General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/26/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/26/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Angel has a glass of wine and tells Jax about her run-in with Carly. He asks her if she's "involved with Sonny". She says they never slept together and he asks if it's over with Sonny. Jax says he cares about her. He says they should have taken that trip to Paris so he could show her the Louvre. He says sarcastically that Sonny resembles all the pictures of St. Sebastian (the martyr) and has perfected that expression. He says Sonny's act of "I'm in pain and you're the only one who can save me" works wonders with woman. He describes how he thinks Sonny treats women. Angel says he's not Brenda. She tells him that she doesn't need him to protect her and she understands Sonny. "He can't hurt me" she insists. Jax wants to make sure of that. He offers to take her out on a cruise in the carribbean on his yacht. She turns him down. Jax says he's involved, whether she likes it or not. She says Christina is the one who needs his help. He says he plans to watch both of them. He insists on staying the night; she doesn't reject that idea.

Sonny tells Carly that he was reading Michael a bedtime story. They talk about Michael learning to ride a bike. He admires her place. He talks about taking Michael out on a boat in the river to see the stars. She asks if she can go. He says yes if she is there for Michael but no if she's there for him. He hands her divorce papers. He wanted to make sure she got them. He says there is a preliminary offer on page 5 but she won't look at it. She doesn't want his money, she wants him. She brings up Jax and Angel again. He tells her again that there is nothing between him and Angel. She says that Angel thinks they understand each other in a way no one else can. They argue again about Carly selling him out to the Feds. He thought she was strong enough to stand up, but he was wrong. "Our marriage is over because you killed it", he says, his voice breaking. She says she took a chance and married him, even though the first time she didn't want to marry him. She's learned her lessons, she says. He says that she obviously didn't, since she ran to Jax to stir up trouble. He says, "I just know that my wife ran to my enemy to use him against me". She tries to explain but he doesn't let her. She yells at him about Angel. He says again their marriage is over. She says he can't decide that. She took a vow. He says she lied. 

Sonny takes Carly's shoulders and tells her kindly that she's brave, strong, stubborn, and she's a fighter, but, he adds she only fights for herself. "Do you understand what I'm saying?" he asks. She says she loves him. He knows that will only last until the next time they had a fight and she went behind his back. She says he's just trying to convince himself; she can hear it in his voice. He tells her to sign the papers. He will go to the Dominican Republic if he has to. She keeps pleading with him. He ignores her and gives her the papers, saying he will let the lawyers handle it from now on. He shows her a boat he bought for Michael but she wants to talk about them. He is frustrated. He tells her that "everything costs". He points out all the things she has done and what she's received. He says he's sold everything that would let him stay with her, he explains, for power. He can't trade back. He's not in a position to forgive her; he never was. She begs him not to throw them away because of his code and to listen to his heart. He says the way she set him up, he wouldn't be loyal to his men. They keep arguing about his lifestyle VS. his feelings. She asks him bitterly what the future holds for him. What will he think when he's alone, when there's only empty silence, will he drink himself to sleep...she begs him, "Fight for us!" He asks what he should fight for? They can both find other people to sleep with. The trust between them is gone. He says maybe the reason she keeps trying is because that's the way a marriage is supposed to work, with compromise. She has the right to live like a normal person. But he can't give those things to her. "We don't work together" he says. "No love is gonna fix it and no apology is gonna make it right". He doesn't want them to keep hurting each other so he just asks her to make it over. She asks what she can do with her feelings. She refuses to give up. He tells her that Alexis will be picking up the divorce papers. Then he leaves. She tears up the divorce papers.

Gia asks Elizabeth if she's with Nikolas or not. Liz tells her to leave it alone. Gia insists that Liz let her in on the scheme or plan. Liz tells her she has no idea so don't even try. Gia keeps at her. Elizabeth says she doesn't want to hurt Gia so she insists she move on. Gia walks off, annoyed.

Nikolas goes to Helena's suite. He tells her that he wants what is rightfully is. She still isn't convinced that he's ready. She wants to know that he's going to use his assets wisely and that he can defend himself, against traitors like Elizabeth. Nikolas says she's not a traitor. She tries to talk him out of seeing Elizabeth. She says if Elizabeth doesn't like what she did to Lucky, then she won't like their larger plan, either. He says, fine, he'll break it off with her, too. Helena says that was too easy. He tells her to make up her mind. She reminds him of a puppy he loved back in Greece. She doesn't think he's lost his soft spot since then. Nikolas yells at her, saying that she can't deny him his inheritance because he cared for a puppy. No court will go for that. Gia listens to them argue outside the door. They argue. He tells her if there's another test, he needs to hear it. She says fine but she has to consider what the test might be. Helena leaves so Gia hides. Nikolas sees her, however, and wonders what she's doing. She says she was hiding from running into Helena. She mentions her chat with Elizabeth. When he asks about it, she says she couldn't say much because "the bartender was hitting on her big-time". He leaves, saying he has some phone calls to make. She looks confused and suspicious again.

Helena and Elizabeth run into each other again. Elizabeth says she was just thinking about all the trouble Helena went through to get her together with Nikolas. She says she's committed to him now. Helena doesn't buy it. Elizabeth says she'll do whatever it takes to make it work with him, including being nicer to her. So she says, "Good night, Mrs. Cassadine, I hope we can be more pleasant with each other in the future", and leaves. Helena looks like she's realized something.

Roy and Lucky go to a house out in the woods to look for Luke (the one where Luke kept Lucky a while back). They yell for Luke but get no answer. Roy finds food on a plate that is still warm. They go outside but can't find him. Roy wonders what this place means to Luke. Lucky says "he faced a lot of truths there". He explains to Roy about how Luke brought him up there and what happened. Lucky thinks he came there to make peace with himself before he dies. Roy says that might not be why or it might not even be Luke that was there. Lucky recognizes the food as being Luke's favorite kind of omelette. Lucky says they need to leave because he has a bad feeling about Laura. They go.

Laura turns around but Stavros is gone. She is breathlessly upset. She goes into the closet to get a baseball bat. She goes outside and senses someone behind her. It's Scott; she almost hits him with the bat but he ducks. She almost tells him about what Stefan said. Stavros stands outside and watches them. He tears the petals off a rose and says, "She loves me, she loves me not, it makes no difference..." Scott asks Laura to tell him what's going on. She says it's dangerous and he has a daughter to protect. She pretends nothing is going on. Scott tells her to let him protect her next time. He gets a phone call from his private eye Jerry. Scott tells her that they are following up on a lead to Luke. She tells him to go find Luke. He doesn't think he should. She says that's the best thing he can do for her right now. He hopes that one day she doesn't feel that way (that she needs Luke). He leaves. Laura makes a phone call and then hears something else. She yells "who's there?" but nobody answers. She grabs the bat and goes into the room. There is a picture on the floor so she puts it back up on the table. She sees an open window and freaks out. She rushes around looking to see who got in. Stavros lurks in her hallway. The lights go out and Laura screams. Roy and Lucky rush in to help her. Laura tells them to "catch him, he's here". Lucky asks who she means and she replies, "The monster". They hug. Roy couldn't catch him. They figure he cut the power. Roy found a Cassadine medallion. He tells Laura that when she was gone, Helena knocked Luke out right in her bedroom, and when he came to, this medallion was in his hand. She looks shocked. Roy says he last saw it at Luke's club when Felicia brought it back. He asks if she recognizes the mark on the back. She says, "Oh my God, it's his!" He asks who. "Stavros" she replies.