General Hospital Update Wednesday


General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/3/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Carly visits Sonny's office; he doesn't want to talk about anything any more.  She shows him the torn up pieces of the divorce papers says to tell his divorce lawyer she says "no way".  She says she won't give him up without a war.  Alexis comes in and Carly tells them that her lawyer, Asher Wilding, is going to keep Sonny tied up in court forever.  Alexis says that it's generous offer so the court won't hold up the proceedings unless there is something specific she wants that she's not getting.  Carly says she wants Deception back.  Alexis reminds her that he sold it.  Carly isn't concerned with petty details.  She leaves.  Alexis tells Sonny that she was just bluffing.  If Asher is her attorney, Carly really can keep him in court for years.  He asks what she can do.  All she can do right now is "aggressive legal maneuvers" and she suggests that he handle A.J.'s custody case.  Sonny says not to worry, he's got A.J. covered.   She wonders what he did.  He gripes about Jax getting rid of Kristina's body guard.  She tells him that Kristina's at the gatehouse, so he says he'll put some of his men on the grounds at gardeners, etc.  She says it's best if Jax doesn't know.  She defends Jax to him when he goes on about Jax treats her.  She is surprised that he hasn't asked who Kristina is.  He figures if she wants him to know, she'll tell him.  Alexis tells Sonny that Kristina is her sister.  She wonders why she can't tell Ned.  He says that if you love someone it doesn't mean that you belong with them or that they understand your code, you value system.  She gripes about his code, how she views it as "complete disregard for the ethics and principles of a democratic society".  She asks him what he's ever gotten him, anyway.  He points out that he's gotten power, money...He says Ned can't understand why she can't tell him because he's never lived the kind of life they have, being trapped and powerless and having to fight to get what he has, no matter what.  And not to let anything touch him.  She wonders if that's a good thing.  They talk about Carly.  She wonders if he really wants to divorce her, knowing that he loves her and Michael.  He says he can't trust Carly and the divorce is on.  She agrees to pursue it and he agrees to protect Kristina.

Gia finds Stavros sitting at Laura's desk; she gets nervous that Laura might catch him.  She tells him that she saw Nikolas and Helena hugging on the docks, so she wants to warn the police about their plot to kill Elizabeth.  He says he can't allow that.  He tells her that just because they were hugging doesn't mean that they will go through with their plan.  She doesn't have enough to give the police and she will just risk her life if they find out she knows.  And, he adds, if she tells Laura, she will be risking her life, too.  He says he can convince the Cassadines that Elizabeth is no threat to them.  She wonders what's in it for him.  Before he can answer, Carly comes in and asks Gia what she's doing with "that pig".  Carly calls him more names but Gia defends him as a "perfect gentleman".  Stavros concedes that he was not very nice to Carly.  He apologizes and says that a woman he loved had just broken his heart.  Gia is surprised to hear this.  He says that it is painful to discuss.  He asks Gia to introduce him to her friend and he continues to apologize.  He's surprised to learn that her last name isn't Spencer.  She says that it's her mother's maiden name.  She is more interested to learn that he is an investor.  Gia has to run so she goes.  

Carly asks Stavros about takeovers.  He says he's very good at them because he's ruthless.  She gives him background on how she lost Deception and asks if he thinks she can get it back.  He thinks she can.  He says first, she must destroy it.  He explains in detail how she can strategically devalue it to the point where it's worth less and she can take it over.  He'd have to look at her financial statements, etc.   She asks if he's available for consulting, and he says he will have to check his schedule and get in touch with her.  She admires how "cold" he is.

On the docks, Nikolas tells Helena that Elizabeth's death will be "painless and swift".  She asks what he has planned, so he says he will use poison.  She has just the thing in mind.  Elizabeth walks up to them.  Helena greets her warmly and compliments her.  She asks her for dinner.  Liz says they have plans but Nikolas says they can change them and Helena can join them for dinner.  She asks why.  Helena says it's "a festive celebration" for just the three of them.  She asks what she and Laura discussed.  Liz just replies that Laura hopes she and Lucky can get back together, but he's too different for her now.  Liz kisses up to Helena by saying that she still can't believe that Lucky stole your diamond, and he should return it and apologize.  Helena apologizes to Elizabeth for accusing her of stealing it.  She says, "Nikolas made it very clear that you are completely loyal and you would never do anything to undermine him or our family."  She would like to make amends by having Liz over for a special banquet on her yacht tonight.  Liz agrees.  Helena leaves.  Liz tells Nikolas about the drug Laura gave her, and the special instructions for using it.  He thinks it's too risky and they should quit, but she says they have to go through with it.  She gives him words of encouragement.  Gia comes up and watches them quizzically.

Luke cries and tells Laura he thought he'd never see her again.  She comforts him.  He thinks he's in the past, when Laura was missing (when Helena kidnapped her and Stavros held her captive).  She tries to bring him back to the present but he doesn't know what she means.  There is a flashback of when Laura came back and Luke found her again, and they discuss it.  Luke does remember.  He remembers that he killed Stavros.  She says that they thought they did, but he's alive.  Luke says, "Stavros is a human plague. He's a demon that somehow escaped from hell."  She asks him if he's seen Stavros lately.  He thinks so.  She asks where.  He thinks for a minute and then says he sees Stavros in Nikolas' face.  She tries to bring him back to the present and reminds him that Nikolas is working with them.  She asks where the lab is.  He says it's "down" and "far below".  He says again that he saw Stavros alive.  She asks, where, in the lab?  He can't recall.  She asks where the lab is again and he says "undernearth".  He remembers that he followed the trace of tar and gravel that was on her bedroom rug and he followed it to "the gates of hell" (what is this, Passions? A doorway to Hell in her bedroom...).  He says that people pass right by the doorway all the time, there were no guards and he was able to just slide the doors open.  With more prodding he remembers that it was near where they had a "big party"--The Nurse's Ball!  He hesitates so she says he can tell her anything.  He suddenly says he loves her and he starts kissing him.  Scott comes to the door just then.  He doesn't look happy to see Luke and Laura kissing.

Helena visits Jax.  She finds out that Kristina isn't there any more.  He says she was a distraction from his business of taking over all the Cassadine holdings.  He says she won't have "enough money to bankroll a lemonade stand, let alone a grand scheme."  She says nothing will stand in her way now.  He calls her a "psychopath, dangerous, and long overdue to be stopped."  She says he is no match for her, too bad he is not more friendly because she can offer so much.  They bicker.  As she leaves, she says, "There's nothing you can do to protect Alexis."