GH Update Wednesday 10/10/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/10/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Carly comes back from shopping to find Stavros sitting on her couch.  He tells her that Leticia took Michael to the park and insisted that he wait there.  He tells her that he checked into the background of Deception; he recounts its recent brief history.  She asks him what's in it for him to help her; what's it going to cost her.  The doorbell rings so she gets it.  It's Sonny.  He wants to talk to her about the divorce without the lawyers, hoping they can settle things.  She introduces "Lucien" as her "white knight", explaining that he deals in corporate raiding.  She asks Sonny again for Deception back.  Sonny asks Stavros to leave, but he doesn't want to.  He sits down again and makes himself at home.  There is immediate dislike between Sonny and Stavros.  Clearly neither one knows who the other one is, or cares, since they are both powerful men.  Stavros won't leave and offers to stay to protect Carly.  Realizing that this could get ugly, she tells Lucien it's okay, this is her husband, and she'll catch up with him later.  He makes a point of moving slowly, looking down at the much-shorter Sonny, and kissing Carly's hand before he leaves.  She is kinda grossed out at his kiss.

Sonny questions Carly about where she met "Lucien" and she says he hit on her in the park.  He can't believe her stupidity and warns her to be careful.  She tries to play on his jealousy, saying that he wants to know if she slept with him.  Disgusted, he tells her to sign the papers, and leaves.

Gia bitches about being stuck on the yacht.  Nikolas says she's not going anywhere.  He tells Elizabeth that Sonny's boat will be there any minute.  They're taking her to a quiet island "way off the map" where Helena can't find her.  He tells her that Lucky will be safe soon.  Gia is still bitter about being lied to for months.  Nikolas is called away by the radio, leaving Gia and Elizabeth alone to bicker.  Elizabeth tries to tell Gia how hard it's been for Nikolas to do what he did.  Elizabeth doesn't think that Gia is right for Nikolas.  Gia doesn't think that's her call, but she doesn't think he ever really loved her because of how he's treated her.

Elizabeth asks Nikolas if he will give Lucky a letter she writes.  She writes the letter.  It says that by the time he reads it, all this will be over and they will be back together.  She promises to cherish their life together.

Nikolas goes back to Gia after seeing Elizabeth off.  He tells her that he's dropped anchor so he can talk to her.  She's not happy about being delayed.  He says he's desperate and tells her how much he loves her, including the tired phrase "You complete me".

Helena uses the Ice Princess to tell Lucky to put the vial down.  He does but he's clearly trying to resist her.  He sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to drown her out.  She tells him to stop singing and listen.  Eventually she gets him under control again and asks him about his father.  He tells her that Luke didn't make any sense and talked a lot about Frank Smith.  She is pleased to hear it.  Stavros comes in while she's questioning Lucky; he's surprised that he's still alive.  She tells him that Lucky has some usefulness left in him for her.  She orders him to leave and not remember anything.  A man comes in and tells them that Stefan escaped after faking a heart attack.  They aren't pleased to hear that.

Luke wakes up with a start, waking Bobbie up, too.  He tells her that they have to keep moving.  She reminds him that he's sick and Tony is working hard to find some medicine to help him.  He tells her to be quiet and hide.  She asks what they're hiding from.  He says they're hiding from their father.  She says they're older now and don't have to fear him.  He says he turned into his father, treated Laura badly, etc.  She points out that Laura forgave him.  She says he's nothing like their father, "You're my hero, Luke. You embrace each day as if it were your last. And you have a big heart. You fight for the people you love."  Luke replies, "You got me confused with somebody else. "   He goes to sleep.  Bobbie takes the opportunity to go out for some groceries, but when she returns, Luke is gone.  

Melissa is on the phone to the police, saying that they don't have any available ambulances.  She asks them to bring the patient by squad car and gives them some medical instructions.  Roy comes up and hope she won't be in too much trouble for helping Stefan escape, since she's already a suspect in Sorel's murder.  He points out how risky this is, but she won't be deterred.

Laura sits with Stefan, who is faking a heart attack in his cell.  She yells at the cops to hurry up with the ambulance.  Alexis comes in, with Jax, and pretends to be surprised by the events.  She tells the cops to hurry, too, and tells them that he comes from a history of heart disease.  Jax is skeptical and thinks Stefan is faking.  When he moves toward him, Laura yells at him to back off in a protective manner.  Jax says he trained as a lifeguard so he can check his pulse and administer CPR if necessary.  Laura points out that Jax has attacked Stefan in the past so she doesn't trust him.   When they are told that there are no ambulances, Laura pretends to panic.  Alexis threatens to sue them if they don't help Stefan.  They agree to put him in a squad car and go to the hospital.  Jax and Alexis say they'll tag along. 

Stefan is brought into the GH emergency room.  Melissa takes care of him in one of those curtained-off exam areas.  Laura helps Stefan as he dresses in an orderly's outfit to escape.  Alexis keeps Jax out.  To help her and to make a distraction for the police, Roy goes up to Jax and tries to start a fight, accusing him of hitting on Melissa.  Jax has no idea what he's talking about, as he doesn't even know who Melissa is.  They manage to make enough disturbance so that Stefan can slip out, unnoticed.  Mac comes in to see Stefan.  After a few minutes of delaying tactics by Melissa, she leads him into the exam room, where of course they find nothing.  He and the other cops take off looking for Stefan.  Laura thanks Melissa and Roy.  Mac tells them not to go anywhere.

Jax finds Stefan before he leaves the hospital and puts him in a choke hold.  Stefan tries to tell him that he's made a mistake and that he didn't kill Chloe.  Now Jax is keeping him from getting to the man who did.  Of course Jax doesn't believe a word of it and says he's going to enjoy turning Stefan over to the police.   Alexis comes up and tells Jax to let him go.  She asks him to please trust her.  He's reluctant and thinks her judgment is clouded.  Sonny strolls by and asks what's going on.  Alexis tells Jax that there are things going on that he doesn't know about and that Stefan didn't kill Chloe, she's sure of it.  Sonny asks Jax to let Stefan go.  He does, but he thinks they're making a big mistake.

Mac questions Laura about Stefan and his heart attack.  She says that she wouldn't try to help the Cassadines because of how she feels about them.  He doesn't really believe her, though.  He knows she visited Stefan four times that week, even though she gives him a lame excuse about Nikolas.  She goes into the exam room where Stefan was and finds Luke instead.  He is smiling and looking better.  He asks if she forgot that they had a date.

Melissa and Roy joke around about his fighting over her.