General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/25/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/25/01

By Suzanne

Roy tells Melissa that he can't tell her about Lucky's condition. He doesn't want to break the Spencers' confidence. Melissa understands and tells him that she completely trusts him. She offers her help. Roy goes on about how wonderful she was with Lucky. They hear Lucky escaping out the back way. Roy runs after him while she stays to talk to Laura.

Sonny tells Jax that he has no obligation to him (to stay away from Angel). Although he says if Jax asked him for a favor, then he'd owe him. Jax says no way. He threatens to repay Sonny in a way he won't enjoy, if he doesn't stay away from Angel. He doesn't want Sonny to ruin Angel like he did Brenda. He says he's avoided repaying Sonny for what he did, for her sake. Sonny says, "I didn't let Brenda die". Jax tells him that he's responsible for Lily and Brenda being dead, so he should let Angel go. Sonny says Angel keeps coming to him. Jax tells him to tell Angel he doesn't want to be saved, that he loves his criminal life. He trashes Carly and Sonny tells him again not to mention her. Jax says Carly is right where Sonny wants her, ready to crawl back. Sonny says that Carly doesn't crawl, she fights, and in fact she pointed Jax right to Sonny in order to get rid of Angel. He's surprised Jax didn't see that. Jax knows that but he doesn't want Angel hurt. Sonny says, "Then tell her!" Sonny suggests Jax tell her how terrible Sonny is and how great he is, and maybe she will buy it. But, he says, what kills Jax is that Brenda didn't. He says that no matter what Jax does, it won't change what happened with Brenda. She was only with Jax because Sonny gave her up. Jax smiles and says he doesn't get it, Brenda never belonged to him in the first place, and neither does Angel. Sonny rolls his eyes.

Jax goes to Angel's place and chats with Christina's bodyguard. He grabs the man's gun and tells him "Tell Mr. Corinthos that your services are no longer required". Angel comes home and Jax asks her to play bridge. She learns Christina has already gone to bed. She wonders what happened to the bodyguard. He says he told him to go home. Angel offers him tea. He says they could have champagne instead. She asks how long will they make small talk until he mentions Sonny's name.

Sonny sits in his office and looks at the picture of Carly and Michael. He flashes back to when they were telling Michael about how Sonny wouldn't live with him any more.

Nikolas and Elizabeth confer at the Port Charles Hotel about the Ice Princess, Lucky, etc. Nikolas takes her hand and assures her that they won't lose Lucky to Helena, no matter what. Gia comes up and sees them holding hands. She makes snotty comments about them. Gia calls Nikolas a "two-timing dog". Elizabeth stands up for Nikolas while Gia puts him down. Nikolas just sits there looking hurt and tells her to stop being jealous. Gia tells Elizabeth about how he tried to get her into bed after Chloe's death. She can't understand why Elizabeth doesn't care about what she said. She goes to another table. Elizabeth asks Nikolas what he did. He explains. She urges him to be careful. Helena comes along and tells Nikolas that his girlfriend is "no more than a common thief". She tells Elizabeth she wants her diamond back. Liz says she didn't steal it and Nikolas backs her up. Lucky comes in and says he's the one who stole the Ice Princess. Lucky asks what she's going to do about it. Then says, "Why don't you show me what you can do about it?" He taunts Helena that she can't use it to cast a spell on him any more. Elizabeth and Nikolas try to shut him up. Lucky says he disposed of the Ice Princess. Gia comes up and suggests that they leave. Lucky tells Helena off, calling her names. Nikolas pretends to get annoyed at how he is speaking to her. Lucky gets more and more upset and yells at her. Roy comes in and tells Lucky that he needs to see him, "right now". Helena says that "the poor boy is having a breakdown". Helena says they have important things to discuss so she wants to see him in her suite in 15 minutes without his girlfriend.

Roy tells Lucky to back off Helena or she might do something horrible to him. Lucky is unconcerned and says she's not going to hurt any more Spencers. Roy says Luke is alive, he called the hospital and spoke to Melissa. Lucky says, "Yeah, but he's not okay". Lucky wonders where he is, then. Roy says he believes that Lucky might know where Luke would hide out, somewhere inside his brain. Lucky isn't sure but gets an idea. They leave.

Taggert comes in and goes over to Gia's table but hears Carly and Angel arguing in the bar, so he goes there instead and watches them yell at each other. Gia comes up behind him and wonders why he is doing that rather than having lunch with his sister. Angel makes a veiled threat to Carly about getting rid of her. They shove each other. Angel says she has to tell what Carly was doing on a certain night and to whom. Carly says to go ahead, and then she'll have to explain why she didn't do anything about what she thought she saw Carly do. Taggert comes up and arrests them. They yell and complain as he escorts them out. Gia goes back to her table.

Gia stops Nikolas and asks him if he's really going up to Helena's room like she commanded. He says he is and it's none of her business. She can't believe that Elizabeth is putting up with Nikolas' kowtowing to his grandmother. He leaves. Gia is very suspicious and wonders what's going on. She also observes that Elizabeth and Nikolas don't act like they love each other. She realizes they don't and wonders why they are putting on the act.

Sitting in an interrogation room in the police station, Angel demands that Taggert either charge her or let her go. He questions her about her argument with Carly. She says she was just trying to aggravate Carly. He says they know that her husband was ordered killed by her father. He says it's a motive and wants to know about Carly. Carly watches through the window. Angel won't say anything. He lets her go but warns that he'll be watching her. Angel comes out, glares at Carly and leaves. Taggert tells Carly that Angel was cooperative. He says she was seen in Sorel's room and her prints were found there. She says Angel's lying. He asks her about what she was yelling in the bar, but she says she was just "shooting her mouth off". Taggert says that while she's protecting Angel, she'll steal her husband right from under her. Carly applauds his attempt but doesn't buy it.

Stefan frets in his cell about Stavros being alive. Laura comes back and asks him through the bars if he has any message for Nikolas. She sees he's upset. Stefan says that she knows him as well as anyone. He's made bad choices but he's not crazy. He says he's thought it through and he thinks Stavros is alive. Laura looks stunned. She says he can't be. Stefan tries to tell her why he thinks that. She refuses to consider the possibility that Helena brought him back from the dead. He reminds her of all the impossible things that Helena has done, including bringing Katherine back from the dead the first time she fell off his parapet. Stefan tells her about the DNA found on Chloe's body. She says Helena must be doing something to make them think Stavros is back. She remembers all the clues as she realizes it's true and starts yelling, "No!" and getting upset. Stefan holds her by the arms to comfort her. She worries about Stavros and says he's a "monster". She realizes that's what Lucky meant when he said "the monster is back". Stefan says he will protect her. She says she has to go see Lucky.

Laura comes home to find Melissa in her house. Melissa explains what happened with Luke. Laura is overjoyed that he's alive and they hug. Stavros walks around outside Laura's house. Laura thanks Melissa for being so understanding with Lucky. Melissa offers help, and dinner, but Laura says she's just going to curl up on the couch, read a book, and wait for Lucky's return. Laura puts some toys away and in a mirror, sees Stavros' face. She gasps.

Carly returns home and is thrilled to see Sonny standing there.