General Hospital Update Friday


General Hospital Update Friday 10/5/01

By Suzanne

Laura tries to evade Scott and Alexis' questions about Stefan and what the big secret is.  She doesn't like being cross-examined.  She takes Scott aside and asks him to trust her.  He is annoyed that she won't trust him.  He knows that she's "scared to death".  He keeps prodding but she won't give.  He leaves in a huff.  Since Laura won't tell Alexis any details, she has to assume that Stefan's life is in danger, so she's going to arrange to get extra security and put him in isolation.  Laura protests.  She says that she's planning to break Stefan out.  Alexis doesn't want Stefan to lose his chance at an acquittal so she keeps asking Laura to tell her the truth.  Finally, Laura tells her that Stavros is alive.  Of course Alexis is skeptical.  Laura explains about the disks and how he was frozen, and the little games he's been playing.  Alexis still thinks it's Helena but Laura knows it's not.  She tells him that Stavros killed Chloe, not Stefan.  Alexis thinks she and Stefan must be crazy.  She thinks Helena is setting them up.  She intends to put more security on Stefan.

Jax visits Stefan's cell without anyone seeing him.  Stefan doesn't want to see Jax.  Jax wants to know what's so dangerous that he trust Kristina with him.  Stefan won't tell him anything.  Jax gives him a hard time about not helping Alexis to defend herself.  They argue.  Jax says Stefan can't protect his sisters from in there.  Stefan agrees.  He says if Jax takes him out whatever way he got in, he'll tell him everything.  Jax laughs in his face and calls him more names.  He's going to do everything he can to see that Stefan is convicted of Chloe's murder.  Jax leaves.  Scott visits.  He pretends that Laura sent him, but Stefan knows he's lying.  Scott wants to help Laura and protect her, but Stefan says he can't help.

Gia tries to convince Stavros that she really does trust him.  She claims she only told Lucky that Nikolas and Elizabeth were having dinner together.  He wouldn't break it up, so now she feels foolish.  He suggests that he take her back to her room.  She claims that she has to go to a poetry slam.  He laughs at the idea as she leaves.

Lucky swaggers onto Helena's yacht.  He taunts Nikolas.  Nikolas and Elizabeth try to get him to leave.  Lucky tells her that they're planning to kill her.  Lucky raves about how they're going to poison her and dumps all the food on the floor.  He tells Elizabeth not to touch anything and grabs her wine glass and throws it on the floor.  Nikolas plays the prince act to the hilt, saying how he's tried to be the good brother and he's realized he doesn't owe Lucky anything.  They get into a fight; Nikolas knocks him out easily and tells him that he always let him win before.  Elizabeth tells them to stop fighting.  They are careful about what they say in front of Helena.  Helena yells at one of her men for letting Lucky on board and has him thrown onto the docks.  Nikolas tells him to make sure that Lucky is not hurt. Helena doesn't want him hurt, either.  She says she blames Luke for Lucky's behavior.  Nikolas thinks they should call it a night but Helena and Elizabeth insist that they continue with the evening.  They have a toast.  Nikolas pours more wine.  Elizabeth chats with Helena to distract her while he does the wine.  Nikolas suggests that they carry on a tradition from when Emily made brownies and they'd take a bite of each other's and make a wish.  They toast and then switch glasses to drink from them.  Nikolas continues to play the prince while Elizabeth starts to fell the affects of the drug.  He helps her to sit down.  She says "something's wrong".  Nikolas stays with Elizabeth while she "dies".  He holds her hands and tells her why she has to die.  Helena tells him that he doesn't have to stay for that, she'll come get him when it's over.  He insists on staying.  Helena tells him that Elizabeth is gone.  She tells him that he did the right thing and he's the true prince now.   She calls for her guards.  Nikolas says he'll dispose of the body.  Helena says that he doesn't have to.  Nikolas says that he wants to be alone with her.  Helena tells the guards that Nikolas is to be obeyed.  He tells them to no longer question his orders with Helena.  He tells them all to leave so he can say goodbye to Elizabeth.  Nikolas says that he is what Helena made of him.  She's very proud.

Stavros yells at Helena's men for dumping Lucky in a public place and shoos them away.  Lucky is tied up and gagged.  Stavros chats to Lucky about how he's become a pest.    He pushes Lucky into the water.

Gia goes to the police station to tell them that Elizabeth is being murdered on the Cassadine yacht.  Her brother Marcus is not there.

Stavros: You know, I know my mother had plans for you, my friend, but plans change. Besides, she's not In charge anymore. I am. Do you remember when I told you that you were too annoying to live? Well, guess what. I was serious. Say good night, Gracie!  

Jax breaks into Helena's room and finds the poison and syringe.  He wonders what she's up to.

Laura visits Stefan in jail.  First she asks about his eye, which he dismisses.  They catch up on what happened with Alexis and Scott.  Laura says she has to break him out tonight.  He isn't happy that she told Alexis about Stavros.

Helena tells Stavros how great Nikolas was.  Stavros mentions that he killed Lucky.  Helena isn't happy to hear that; she had plans for him.  They make a toast to his son and the family.  Meanwhile, Alexis is going to visit Helena.  She is about to knock when she hears Stavros' voice and hears him toast to his son and his return to the family.

Nikolas begs Elizabeth to wake up.  He's crying and desperate as he says, " Don't make me your killer, Elizabeth. Please wake up. Please. "