General Hospital Update Thursday 9/20/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/20/01

by Suzanne

Alexis visits Sonny to ask for his help. She beats around the bush and then asks him for a "henchman" to protect someone. He says sure, he'll get her bodyguard. But she wants "one who is willing to do anything". Sonny gives her a shot, which she eventually downs. He asks if this means she doesn't want to tell him who the guy will be guarding. She says yes. She reveals her name is Christina but that's all. She says it's complicated. Sonny says fine, he'll arrange a safe house. Alexis asks for another shot but he refuses. She is nervous about the whole thing. He says he's her friend, he'll do her the favor, no problem. He asks, though, if next time he gets in trouble for something and she has to defend him, will she not give him a hard time, ask him if he's guilty, etc. They jest about her hyperventilating, which she claims is asthma. He says to call him when Christina's ready to move. She thanks him and leaves.

Christina doesn't want Carly to come in but Carly tells her that she's a good friend of Angel's and wants to return something to her. Christina is wary but lets her in. Carly pretends to be a good friend of Angel's who lives nearby. Carly shows her the pictures, including the one of Jax, that she wants to return. Carly says his name is Jax, Christina is surprised that she knows him. Carly the manipulator says that she's known Jax for a long time, she used to hang out with him and some others, including Alexis. She asks Christina in an offhand way how she knows Jax and Angel. Christina says she knew Angel first and she introduced her to Jax, whom she met on the French Riviera. Carly says Angel has told her about that and she'd like to go there someday. Carly implies that Angel and Jax were "an item".

Jax finds Angel knocking on his door as he returns. He tells her that he puts Christina up at her house, if that's okay. She says sure. She assumes this means it's more dangerous for Christina. He says yes and it's important to keep her hidden. She asks which Cassadine he's worried about and he replies, "All of them". Jax says it's a volatile situation. Angel says she can stay as long as she needs. Angel tells him that she buried her father this morning. He expresses her sympathy. She leaves so she can help Christina unpack. Jax gives her a quick kiss and says he'll call them later. He gets a phone call from someone overseas. He chats about taking over more of the Cassadine empire. There is a knock on the door; it's Alexis. Jax tells her that Christina is gone; he moved her to a safer location. She says she was thinking the same thing. She asks where Christina is. He asks her first to promise that she won't tell Stefan. She thanks Jax, saying how grateful she is for him finding her sister. He knows she's angry. She says it's not appropriate for him to get involved with Christina's reunion with her family. Jax reminds her that today is the 3 year anniversary of Brenda's death. He regrets that he was too late to stop her from driving off, or too late to save Chloe. He swears that won't happen to Christina. She suggests a compromise. She won't tell Stefan where Christina is until he's cleared of all the charges of Chloe's murder. She's sure the DNA test will clear him. Jax gives her Angel's address and fills her in on how Angel found Christina for him. They leave together.

Angel returns home and chats with Christina. There is a knock on the door so Angel makes Christina go into the other room. Angel grabs a blunt instrument and answers the door. It's Alexis.

Nikolas is sitting in the PC Grille with Helena. He asks who this danger to the family is that she spoke about on the phone. She says there are several, including his "little girlfriend". Gia walks in just then. Nikolas tells her that she's not a threat but Helena had better not hurt her. Helena says she meant Elizabeth Webber, who stole the Ice Princess and disposed of it. Nikolas asks her why the Ice Princess was in her room instead of a vault, or why wasn't it given to him along with the rest of the Cassadine fortune. He tells her he wants total access to all of the family holdings. She says that he has to "pass his test of allegiance". He wonders what else he has to do. She says there is one last thing and he can do it now or not, it's up to him. He agrees and they leave.

Laura is talking to Roy at the grill, too. She says she hates seeing Nikolas with Helena; she worries about him. Roy tells her that he asked Nikolas to find the secret lab. Roy says that he thinks Helena is vulnerable because she loves Nikolas and wants to believe him. He adds that he hopes so, anyway, because without Luke, Nikolas is all they've got. Laura is upset to hear him sound like he's given up on Luke's return. Roy says he's sure Luke is alive, he just hasn't been able to get hold of him. They both pledge to find him.

Gia meets Stavros at the Grill's bar. She tells him that her former boyfriend is in the dining room. He wonders why she's upset. She says she thinks that Stavros and Nikolas should meet right now. He says it's not the right time or place. She doesn't understand why. He says he doesn't like the affect Nikolas has on her (he makes her angry). He proposes instead that they go out and party. She says she has a photo shoot early tomorrow. He asks if Laura will be there. She says he should ask her, she's in the next room. He says he will wait to meet her "under more carefully choreographed circumstances". She is still perplexed. He suggests a wonderful, relaxed lunch instead, in her room. He assures her that he has no "ulterior motive". Stavros has an elegant lunch delivered for them. He offers her champagne but she turns it down. She says she's not much of a drinker and besides, alcohol makes you look "puffy", she read somewhere. They sit down for lunch and he mentions that he dropped by Deception and it was empty. He wonders where Laura has some new project going on, perhaps with the man they saw at the grill? She gets annoyed that he has brought up Laura's name so much. Finally she asks, "Why do I get the idea that you're more interested in Laura than you are in me?" He tells Gia that he's only interested in Laura's company. He wants to invest in her company. Gia is annoyed, thinking that he's only interested in her because of Deception. He sees her as the future of the company, on Paris runways, etc. He paints a rich and glamorous picture of her future. He says that Laura thinks small and she needs more capital. He wants to finance a bigger launch, for Gia. So he wants his first meeting with Laura to be "absolutely perfect". She asks if he really thinks that he could have that kind of career. He does. He gives her a glass of champagne and offers a toast. She supposes a couple of sips can't hurt. Gia gets a little drunk. "Lucien" gets romantic. He compliments her some more, saying that she does something good for him and he would like to do something good for her in return.

AJ still dangles on the meathook. He yells Sonny's name and curses him, saying he'll get him.

Taggert rehashes the story of Stefan's "death" by Helena that he has just told them. He finishes it with "and you mysteriously forgot to tell us?" Mac doesn't believe it, either. Stefan claims he was misguided in not coming forward sooner about Helena's involvement and asking Chloe to do the same thing. He asks them again to arrest Helena. Mac won't arrest anyone just on Stefan's say-so. Stefan says there was a witness: Helena's manservant, Andreas. Helena arrives just then, insulting Stefan. Helena says she debated whether to come to the police because of the scandal. She tells them "My son is a cold-blooded killer". Stefan smirks at her act. Helena offers Nikolas as a witness. Nikolas looks surprised. Helena lays out the story that Stefan was obsessed with Chloe. She claims she promised to keep Stefan away from Chloe, but then he started stalking her. She says Nikolas can corroborate every word. Nikolas looks upset. Stefan tells Nikolas to tell them that Helena's lying. Stefan is momentarily triumphant, knowing that Nikolas is as he raised him, honest and truthful. He tells Nikolas, "You're too decent a human being for that". Helena tells Nikolas to follow his destiny and his conscience. Finally, Nikolas backs up Helena's story. Stefan walks over to Nikolas and slowly says, "God help you; God help us all" and he is near tears. Nikolas storms out, upset.

Carly goes to see Sonny. He says if this is about AJ, he's handling it. She asks how but he won't tell her. She smiles and thanks him. He tries to go back to work. She says that this proves that he still cares about her. He says he did it for Michael. She brings up Angel again and lists all the good qualities that he admires about Angel. She says she has some news about Angel that will blow his mind. He smiles and tells her to go home. She babbles on about Angel and he keeps telling her to shut up and go home. She shows him one of the pictures of Jax. He doesn't care. He grabs the picture from Carly. She says she saw her leaving the house this morning with Jax, so is she sleeping with Sonny or Jax? Sonny laughs. He says that she spies on Angel and breaks into her house, and yet she expects him to let her back into his life. She says that what Angel is doing is a betrayal. He tells her again to leave but again she refuses. Speaking of stalkers...! Carly tells Sonny about how she went over to Angel's house today and met some woman who told her all about Jax and Angel. He gives her a hard time for ransacking Angel's place. She tells him that Angel and Jax slept together, had an affair.

Helena and Nikolas return to the Grill. He demands that she give him access to all the family's things. She says she will later, she's hungry. 

Laura wonders where Helena took Nikolas that seemed to upset him so much. She asks Roy what he did when he was undercover and asked to do something that he knew was wrong. He says he did them. She asks if it helped to know that it was for a greater good. He says sometimes the ends justified the means.

Monica, Alan, Ned, and Edward come into the grill for lunch. They worry about Lila's health because of the toll the funeral took on her. Ned wonders where AJ is. Monica says he left last night on a "mission"; she thinks it's something to do with Michael. Edward hopes it doesn't backfire. They discuss Chloe. Jax arrives for their lunch meeting. Ned asks where Alexis might be. Jax says he just left her; she had something to do. Edward starts ranting about Stefan. Just then, Stefan enters the room. Everyone watches him, the Q's, Laura, Nikolas...Stefan asks the Q's for a moment of their time. They get angry. Edward threatens to have him thrown out of their hotel. They all yell at him. He says he just wanted to let them know that he loved Chloe and he could never have hurt her. Ned points out that he kidnapped her. Alan says he should have been in jail years ago. Stefan tells them about the DNA test and then gives them a check to go to Chloe's favorite charity, but Jax rips it up. Mac and Taggert come in and arrest Stefan for Chloe's murder. Stefan incredulously asks if they're doing this because of Helena's lies. Mac says no, it's because the preliminary results came back from the DNA test. His DNA matches the blood found on Chloe's body.