General Hospital Update Friday 9/28/01


General Hospital Update Friday 9/28/01

By Suzanne

Ned and Kristina chat about Jax, then he quizzes about what her job is (he sounds like he's trying to find out if she's a involved in corporate raiding or not).  She says she can't even balance her checkbook, so he asks her to prove it.  She is just about to take it out when she realizes that he's trying to trick her.  They argue and she says she'll move out and go to a hotel.  She calls a cab.  Her remarks about him being just "a suit" seem to hit close to home for Ned.  He suggests that she stay.    She asks him to apologize.  After a while he finally does admit that he was trying to see what her real name is and he apologizes.  He goes out to tell the cab they don't need him after all.

Laura and Stefan are still shocked about Stavros being alive.  She realizes that Lucky was right, "The monster is alive".  They speculate about him.  Stefan says he murdered Chloe so he vows to "find him and "destroy him".  She consoles him and says they'll come up with a plan.  He knows that plans and schemes don't work with Stavros.  He gets very angry and she tells him to calm  down, that he's playing into Stavros' hands.  He needs to get out of jail; she asks about bail.  He says it's been denied.  He suddenly says that she will have to help him break out.  Laura doesn't know how to break him out, but she says there are some people she can ask.  He makes her promise not to tell anyone that Stavros is alive because it's too dangerous.  He worries about Nikolas but she thinks he's safe.  He thinks Stavros wants Nikolas back, and Laura, too.  He urges her to take her family and leave.  She won't run this time, she says. After she leaves, Stefan remembers Stavros saying, "You'll never have anything I want. And if you do, I'll take it away from you. Remember that."  Stefan calls for the guard.

Elizabeth is trying to draw but is very frustrated.  She tears up what she was working on.  Nikolas drops by and tells Elizabeth that Helena wants him to kill her.  She says they'll just have to fake it.  He thinks it's too dangerous.  She says it's worth the risk.  He says Helena will figure it out and come after her, so he urges her to leave town.  She won't  do it as long as they have a chance to save Lucky.

Scott tries to get some clues from Bobbie about where Luke might be.  She's been trying to figure that out, too.  She asks him why he's so interested.  He says that he's doing it so that Laura can forget about Luke.

Stavros finds a shaken Gia sitting on a bench at the docks.  She can't believe that what she heard between Nikolas and Helena is real.  She doesn't want to tell Stavros about it but he gets her to open up.    She tells him that at Helena told Nikolas to kill Elizabeth.  She talks about how Nikolas was never like that, that he changed somehow.  She says she has to tell her brother, the cop.  He urges her to wait because it might be dangerous for her.  He says he will try to find out what's going on first and makes her promise not to go to the police.  She says she'll try.

Lucky tells Lulu  a story about a brave knight (Luke) and a prince (Lucky) fighting monsters.  He sends her upstairs to pick out a video.  Luke phones and Lucky is overjoyed to hear his voice.  Luke tells him to tell Roy that they're running out of time and he'd better hustle.  Lucky doesn't understand but promises to relay the message.  He asks where Luke is, but he's hung up.

Roy and Melissa confer about Luke.  Roy confides that he thinks Luke is sick and needs a doctor.  She assures him that he will find Luke.  He tells her about some of Helena's people breaking into Laura's house last night and finding the Cassadine medallion.  Mac comes up but they're not glad to see him.  Alan and Monica come out, and they aren't happy to see Mac, either.  Mac tells them that they found a picture of Michael under Sorel's bed.  One of the set of fingerprints was Roy's.  Melissa says that the other set was hers and they she was showing Roy the  pictures.  She describes how she got them and says she must have dropped them in Sorel's room.  Then Mac wants to know why she was in there, since it was off limits to her.  Monica pipes up to say that she was there and saw Melissa in Sorel's room, and he was alive when she left.  She was checking on Zander.    Mac doesn't know  whether to believe this or not.  He gets a phone call and has to step away for a moment.

Lucky finds Roy and tells him about Luke's call.  They rush off.  Bobbie comes in and wants to know what's going on.  Mac has a witness that saw a nurse outside of Sorel's room near the time he was murdered.  He says it wasn't Melissa.  He sees Bobbie and points to her, saying she was the one he saw.

Gia goes to visit Elizabeth.

Laura goes home and finds Scott waiting for her.  He vows to find Luke for her.  She asks where Lucky is so he tells her that Lucky had something to do.  She looks worried.