General Hospital Update Monday 9/24/01


General Hospital Update Monday 9/24/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

It's still storming in Port Charles. 

In the cave, Roy and Melissa notice a cave painting of a stick figure man in a coffin. Roy says it's "fresh", not old. Melissa wonders what it means. They hear something and then hide. They surprise Lucky, who wonders why they're there. They explain they're looking for Luke. Roy asks Lucky if he's looking for the strongbox. Lucky says, "What strongbox?" Roy explains what Bobbie told him. He asks if Lucky is trying to escape something or if someone is after him. Lucky looks wary and remains silent. Melissa says they're here to help and she thinks he needs help. Roy asks him to tell them what's going on. Lucky says, "enough people have already been hurt" and that Luke is "gone". Roy shows him the drawing. Lucky says he doesn't know what it is and his dad wouldn't draw that. Roy and Melissa explain that Luke called them and "was speaking in riddles". He led them there. Lucky says, "It's too late". Roy gets angry and yells at Lucky to tell him what it means. Lucky finally yells back "That's the monster!" Roy asks what that means, who it is. Lucky thinks but Roy keeps yelling so Lucky gets angry and walks away, telling him to leave him alone. Melissa tries to play good cop and tells him they're just worried about Luke. She wonders if maybe Lucky came there to find Luke. Lucky says he once waited there for four days when they were having bad trouble. Luke said if he didn't get there to find someone safe. Lucky doesn't know who that would be; he just thought Luke would get there. Roy says he did get there. Roy says Laura said he might have done something to hurt Luke. He knows Lucky wouldn't have done that on purpose.

In the lab, Helena frets to Stavros that someone could figure out from the DNA evidence on Chloe's body that Stavros is alive. He tells her that they can easily manipulate the evidence because the scientists are so stupid. Helena berates him for not sticking to the plan and killing Chloe instead of Stefan. She also tells him to stop roaming around the streets as "Lucien". He waves away all her concerns. He wants to toast Stefan's arrest.

Laura starts to tell Stefan some of the details about Helena. He interrupts to tell her that if they have to go after Helena, he will, even if it risks his life, because of what she did to Chloe and Nikolas. Alexis arrives and asks Laura to leave so she can speak to Stefan alone. Stefan says it's okay if she stays. They argue. Laura, uncomfortable, waits outside. 

Stefan is frustrated at being "railroaded" for Chloe's murder. She tells him that will go over the evidence carefully to see if there are any discrepancies. She urges him to remember who he is. She leaves and Laura returns. Laura says again that she believes that he didn't murder Chloe. "It's always been Helena, hasn't it?" she says, and adds, "I'm sorry". She says she wants to believe he's the same man who protected her from Stavros and watched over her son, but she knows there is another side to him. He tells her that he would do anything to see Chloe walk through the door, and he swears to bring to justice the person who killed her. They both agree it was Helena. She tells him that Helena sent her a rose and Stavros' ring, and that her plan must be working because she could swear she saw Stavros outside her window. She knows it's crazy. He says maybe not...he thought he heard Stavros' voice, and tells her about finding the model ship, about Gia's brooch, about Chloe meeting someone who knew the name his brother called him. He says he felt so haunted that he even went to confession and a priest reminded him of Stavros. She says it's got to be Helena doing it all, but why? She knows that there is some laboratory that Helena has and she does some mind control there. He says that would explain Nikolas' behavior. She doesn't contradict him. She suggests that he listen to Alexis and not make his situation worse. He asks how long Luke has been missing. Laura leaves and Alexis comes back. She tells him that he's not leaving any time soon. She says that there is no evidence of tampering and the DNA experts are convinced that it's a match to his. Alexis says the only person that could match that closely is a "full-blooded relative". He says they said Helena wouldn't match. She says it has to be a sibling. She looks very intense and scared. He says if she wants, he can get another lawyer. She says she just has to think. He tells her again that he didn't do it. She leaves. He contemplates the evidence...then he says, "Stavros?"

Angel tells Sonny that yes, she and Jax did have a relationship in Europe. She explains they met through business. He wants to know what business. She says if she tells him, then she will want to know about his business. He says he knew something wasn't right about her and why she helped him. She tells him he's reading way too much into this. He asks her what the plan was with Jax. She starts to walk away, annoyed, and he grabs her. She tells him to take his hands off her. She tells him that her business with Jax is between the two of them. She tells him off, saying that he's "paranoid", "self-centered" and "egotistical". He says he's just wondering why she never mentioned Jax before. She counters with asking him about how he could get involved with Lily while he was involved with Brenda. He yells that it's not her concern. "Exactly my point!" she yells back. She says that who she's slept with is none of his business. She says that they aren't involved; she's never even kissed him. She walks over to him and says, "Unless you want to change that right now". They look at each other. Sonny hesitates so she says forget it. He says she's making it personal, that's why he has to protect himself. She says if he wants to go back to Carly, "One of the worst people I've ever met", then he should just go. She yells at him again for being paranoid. He says the only reason that she's there is because he feels he owes her for saving his life. He says Jax is one of the people who wants him dead. She says she got that at the funeral. She gives up and leaves. He looks bewildered.

Sonny looks at the picture of Carly and Michael on his desk. Zander comes in with a business question. He is coughing and not looking good so Sonny tells him to sit down. He didn't even know Zander was out of the hospital or that he had started working for him. Sonny looks at Zander's manifest and gives him instructions, including to tell the foreman to give him two weeks' advance wages and to go home until next Wednesday. Zander insists he's fine but Sonny makes it clear that he doesn't want an argument. Zander keeps arguing but Sonny tells him he wants to be able to depend on him being healthy. Sonny also tells him that he knows that Zander is grateful but he should never feel like he owes anyone or is in their debt. Zander says he owes Sonny everything and he saved his life. Sonny keeps saying no. He's not hiring Zander for charity, he thinks he can trust him. He tells Zander again to go home, so Zander finally says okay.

Christina's bodyguard stops Jax from going in the house until she comes out to tell him that he's her friend. Christina says Alexis left him there to guard her. He wonders where Angel is. She tells him about Carly stopping by and how she tried to pump her for information. Jax takes off again.

At the Port Charles Hotel bar, Chloe wonders if Jax knew or not about Angel and Sonny's involvement. He orders a martini. He won't tell her anything but urges her to speak her mind. Carly still hints around about Angel. Jax learns about Sonny staying at Angel's place as he was recuperating. She claims that Sonny did that only to get back at her. Jax is understandably confused by that logic. She keeps trying to get anything out of him, a reaction or some information. Jax looks bothered when she mentions Brenda. She compares the present situation to the triangle with Brenda, Sonny, and Lily. She warns that Sonny will choose her, not Angel, and reminds him what happened to Lily. He insults her and walks away. Carly phones Michael and says goodnight. Angel comes up and tells her congratulations, she should be proud of herself. She orders two glasses of champagne. Carly gloats that she bets Sonny was angry; he hates secret. Angel toasts Carly and then throws it in her face and says, "Bitch!". Carly throws hers in Angel's face, too. They order a bottle of the houses' best bottle of champagne. They keep bickering and threatening each other.

Roy, Melissa, and Lucky go back to Laura's house. Roy is trying to get Lucky to come up with where Luke would have gone when he left. Lucky keeps saying it's too late. Melissa keeps trying to help Lucky and get close to him by telling him how scared she was of the bats in the cave. Lucky goes upstairs to check on Lesley and Lulu. Melissa says that something's the matter with Lucky. Roy thinks it's just because he's upset about Luke. She can tell it's more than that and asks Roy what's going on with him that she doesn't know about.

Jax visits Sonny. Sonny sighs heavily and says he's not surprised. Jax says Carly delivered her message. Sonny says he doesn't use women to deliver messages. Jax tells Sonny to leave Angel alone. Sonny smiles.