General Hospital Update Monday


General Hospital Update Monday 10/1/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Luke is running from Helena's men and hides in the bushes.

At the hospital, Mac asks the janitor if he's sure it was Bobbie he saw outside the ICU the night of Sorel's murder, and not Melissa. Mac wants to know why she was there. Alan protests that Bobbie had every right to be in the ICU. Mac knows she wasn't working that night, in fact she was headed out of town the next day. Bobbie says she was there to check her locker. Melissa pipes up to be helpful, defending Bobbie. Mac and Alan argue about his investigation. Mac turns his questioning to Alan. Bobbie says she was in ICU. She was worried about Luke and was looking for him. While she was there, she decided to check on Zander. She wonders why Mac is making such a big deal about this. Mac wants to know if anyone can verify her story and why she was visiting Zander. She says no, and that Zander saved her daughter's life. 

Mac points out the reasons Bobbie had to hate Sorel. He says they all had motive: Bobbie, Melissa, Alan, and Monica. A cop brings some paper up to Mac. He says he has some new information that will narrow down the list. They know now that the EKG simulator found in Sorel's room (that helped cover up his murder), which was used in teaching (like Bobbie used to teach nurses), had been taken out of storage at GH. He says you would have to know the procedure for signing that out or know how to get around it. He says, "It sure would help if you had a working knowledge of cardiology". Monica the heart surgeon gasps. Alan says that's it, the questions are over without counsel. Mac yells at them for not caring about the murder. Alan tries to get them all to leave but Mac says there's one more piece of evidence to be explained. Mac questions them about the drugs Sorel was on. He says that the autopsy found only trace amounts of the anti-blood clotting medication he was supposed to be on, so he thinks maybe someone turned off the machine so he wouldn't get the right drugs. Bobbie asks why he's hounding them. He says he doesn't this, either, and most of them are his friends. He gives them a piece of friendly advice: come clean now. Alan says they have. Mac says if any of them want to come to him privately, they should. Alan says he will of course be holding an internal hospital investigation as well. Mac thanks him. He asks Monica why she was in the ICU and where she went. He asks if anyone can verify that she went home. She says they can, so he leaves. Alan tells the others that they all have to stick together, no matter what anyone did. Bobbie thanks Melissa for her help earlier. She expresses her sympathy about Melissa's brother's death and says that Sorel got what he deserved. Melissa takes out her phone.

Lucky and Roy go to an abandoned warehouse that Roy and Luke used to use long ago for storage when they were working for Frank Smith. Roy knows that when Luke said "hustle" he meant to go there. They find another coffin drawn on the wall; this one doesn't have a stick figure body in it. Roy wonders what that means. Lucky says he can see part of it in his head but it comes and goes, bits and pieces...he knows Luke was there, though. They go inside and the warehouse has become a sleazy bar. They go up to the bar and ask about a friend of theirs who is missing. The bartender is not helpful. Roy offers money so he asks what he looks like. Roy describes Luke. The bartender says he's seen him and "the dude ain't long for the world". He says that Luke was hitting on his girlfriend and telling her all kinds of lies about how he would make her the queen of this disco he owns. The bartender threw Luke out. He doesn't think this is the first time Luke went out to cause trouble. He tells them that two weird guys dressed in black came in after that looking for him. Roy and Lucky know they were working for Helena. Roy gives him more money and asks if he gave him a clue about where he might go next. The guys says he has no idea and hopes he never does. Lucky says, "I never thought he would do this". Roy wants to know what he means and why Luke seems to be living in the past. Lucky says he doesn't know. Roy thinks the place is a dead end. "Maybe not" Lucky says. 

Lucky sees an attractive girl and considers grilling her. Roy doesn't think it's such a good idea. Lucky says that's what his father would do. Melissa phones Roy but they have a bad connection so they have to hang up. Lucky goes over and buys the girl a drink. She warns him that the bartender doesn't like him talking to strangers. They introduce each other. He asks her subtly about Luke, flirting with her. She tells him that Luke was strange. He wanted her to go with him to some graveyard. He asks if she knows which one. She says that Luke asked her who was buried in Grant's Tomb. She said he went on about people not being buried where they're supposed to be. Melissa comes in and chats with Roy. Lucky tells Roy they have to go to Grant's cemetery. But the bartender doesn't want Melissa to leave. He and Roy get into an argument over that. A couple of rough-looking guys come over to help the bartender out. Lucky distracts them and then he, Roy, and Melissa start fighting with them. The three manage to get out and run.

Roy, Lucky, and Melissa go to the cemetery. They find that the Cassadines are buried there. They break in to their tomb and see there's a big hole in Stavros' coffin. Lucky looks inside and then backs off in fright, making an exclamation. Roy and Melissa go over there and see there's a dead body in there (a recent one, not Stavros).

Stavros visits Helena to quiz her about Nikolas murdering Elizabeth. She is surprised that Stavros knows so quickly. He tells her that Gia overheard it. She worries that Gia will warn Elizabeth or otherwise try to cause trouble. He tells her not to worry, that he convinced Gia not to go to the cops.

Scott finds Nikolas outside Laura's house and drags him inside, accusing him of sneaking around. Nikolas is annoyed and Laura tells Scott to stop it. Nikolas keeps up the spoiled prince act for Scott's sake. When he mentions that he is the son of Stavros, "carrying on a legacy that will live forever", she says, "Oh my God, you know already". He wonders what she means. Laura realizes she was wrong and quickly covers, carrying on their act. Nikolas asks Scott rudely to leave them alone. Laura tells him it's okay so Scott goes into the kitchen. Laura whispers, chewing him out for coming there. He tells her about Helena's latest test. He wants her help. She hugs him. He tells her about their plan. She thinks it's too dangerous. He hopes to one day get back with Gia, if she will take him back after all this is over. Scott comes out after Nikolas leaves and wonders where "the prince" went. Laura mumbles something and explains that using that word reminds her of Stavros. Scott says he's "dead and gone" and Laura doesn't say anything. She says they were talking about the usual: Luke, Lucky, and Helena. Scott suggests that he move in to protect her. She hugs him and thanks him but she has to think about it. She says she has an errand to run and asks him to stay with Leslie and Lu while she's gone. He agrees but says he knows something else is going on. She leaves.

In her studio, Elizabeth tries to get rid of Gia, but Gia insists on staying. She pretends to be friends with Liz. Gia tells Liz that she doesn't like that there are these problems between them because of a guy. Liz is suspicious so Gia explains that she was wrong about her. Gia suggests that they "hang out" and go shopping. Liz wonders what she really wants. Gia asks her to stay away from Nikolas. Gia says she's just thinking about her. Liz doesn't buy it and tells Gia what she thinks of her. Gia says that she doesn't want anything more to do with Nikolas. She says that Helena is in control of her now. She wonders why Liz wants to hang around Cassadines now when she always put them down before. Liz tells her to get out. Gia apologizes. She compliments Liz, listing all her good points. She says she knows what Nikolas and Lucky see in her. Maybe if she were more like Liz, she says, she would still be with him. Liz keeps looking at her suspiciously. Gia asks her nicely to spend more time with her, and maybe teach her to be a better person. Liz says, "No" and tells her to say what she came to say or leave. Gia says she's just trying to save something. She hints around and says that even though everyone seems to feel differently, feelings don't just disappear. Liz says people change. Nikolas comes in and wonders why Gia is here. Gia goes over to him and tells him to stay away from Elizabeth. He tells her to go away and questions him. Nikolas tells Gia that he's taking Elizabeth away for the weekend to a romantic getaway. Gia says they can't go. He wonders why. Gia asks where they will be in case of emergency. They say no and when Nikolas goes near Liz, Gia tells him again to get away from her. Liz tells her to leave. Nikolas asks if he can speak with Gia lone. He asks her what's really going on. She asks, "Who the Hell are you and what do you plan to do to poor Elizabeth?"

Alexis visits Ned, looking for Jax. Christina comes out; Alexis is shocked to see her there. Ned tells her that she's his new roommate. They fill her in on Jax bringing there. Christina jokes around about why she's on the run. Ned asks Alexis who Christina is to her and why he's hiding her out. Alexis says that Christina is a witness on an old murder case that Alexis worked on. Ned seems to buy it and leaves when Alexis asks him to give them some privacy. Christina asks why she didn't tell him the truth. Alexis doesn't have a clue.

Laura goes to see Bobbie at GH. She tells her that we are all in danger, it's not just Luke anymore, and they have to protect each other without asking any questions. Bobbie wonders what she's asking for. Laura asks if there's a drug that simulates death, "something long enough to make it really convincing". Bobbie says yes so Laura asks if they have it at GH. Bobbie gets it for her and tells her the risks and precautions. If too much is taken, the person will have a heart attack.

Alan tells Monica that he'll back her story about going home that night.