General Hospital Update Thursday 9/27/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/27/01

by Suzanne

Jax visits Ned at the gatehouse.  Ned has been up all night doing work, but really he's been thinking too much about Chloe.  Jax asks him to hide a friend there.  After some confusion, Jax brings in Christina.  Jax finds out they know each other.  Ned doesn't want her staying there.  Jax won't tell him why she's hiding or who she is.  Ned doesn't like her, either.  Then when he finally agrees, Christina says she doesn't want to stay there, either.  When Ned makes a remark about Christina being Jax's girlfriend, she burst into uncontrollable laughter.  Jax pulls the trump card by saying that Alexis would consider it a personal favor if he let her stay there.  But Christina tells Jax that she doesn't want to stay there and she resents his ordering her around.  She reminds him of Alexis, the way she rambles on without taking a breath.  He asks her to stay there so she'll be safe from the Cassadines.  Finally, she agrees and she tells Ned her name.

Laura visits Stefan again in jail.  She tells him what happened at her house and shows him Stavros' medallion, but she's still not sure if it's not Helena pulling tricks.  He tells her that Stavros is definitely alive.  He asks her to leave town and take her family with her, so they'll be safe.  She won't leave until she finds Luke.  She remembers that Luke found the clue "awaken" on Helena's stolen disks.  Stefan tells her to bring him the disks.  She has to go to Felicia to get them.  Felicia is really shocked to see Laura on her doorstep.  She's also surprised to learn that Luke's been missing since the last night she saw him, right before she went off to Texas.  She realizes that there was something wrong with him and that Helena got to him.  She hits herself for not realizing that was why he spoke to her the way he did.  She tells Laura that she stole the disks from Luke's safe because he was acting crazy or drunk and she didn't want them to fall into the wrong hands.  Laura thanks her and takes the disks back to Stefan, along with Felicia's borrowed laptop.  Laura and Stefan work on the secret code on the disks.  With his help, it goes much faster.  They find step-by-step medical instructions for how to cryogenically freeze someone and then bring them back to life.  Laura is horrified.

Elizabeth goes to see Lucky to beg him to run away with her.  He's not interested and tells her to stop trying to save him.  She says she wants him to save her.  She explains that Helena blames her for the missing Ice Princess.  He suggests that she go to her parents, but she doesn't want to risk them.  So he says she should go to Sonny.  That shocks her.  He says he trusts Sonny to protect her.  She thinks that means he cares.  He says he cares that everyone should be safe.  He says that "somehow it all depends on me".  She wonders what he means by that.  He tells her to go on with her life and forget about him.  Lucky reminisces a little about when he was a kid and the family went on the run a lot.  Elizabeth then reminisces about how happy they once were and their plans for the future.  He remembers about the "permanent lock".  He says he remembers a little about their love but that just convinces him more that she should go somewhere else to be safe.

Stavros does tai-chi wearing black.  Meanwhile, so does Nikolas.   Like father, like son.  Helena visits Nikolas, who isn't happy to see her.  Gia eavesdrops on them.  Helena gives him his father's ring.  He acts impatient again and wants his rightful estate.  Helena wants him to deal with Elizabeth as a test of his loyalty.  He asks her how he feels about Elizabeth.  He won't give up his way of life for her.  He says that "Woman are to be enjoyed".  She doesn't want him to fall prey to the wrong woman, the way his father did.  She points out that Elizabeth is still trying to save Lucky.     He asks what she's trying to save him from, what else has she programmed Lucky to do.  She says it's part of a "grander scheme".  He demands to know what it is.  She says he's so like his father.  He says he's not, he's his own person.  He's not like his uncle or his mother, either.  He wants to fulfill his destiny and no one will stop him.  Now she knows he's ready.  She talks about how much she loves and always has.  He says he's ready for his test.