General Hospital Update Friday 9/21/01


General Hospital Update Friday 9/21/01

By Suzanne

Luke calls the hospital to leave a message for Bobbie. Melissa answers. Luke looks like he's been through hell. He seems like he's struggling to keep his words and mind clear. He tells her to tell Bobbie that "the jigsaw is starting to come together" and to tell Bobbie "to ask Ruby about the day Lucky ran off with her strongbox". Melissa is confused and tries to get information from him about where he is. It's thundering where Luke is. Bobbie comes in so Melissa hands her the phone. Roy comes up. Luke has hung up on Bobbie. Melissa tells her what Luke said. Bobbie says she knows what it meant. She says that when they were on the run and had to leave at moment's notice, Lucky turned Ruby's strongbox into an emergency kit and "he buried it near the best escape route outside of Port Charles". She had forgotten it was there. Roy asks where it is. She says it's in a cave. She gives him the directions. Roy says he'll go. Bobbie wants to go with him but Roy thinks it's too dangerous. Bobbie is paged to the OR anyway. Melissa remembers that Luke said he didn't have much time. Roy leaves. 

Stefan protests his arrest. He points out to Mac that he took the test voluntarily, so why would he do that if he did it? Mac doesn't care. Ned tries to attack him so they hold him off. Laura, everyone, looks shocked as Stefan yells that he didn't do it. Mac asks if he can explain the test results. Stefan points at Helena and says she did this. "You knew that I loved Chloe and you killed her for no other reason than to destroy me!" Taggert tells him to back off. Stefan begs Nikolas to help him by speaking up. He tells Nikolas that Helena will do the same thing to him someday. Mac and the cops drag Stefan out as he begs Laura to help Nikolas, to save him from Helena. We hear the storm there now, too.

Monica asks the rest of the Q's if there is a chance Stefan might be telling the truth. Ned doesn't think so. Edward agrees that Stefan did it but blames Jax for setting Stefan off. Edward yells at Jax who says he doesn't have to stand for this. He makes a veiled threat about ELQ.

Stavros asks Gia if she wants to go on (sleep with him) or not. She says she'd like to go on, but not now. She explains that it was a great evening but she's on the rebound still from Nikolas, which isn't fair to him. He knows that she has feelings for him. She says he's attractive but she isn't ready for anything else. So he'd better go if he can't understand that. There is a knock and he says it's the "second course", does she want him to stay. She replies, "Only if you understand that I'm not dessert". He smirks and she answers the door. It's Lucky. (The storm is there now, too) He looks annoyed to see Stavros, and the feeling is mutual. Lucky asks what he's doing there, he's supposed to be dead. He attacks Stavros, who fends him off easily and then grabs him by the throat. Lucky collapses, unconscious, on the bed. Gia tells Stavros that Lucky wouldn't have hurt him. He says that this is the second time Lucky has attacked him for no reason. He says, "Perhaps I should press charges". Gia tells him that it's not Lucky's fault, he's been brainwashed. He looks skeptical but she tells him what Helena did. He says it sounds like science fiction. 

Lucky wakes up, coughing. Stavros says he should go. She says he shouldn't hold this against her or Lucky. He says, of course not, I apologize if I overreacted. He says he hopes to make it up to her and he'll call her. She gets a wet cloth for Lucky and Stavros leaves. Lucky asks "What's with that guy!" He wonders how Stavros managed to toss him around so easily. Gia wants to know what Lucky meant when he came in. Lucky says he saw it but then it gets all foggy after that. He doesn't remember why he should be dead. Gia tells her how great "Lucien" has been. He says she's "something else", the way she's moving on to another guy so soon. She says she isn't, really, because she can't seem to forget about Nikolas. She asks about him. He says he can't think about Elizabeth that way at all. He is sorry for hurting her. Lucky says they'll all be allright, but he's not sure about himself. He says he remembers telling Elizabeth that everything he wanted or needed was in Port Charles. Now everything's changed. She feels that way sometimes, too, she says, but her family and career are there. She wishes she could stop hurting. He replies, "It's better than feeling numb". He feels like he's going crazy. She grabs his hand and tells her to hold on to him. He thinks that's a bad idea but thanks her. He goes to leave and assures her that he'll be okay. He knows what he needs to do. She looks worried anyway.

Nikolas tells Helena that he wants all the Cassadine holdings in his name asap or he will go to Mac and say that she lied. Laura comes over and wants to talk with Nikolas. He tells her that his grandmother and he won't be interupted. She says he may act the prince with everyone else, but he is still her child and she won't tolerate disrespect. Nikolas suggests they go to the bar. He tells Helena to call the attorneys to set things up. At the bar, Laura and Nikolas confer. He tells her what happened at the police station. She tells him it's gone too far. He is determined to go through with it but asks her if she can help Stefan. She agrees and believes he's innocent. She starts to tell him about how Lucky knows where the lab is but she can't get it out of him, but then she sees Helena walk in. He takes the cue and starts making Princely pronouncements about Elizabeth, to make Helena think they've been arguing about that. Laura tells Helena that she must be proud of herself because she barely recognizes her son. Helena says that he looks just like Stavros. Laura agrees and says Stavros would be proud, "too bad he's dead". Laura walks away, thinking she's said something hurtful to Helena, but Helena has a secret smile. Stavros follows Laura as she walks away. Nikolas asks Helena if she's done what he asked. She says she's "set things in motion". He wants it all now. She says there are problems with resources because of Jax's dealings.

Jax and Ned walk in to the bar. Ned says that Edward was just taking his grief over Chloe out on Jax. He asks him not to start anything over this. Jax says he knows but he's not going to let Edward or anyone else take advantage of him. He looks past him to Helena as he says this. Ned asks if Alexis is in danger.

Alexis is surprised to see Angel. She tells her that Jax told her where Christina was but he didn't mention Angel's name. Christina comes out and hugs Alexis. She explains why she's there (Helena knowing that a woman was staying with Jax). Christina explains how she knows Angel. She is surprised that Angel and Alexis know each other. Alexis asks Christina to leave them alone, so she agrees. Alexis asks Angel who she is and why she's really there. Alexis knows who she is but she didn't know that she finds people for a living. She thanks Angel for finding her sister but says it doesn't add up. Angel knows she doesn't "look the part" but that's why she's so successful. People tend to tell her things in confidence. Alexis wants to know if Angel ever relays things she learns. Angel says that she doesn't. Alexis pumps her for more information and comments that she's close to both Jax and Sonny, which is a hard thing to maintain. Angel says she should ask Jax about their relationship. She asks Alexis if her curiousity is really about her sister, or about Sonny. 

Christina comes in and gives Angel the photos that Carly left, saying that her friend left them. Angel looks confused and asks who it was that left them. Christina describes Carly. Both Angel and Alexis immediately know who it was. Angel rants and raves about Carly. She says, "she's either got an incredible amount of gaul or she's the most self-destructive person I've ever met". Alexis thinks for a moment and then says, "it's a toss-up". Angel tells Christina to enjoy the house, she has something to do. Christina knows that Alexis doesn't want her to stay there. Alexis says "it's complicated". Her phone rings; it's Stefan. She tells Christina that Stefen has been arrested for Chloe's murder, but she will take care of it and he didn't do it. Christina wants to go with her to the police station, but Alexis says it's too dangerous for her. Alexis tells her that she has a bodyguard for her out in the car, too. Alexis leaves. Christina is a bit frustrated. She meets Sonny's guy, Max. She chats with him and then asks him to go rowing with her. He says there's a storm coming in. She doesn't mind, in fact that makes it more interesting. She pushes him out the door to go rowing, as he protests. The phone rings unanswered.

Sonny continues to tell Carly to leave it alone (about Jax and Angel). He wonders why she cares. She wants to protect him. He doesn't believe her and asks her what she really wants. She replies, "You". Sonny says, "Oh, you see Angel as a threat?" They argue. Carly tries to find out if Sonny and Angel ever got close while he was recuperating at her place. He doesn't answer, just asks if this is going to take much longer. Sonny asks, "You think I don't know if a woman is trying to seduce me?" He reminds her that he doesn't trust easy. Instead, when he does trust, and it gets broken, there isn't any going back. Carly tries to seduce him then. Sonny looks tempted as she strokes him and talks about their past lovemaking. She tells him to take her right here, right now, whether he loves or hates her. She kisses Sonny on the face but manages to mention Angel again, saying he really doesn't want her after Jax has touched her. They kiss. Sonny pulls her off and says she has to go. She bitches at him about what he's doing. He tells her it doesn't matter that Angel slept with Jax and tells her to go. She bitches at him some more about how he doesn't know everything about Angel. He tells her to go get some friends, take care of Michael, and leave him alone. She says she will go but he knows that he wants her as much as he loves her, and as much as she loves him. After she leaves, Angel comes storming in looking for Carly. She tells him that Carly invaded her house again. She realizes by his attitude that Carly was just there and told him something. He tells her that Carly said she had an affair with Jax. She confirms it.

Jax phones Angel and gets worried that no one is answering. Carly comes up to him and asks him if he knows that Angel is in love with Sonny.

Roy goes to the cave, looking for Luke. He hears something so he hides. He jumps out and grabs Melissa, who followed him. He yells at her. They bicker as they look around for Luke. They hear or see something else.

Laura visits Stefan in jail. He's not sure why she's there but he swears he didn't kill Chloe. She believes him. He asks for her help. She says, "Maybe we can help each other".