General Hospital Update Tuesday


General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/2/01

By Suzanne

Alexis doesn't know why she can't tell Ned the truth.  She tells Kristina all the good things about Ned and that they "had a relationship".  Kristina asks what happened so Alexis explains that it was her fault, that she couldn't give up control.  Of what, she's not sure.  She tells Kristina that she's "neurotic".  She doesn't want Ned dragged into this.  Jax arrives so Alexis asks him if he's insane.  Kristina gives them some privacy.  Alexis yells at Jax for getting Ned involved in this.  He says that Ned's is the one place where Helena  wouldn't be suspicious of them going.  She asks why he didn't consult her.  He counters that she didn't consult him about bringing in Sonny's bodyguard, either.  He wonders what she was thinking, first letting Stefan know where Kristina is, and then getting Sonny involved.  She says that her relationship with Stefan is complicated, like his with Jerry.  And she knows he doesn't like Sonny, but she does.

Ned and Kristina joke about how many rounds Jax and Alexis will go.  Kristina asks him to tell her everything he knows about Alexis.  He lists all of Alexis' qualities, both good and bad (stubbornness being the primary trait).  She realizes that he loved Alexis and she asks if he still does.

When Alexis and Jax come back in, Alexis says "we're leaving" at the same time that Kristina says "I'm staying".  Kristina says she doesn't want to move again or she'll go crazy.  She says that she told Ned that if he wanted to know anything else about her, he should ask Alexis.  She drags Jax outside so that Ned and Alexis can be alone.

Nikolas and Gia continue to argue about their breakup and Elizabeth.  Gia says she knows how his trip with Elizabeth is supposed to end.  She doesn't elaborate when he asks her what she means.  She reminds him what he used to be like and talks about how he's changed.  It touches him.  She says she wants him back.  He reminds her that she pushed him away the other day on the docks.  She says she was just hurt.  She asks him to tell Helena to go away and then they can be together.  They kiss and she gets Nikolas in her arms once again.  Then he pulls away and tells her it was "just sex".  He says he doesn't want to have to hurt her, and she wonders if he would hurt her (like he plans to do to Elizabeth).  He won't let anyone get in the way of his grandmother's plans.

Elizabeth runs into Laura on the docks.  Laura says Nikolas told her about Helena's plan.  Elizabeth is surprised that Nikolas got her involved.  Laura asks if maybe she wants to reconsider this whole faking her death thing.  She shows her the drug she got from Bobbie and says that if she takes too much, she could die for real.  Laura says that Nikolas said "he finally understood what it meant to be a Cassadine."  Laura says, " I think you're about to find out what it means to be a Spencer."  Liz says she doesn't want to risk it but she has to.  She thinks Nikolas is the only one who can fight Helena and help Lucky.  Laura reminds her that she and Luke have been fighting Helena for 20 years and now she and Lucky are involved in it.  She doesn't know what Lucky will do if anything happens to Elizabeth.  She says there's go to be another way.  

Helena walks up just then and says it looks like Elizabeth is "conspiring with the enemy".  Laura turns on Helena and demands to know what she's done to her.  She says Helena has turned Elizabeth from Lucky to Nikolas.  Liz says that no matter what Laura says, she won't go back to Lucky.  Laura wants to talk to her some more about it.  Liz tells Helena it's okay, she will be fine, so Helena walks away.  Liz asks Laura how she can leave Lucky and Nikolas when she knows what they're up against?  Laura says, "You don't have any choice now, Elizabeth. You have to go away, one way or the other."  She thinks that maybe Elizabeth should leave tonight, so that Helena can't hurt her.  Liz won't because then Helena will know that Nikolas warned her.  She has to go through with the plan.  She asks Laura for instructions on how many drops of the liquid to take, to fake her death.  Laura does and also says, "Tell Nikolas that it works quickly but the effects can linger for as much as an hour".  Laura wishes she didn't have to do this.  Liz points out that Laura would do this for Luke.   Then it will be over, she hopes.  Laura says it will be, one way or another; she's going to make sure of it this time.

Lucky is upset when he finds Luke in Stavros' coffin.  Roy and Melissa get him out.  Luke is not dead, just sleeping.  They are all relieved.  Lucky hugs Luke fiercely. Luke has a hard time standing up straight.  He thinks he's just hung over.  Roy says there's no rush but Luke says they have to rush.  "We've got that whole shipment we've got to get out of the warehouse before Frank finds out about the double-cross."  Roy questions him and finds out that Luke thinks it's 1979.  Luke doesn't believe him when Roy says that it's 2001.  He says he was running from some of Frank's goons when he ducked in there.  Roy reminds him about the drawings he made of the coffins and asks who was in them.  Luke says he is sure he's supposed to know this but it's fuzzy.  He thinks Lucky knows.  Lucky might but it's not coming out.  Roy pleads with Lucky to remember so that they can help Luke.  Lucky tries but he can't remember.  He says that Helena got both of them, messed up their brains, but in different ways.  He says that Luke is sick.  Melissa agrees and suggests that Luke go to the hospital, but he refuses.  Luke won't go with them because he doesn't know who any of them are.  Roy reminds him about Lucky but Luke doesn't know him, or Melissa, or Roy.  Roy reminds him about Bobbie.  Luke still won't go to the hospital.  Roy suggests that Melissa and Lucky go outside.  Lucky doesn't want to but he gives in.  Roy tells Luke that Lucky is a good boy and he needs Luke.  Then he mentions Laura's name. Luke's face softens and he says he was supposed to pick her up tonight from the disco.  Roy says she's not there but he'll take Luke to Laura.  Luke floats in and out of the present.  He shows Roy the needle mark on his neck from where he was "stuck".  Roy says he was in Helena's lab and asks Luke if he remembers where it is. Luke doesn't, of course.  Lucky and Melissa come back in and say Helena's men are outside wandering around.  Roy knows of a place to take Luke but says Lucky shouldn't know because he's vulnerable to Helena.   Lucky tells Luke earnestly that he won't give up on him and they'll fight this.  He is sorry for hurting him.  Luke looks very sweet and touched as he grasps Lucky's hand.

Ned wants Alexis to let him help her, but as usual, she won't.  He says she's had a rough time of it lately.  He reminds her it's been one year since she left him at the altar.  Alexis looks embarrassed.  He hopes that they're not over and he hopes that someday she will let that part of herself out.  She thanks him for taking Kristina in.  He asks about her so Alexis says she's from her past, and "it's complicated."  Ned knows that once again, she won't share her secrets with him.  He thinks she doesn't trust him and wonders bitterly what else he can do to prove himself.  Kristina comes back in, babbling.  She senses the tension in the room.  Alexis has to leave.  Ned makes sarcastic and bitter remarks.   Kristina asks why he's so mean to Alexis.  He counters with, " Why are you so important to her?"  They keep yelling questions at each other.  Ned tells her finally that she should ask Alexis, and tells her about how Alexis left him at the altar and how desperate she was to get away from him.  And he says maybe she can convince Alexis to tell him the truth about who Kristina is.  But until then, he suggests she stay out of his persona life.  He leaves the room in a huff.  Kristina gets a coat from the closet and sneaks out.

Helena, on her cell, leaves a message on someone's machine, while she's on the docks.  She says she's till waiting for word of Luke and for him to call her.  Nikolas comes up and tells her that he will do what she asks.  They hug.

Roy brings Luke to his cabin.  Luke is very cold and wants to be back in Florida.  Roy tells him that he sent Melissa to get Bobbie.  Luke talks about Bobbie watching their parents fight, as if it's in current time.  Laura arrives and wants to know if Roy found anything.  He tells her that they found Luke, but he's in bad shape.  She sees Luke and her heart breaks.  She goes over to him and he grabs her hands and kisses them.  He looks pretty pathetic as she consoles him.  She says, "Oh, Luke, what happened? Oh, god, what'd they do to you?"

Elizabeth goes back to her studio, looking for Nikolas, but he's not there.  She has the bottle in her hand.

Lucky thinks about Roy's word asking who the man in the coffin was.