General Hospital Update Thursday


General Hospital Update Thursday 10/4/01

by Suzanne


Ned looks for his jacket, not realizing Kristina took it. Jax arrives and wonders where Kristina is. He gives Ned a hard time for letting her go out, but Ned doesn't even know who she is. Edward visits Ned and gets annoyed that Jax is there.

Stefan has a black eye from a jail fight. Alexis visits and he asks her where Kristina is. She says she's safe. He is satisfied that Jax is protecting her. He gives her instructions about going to Wyndemere to get all of his records, statements, etc. in case anything happens to him. He wants her, Kristina, and Nikolas to be provided for if he's gone. She asks what he means. He says, "Either he dies or I do. " She asks who that is. Kristina arrives. They ask her why she's there. She asks if Stefan killed Chloe. Alexis starts to give her legalese but he cuts her short and says no, he didn't. She asks why Jax hates him so much. He explains that he treated Chloe badly at one point, and why/how his mother and brother affected his life. Jax comes up, glad to see Kristina is safe. Kristina believes that Stefan is innocent. Stefan and Jax trade caustic remarks. Stefan tells Kristina to go with Jax so she'll be safe. They leave. Alexis wants to know what Stefan is up to and who he's scared of. He says he can't tell her, but she just has to protect Nikolas and Kristina, and go.


Lucky looks at photos of Luke and says he's got to be all right. Elizabeth arrives to say her goodbyes (in case she dies). She's dressed up for Helena's dinner. He thinks she should leave town but he can't go with her. She understands and tells him that she is leaving. Sonny is taking care of it. He's glad she'll be safe. She leaves him with one last thought: "Loving you was worth it, Lucky. If someone were to come up to me tomorrow and tell me I could be free of everything that hurt and all it would cost is one single moment we had together, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't trade loving you for anything. "


Laura sees Scott and asks him why he's not at her house. He says his PI followed Luke there. Luke is annoyed that Scott's following him. Scott says Lucky is with Lulu and Lesley. Laura isn't sure that's such a good idea. Laura tries to get Scott to leave while Luke is in and out of making sense. She asks Luke where Helena's lab is and he tells her to "Go to Hell". Luke is upset because he thinks it's that time in his life when Laura was married to Scott. He is filled with pain. Scott tries to play along with Luke's delusion so he can get Laura out of there. She says she has to stay and help him. Scott is worried; he thinks Luke is on something and dangerous. She says she has to help him and that they're family, whether he likes it or not. She goes back to Luke and tells him about their family. He doesn't believe it. He goes on about how much he loves Laura and dreams about her. She asks him to remember fighting Helena and Stavros.


Outside, Bobbie comes up with a medical bag and greets Scotty. He tells her that Luke is crazy and thinks he's in the late 1970's. Bobbie goes in and Luke greets her warmly. He reminisces about the time in the 70's. She plays along. Laura tries to get Luke to remember where Helena's lab but he is being truculent. Bobbie tells her to go for now, so she agrees. Luke tells Bobbie that they have to run away. She wonders why. Bobbie reminds him of her son, Lucas. Things are fuzzy for Luke. She says Helena tried to kill Lucas and he should remember where her lab is. Luke says, "Like mother like son. The devil" but of course she has no idea what that means. Bobbie tends to him, either gives him a shot or takes some of his blood, but she uses a needle. She wonders why he's so afraid of the needle. They chat a little about the past, and Laura. He says Laura isn't safe from him. She asks who. He says that if anything happens to her, it will be his fault. He wonders why he can't feel better. She says Tony will find out. He asks who Tony is. She gets him to lie down and rest.


Helena looks forward to her plan coming together. Stavros can't wait to meet his son. Gia sees them together and wonders why they're so chummy. He insists that he's on Gia's side. She wants to know if he found out about Elizabeth. She wants him to help her save Elizabeth. Elizabeth comes up; Stavros greets her. Gia is surprised they know each other. Liz is late for a dinner with Nikolas so she goes by. Gia wants to stop her but he wonders if he still trusts her to handle it. Gia still wonders about his relationship with Helena. He says he was just trying to charm her. He says that Helena said that Nikolas loves Elizabeth very much. He doesn't think Nikolas is planning to kill her. She seems to agree. He asks her out for dinner but she gives him the brush off.  Stavros follows her.


Nikolas thinks about Elizabeth's instructions for the drug. Helena gives him some white powder that is a poison for the wine. Helena says she's proud of him. Elizabeth arrives for dinner. Helena is super-friendly to her, turning on the charm. Helena gets a phone call. Nikolas doesn't think they should go through with their plan; she insists on it. They get Elizabeth some wine.


At home, Laura meets up with Lucky; they talk about Luke. Lucky blames himself but she says it's Helena's fault. She gives him a pep talk about how they'll get through this. Gia visits Lucky while Laura is upstairs. She asks him why he doesn't trust Lucien. Stavros listens outside.  Lucky says whenever he sees him, his blood runs cold. Otherwise he isn't sure, but when she mentions Helena, he's pretty sure that has something to do with it. Gia tells him to come with her right now. Stavros follows them.  Laura comes downstairs and wonders where Lucky went. Scott arrives. He says Luke should be in a hospital. She doesn't think it's safe. He wants to know what's going on. The doorbell rings. It's Alexis. She wonders what's going on with her and Stefan, and why he's so terrified. She wants to know who this "he" is that he keeps referring to.


Lucky tells Gia that Nikolas wouldn't hurt or kill Elizabeth. She says Helena will, then. He gets to stay there while he goes to Helena's yacht. Gia runs into Stavros.


At the yacht, Helena, Elizabeth, and Nikolas have a toast. When Liz is about to drink the wine, Lucky arrives and asks if they mind if he joins them.


Kristina and Jax go back to Ned's place. Edward is still there griping about Jax. Kristina introduces herself. She makes up a story about how Ned heard her sing and wants to make her a star. Edward warns her away from Ned and Jax and then leaves. Ned and Jax warn her not to pull any more stunts like that. She apologizes and says she knows now how dangerous this is.