GH Update Tuesday 10/9/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/9/01

By Suzanne

Sonny visits Michael and Carly because Michael had a bad dream about Sonny leaving and never coming back. They reassure him and feed him, and put him to bed. Aftwards, they have a nice chat. He doesn't want to hurt Carly and explains how she keeps pushing him to do that. She still refuses to give up on their marriage. She tries again to get him into bed. He pushes her away again and leaves, but it's difficult for him.

A.J. still refuses to sign away his parental rights. Zander comes in and A.J. is glad to see him. He asks Zander to help him get out. Zander says he lied to get in there; he thought he could help A.J. out. He suggests A.J. sign the form to get out. A.J. says that Zander could go to his family or the cops. But Zander says he won't betray Sonny and besides, his family already got a visit from a bartender saying that he was seen dead drunk, to cover his absence and possibly set him up to die in an accident. He thinks Sonny will get rid of him if he doesn't sign. Zander says Sonny is serious about wanting to get Michael for Carly because he made a promise. Johnny and another man come in and tell Zander that Sonny was disappointed that he came in there against Sonny's wishes. Zander leaves, telling A.J. he should sign the papers. They show A.J. a newspaper with a headline that says "A.J. Quartermaine Dies". He thinks it's a fake. Johnny brings him some booze, too. Outside, Sonny thanks Zander for his help. Zander isn't sure if it worked or not. Sonny just wanted Zander to see how he did things. He doesn't like to use violence, it's too messy. He knows if he didn't do anything, Carly would have, and it would have been too big of a mess for him to clean up after. He doesn't want Michael to have a father like A.J. who gets drunk and takes it out on him and his mother. Zander can sympathize, he says, because that's why he left home, and so can Sonny.

Gia is happy to see that Elizabeth is alive. Nikolas and Elizabeth explain that it was all a plot to help Lucky. It takes a while for it to all sink in to her. They realize she was the one who made Lucky show up. Elizabeth worries about him but Nikolas wants her to rest and drink water to counter the drug. Gia is very hurt that Nikolas lied to him and seemed to include everyone in his plan except her. He keeps saying it killed him to do it and that he never stopped loving her, but she is really hurt. She recounts all the times he hurt her. Elizabeth and Nikolas know she's upset but they are in a hurry to get a boat that Sonny sent to pick up Elizabeth. 

Mac and another cop show up because Gia phoned the police earlier. She lies that she was just upset about her ex-boyfriend, so she called to interrupt his romantic tryst with his new girlfriend. She apologizes. Mac chews her out for calling them for nothing. Gia says this proves she could have lied to protect Nikolas, if only he'd trusted her. He says none of them are leaving until he proves to her that he still loves her.

Lucky taunts Helena that she's lost her power over him. She tells him to stay back; he pretends to be in her trance but he's just faking her out. He laughs. He takes out the vial that he found in the lab and threatens to drop it on her. She pulls out the Ice Princess. Lucky can't believe she has it again. She says he foolishly bragged about throwing it in the lake. She can't believe that he's his father's son. He gets upset; she tries to control him with the ice princess. He gets control and yells that he is his father's son.

Luke is still delirious, in and out of the past. He tells Bobbie that Luke's blood pressure is low, his fever is going up, and he's losing more and more muscle control. She wants Tony to give him the antidote. He's reluctant and says it's not a cure. He's not even sure if it will work. Luke doesn't want to get a shot but Bobbie talks to him to help him. They reminisce about the past. Luke gets a little better when Tony gives him the shot, but he still is reliving the past from when he was a kid, talking about his mother and father. When Bobbie asks him to remember who gave him a shot in the lab, he says "somebody named Lucky". Luke starts getting sick again; the antidote didn't work. Tony has to go back to the hospital to try something else. He tells Bobbie to stay with Luke, who is completely delirious now. Luke thinks their mother is sick and then that they need money to go to Jacksonville to stay with Aunt Ruby, so he has Bobbie sing for the people so he can steal their wallets. Bobbie sings Baa Baa Black Sheep. Luke looks much sicker and more feverish.

Skye asks Edward how he'll feel when the rest of the family treats him the way he's treating her (writing her off). She plans to tell them about where he was the night of Sorel's murder. She taunts him that she saw him driving a "spiffy blue convertible". He thinks she's bluffing. Alan comes in and wonders what they're talking about. Skye beats around the bush and gives Edward the chance to sleep on it before she tells anyone about it. He leaves. She wants Alan to help her get A.J. back. He is glad she loves her brother. She admits she does, even though he has his faults. When she mentions how A.J. wanted his son back to teach him stuff like reading and how to ride a bike, Alan asks when she learned to read. He is sorry he missed all that stuff. That's why he sympathizes so much with A.J. She hopes A.J. isn't off on a bender because she knows Sonny and Carly will use this against him. She hates to think of him out there, all alone, "thinking that we don't care."