She says she can't.  He says he'll protect her anyway, whether she likes it or not.  She can't help but be touched by his offer.

Stefan goes home and says, "Im here, Stavros. Come and get me."

Helena is annoyed that Stefan escaped jail.  Stavros is disappointed that he didn't have a heart attack.  Stavros plans to deal with Stefan personally now.  He leaves.  Helena calls one of her guys to find Luke.

At GH, Laura plays along with Luke's delusions.  He wants her to go with him to Studio 54 in New York City.  She says she has to make a call first.  She phones Bobbie to fill her in.  She finds out that the antidote didn't work and Tony plans to try something else.  Laura goes back and tells Luke that Tony wants to see him.  He doesn't want to see him because of the needles.  Laura looks out of the curtain and sees Helena.  She tells Luke it's too dangerous to leave yet.  He recognizes Helena's name and tells Laura to put on her black wig so she won't recognize her.  She pretends to be a hospital orderly and he a patient.  She is wheeling him past Helena's nose but she suspects something.  Luke and Laura end up running out while Helena curses (just like a cartoon villain).

Nikolas tells Gia how much he's missed her.  She's not ready to forgive him yet.  When Lucien's name comes up, she tells him that she ditched him because he was too friendly with Helena.  She says, " Lucien and Helena were on the docks, and she touched his face. It was creepy." Nikolas worries that Gia got herself mixed up with one of Helena's henchman and she could be endangering them all.  She says that if he had trusted her, she could have been better prepared.  He hopes that by tomorrow, he can find Helena's lab and find out how Lucien fits in.  She wants to be involved in it.  He smiles at her spunk.

Ned looks for his briefcase; Kristina has moved it by the door so he can pick it up as he goes in and out.  He grouses that it's not where he wanted it.  They chat some more about his business.  He can't figure out who she is yet.  He shows her the press kit for Eddie Maine and she laughs at the leather pants.  Skye walks in without knocking and tells him that she's worried about A.J.  He's totally unconcerned.  Kristina and Skye spar.  Kristina finds out that A.J. is a drunk who is missing.  Skye tells Ned that Edward is reconsidering running her out of town.  He wonders why.  Jax arrives and  Skye leaves.  Jax tells Kristina that they have to leave town right away.  After Ned leaves, Kristina tells Jax that she's not leaving.  She promised Alexis she wouldn't.  Jax keeps warning her about the danger, but she refuses to leave.

Luke and Laura go to a some sort of warehouse on the docks that has costumes and other junk in it.  He thinks they're at Wyndhams Department Store in 1980.  She tells him it's 2001 and where they are.  He is confused.  He starts looking through boxes, saying they'll find the Left-Handed Boy.  She reminds him that they already did that.  She says he's sick and needs medicine.  Luke wants to get a disguise.  He finds a champagne glass and has a flashback to way back when, when he and Laura were having champagne and caviar.  In the present, he finds bottled water and marvels at it.  He pours water in the glasses.  He tells her that she's never looked more beautiful.  They dance.  He doesn't feel well and sort of falls down.  She has to remind him again where and when they are.  He notices that neither one of them is wearing their wedding rings.  She tells him gently that they're divorced.  He asks, " How can that be? I still love you."

Ned and Skye go to the main house.  He yells for Edward.  He wants to know what Skye has over Edward that is making him change his mind.  Edward denies it and every word tells Ned that he's lying and Skye has something big on him.  Skye keeps suggesting things that Edward is forced to agree with, such as that he's let her back in the family and ELQ, he might consider letting AJ back in, too, and he's going to help her look for AJ.  Skye tries to get Ned to stay out of it by suggesting that she tell Alexis about his "bimbo".  He tells her to go ahead.  She says, " How many times have you been married, five? Either all of your exes were fools -- which is a distinct possibility -- or you've lost quite a bit of your charm since then. You're not a man Id like to share anything with. "  Ooh creepy they're cousins!

Stavros goes through the secret bookcase to the library, where he finds Stefan waiting with coffee and scones.  Stavros teases that , " One of the Benefits of cryonic suspension is my younger brother is now older than me."  Stefan adds, "And wiser".  Stavros asks how long Stefan's known, but Stefan won't tell him.  Their meeting almost seems warm to the casual observer but there is the underlying tension that soon comes out.  Stefan says he knows Helena has been taking money for years from the estate, for Stavros' resurrection.  Stefan had thought she was giving it to her young studs.  They both agree that they deserve it.  Stavros wants to know who he's told that he's alive, but Stefan won't tell.  Stefan taunts him a bit and says the matching DNA gave him away.  Stavros taunts back that Chloe fought very hard when she died.  Stefan bristles at the mention of her name.  Stavros couldn't let her live once she figured out who he was.  He says it was really Stefan's fault, then.  He says, " You never did have any luck with women, did you?" to which Stefan replies, " I did with Laura."  They certainly both know how to push the other one's buttons, after all this time.  Stefan tells Stavros how much Laura hated him and they bonded over their hatred for Stavros, and still do.  Stefan also tells him how he's raised his son all these years.  Stavros says he'll soon reclaim his soon.  Never, declares Stefan.  He dates Stavros to come closer to him and let him show him what he's learned in 20 years.  Stavros steps closer.

Ned comes back into the gatehouse just as Kristina is saying that Alexis is her sister.  He's shocked.