General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/19/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/19/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Jax returns from running to find Helena waiting for him outside of his apartment. She tries to flirt but he tells her that he stole all of her UK holdings this morning. She hopes that with all of this time he's spending on her, he's not neglecting the young lady in his suite. Helena says, "She must be quite a comfort after losing poor Chloe", which riles Jax more. He warns her that she's caused herself enough trouble.

Inside, Christina chats with Alexis and Stefan over microwave popcorn. Christina says she knew her family must be in the US. She asks if there are any more Cassadine brothers or sisters. Stefan says an emphatic "No!" and Alexis explains that he died a few years ago. Christina asks if he was as nice as they are so they change the subject quickly. Jax returns. Jax glares at Stefan. Stefan tells him, "We appreciate the use of your suite". Alexis and Christina make small talk but the talk turns to Chloe, which makes things awkward. Christina is tired so she hugs them all good night. Stefan says he could have never have imagined a day like this. Christina thanks Jax for making it happen and then goes to bed. Jax tells Stefan to leave. Stefan sighs heavily. They argue again about Stefan killing Chloe. Jax tells them that Helena knows Christina is there and he thinks Stefan is responsible. Stefan denies it and Alexis says that's silly. Stefan says he'll protect Christina from Helena but Jax asks who is going to protect her from Stefan. He reminds Stefan that he has a bad track record with women. 

Mac arrives to ask Jax some things and wonders why Stefan is there. He says Stefan "has the key to solving Chloe Morgan's murder". Stefan says he'll cooperate fully. Mac wants him to take a DNA test. Alexis says no way. Stefan wants to know why they want a DNA. Mac says they found blood that wasn't Chloe's, and skin under her fingernails. Stefan says he will take the test. Alexis says he doesn't have to do it, but he says this will prove his innocence. Mac leaves. Stefan says he'll go. Jax makes another smart remark. Stefan asks them to agree not to tell anyone that Christina is a Cassadine and asks Jax to keep her there until he hears from them. Jax obviously agrees but says nothing remotely civil to Stefan. Stefan leaves. Alexis asks Jax not to be mad at her and thanks him for everything. He again tries to get her not to represent Stefan, but she has to. She leaves. Jax phones and leaves a message on Angel's machine, asking her to call him because he needs her help.

Jax tells Christina to pack, they are leaving. She wonders what this is all about. He says Helena knows she's here. He's worried that Helena might retaliate against him by going after the woman who's staying with him. She asks if he will tell Alexis and Stefan where she is. He says he'll tell Alexis but he doesn't trust Stefan. He says they can talk about it later.

Carly gets the morning paper and reads about Sorel's burial. Talking to herself, she reveals that she still thinks she killed Sorel, despite what Sonny said. She worries about losing Michael to AJ. Taggert visits, much to her disgust. He tells her that Angel saw what she did and told him everything (he's hoping that Carly will assume the worst and tell him what happened, since Angel wouldn't). She says Angel is lying. He asks her to explain. She says Angel is after her husband so she'll say anything. She asks what Angel said and just then Angel walks in and says she told the truth, that she was driving without a license. Carly and Angel argue. Angel tells her that Taggert is bluffing if he was suggesting that she told him anything else besides about Carly being a bad, unlicensed driver. She tells Carly that Taggert was pretending to know more than he did in order to get Carly to reveal something else. Carly finally takes the hint and tells Taggert she's wise to him. He tells Angel that she's interfering with a murder investigation, then he leaves. Carly wonders why Angel is protecting her. Angel replies it's because if Carly goes to jail, Sonny will have to save her again. They keep bickering. Angel accuses Carly of using her child to hold on to Sonny. She thought Carly had some courage when she risked her life with Sorel to keep Sonny away, but now she thinks she's pathetic. They argue some more about Sonny. The doorbell rings so Carly answers it. It's Mike. He's not happy to see Angel, either, and suggests she leave. Angel says she's off to bury her father. She taunts Carly with the threat of exposing her to Taggert. Mike asks what's going on so Carly fills him in. Mike points out all the reasons that Angel can't hurt her, including that if she saw Carly pull the plug, why didn't she tell anyone? Mike is surprised to learn that Angel knows Jax. She thinks that Sonny will stay away from Angel when he finds out that she knows Jax. Mike isn't happy to hear that she broke into Angel's house, and even less happy when Carly suggests they go do it again while Angel is out of the house. Carly convinces him that she will do it anyway so she orders a car. Carly is snooping at Angel's house when she hears Jax and Christina arrive. He knocks on Angel's door but she's not home so he lets them in. He tells Christina she'll be safe there. He kisses her goodbye and then leaves her there with her luggage. Carly comes out from behind where she was hiding and smiles. She knocks on Angel's door and asks Christina if Angel is there. Christina says she's not so Carly says she's just a friend of Angel's and asks Christina, "Who are you?" in a friendly way.

AJ asks Sonny what he wants and where they are. Sonny, eating his breakfast, explains that they're in an old meat-packing plant. AJ says he wants his son back. Sonny chews him out for the threats he's making to Carly and says, "What am I gonna do with you". AJ and Sonny argue about the same old stuff, Michael, Carly, AJ burning down Sonny's warehouse...Sonny reminds him that he signed an agreement. AJ says his lawyer thinks it's not so binding. Sonny calls him names and says he wasn't going to prevent Michael from going to AJ when he gets older and he won't tell him how bad AJ is (that he's a fool that got Michael's unborn brother killed). But now that AJ has been threatening Michael's mom, Sonny says that no child should get to know a father like that. AJ says he just offered Carly a deal, "That's all". Sonny gives him a deal: "I'm giving you a chance to stay out of Michael's life forever". Sonny's thugs make AJ sit down. AJ keeps trying to get Sonny to let him see Michael. Sonny gives AJ a paper to sign away his rights to Michael forever. He tells AJ he will be free if he signs it. AJ smiles as Sonny tells him to sign it. AJ refuses and says he won't do it no matter what. Sonny says that's unfortunate. AJ says Michael needs a stable family and needs to know his father. They argue about this. AJ points out that Carly has already dragged Michael through two marriages and says she's "trash". Sonny warns him not to insult Carly. Sonny asks AJ if he's heard of a "time out" and he describes how they apply that to Michael. Then he asks AJ which he would prefer, "a time out, or the alternative"? Sonny yells at AJ that he doesn't want to hurt some members of AJ's family, but AJ keeps doing these things...and now he will have to "reconsider his options". Sonny gets frustrated and angry at AJ's refusal. Sonny says he'll give AJ some "quiet time" to decide. He has his men pick AJ up. AJ swears he will get Sonny. Sonny's men hang AJ on a hook by his coat and then they leave him there.

Monica and Alan hug and kiss. Edward walks in and is disgusted by their behavior. Alan says he'll have the servants move his things back into her bedroom. Ned comes in and they ask how he is. Edward grouses that AJ is late. Zander comes in. Alan and Monica wonder how he got out of the hospital. Edward isn't pleased to see him. Ned offers him coffee. Zander says he signed himself out. Monica and Alan are not happy that he did that. He explains that Emily asked him to check on Lila because of what happened to Chloe. Ned asks him if he has a place to stay and then Alan asks Zander to move in there. Edward and Monica think he's crazy. Zander protests that he has a place already. Edward calls him a murderer. Zander says he just wanted Sorel dead to protect Emily. Alan says they all wanted Sorel dead and Zander is not the murderer. Edward wonders how Alan knows. Monica counters that Edward doesn't have proof that Zander did it, either. It suddenly occurs to Ned that Edward doesn't have an alibi because he knows that he wasn't home that night. Ned called and Lila told him that Edward wasn't there. Edward gets indignant and says he was doing business at the office. Zander says thanks for the offer but he's got other plans. He's working for Sonny now. Alan tells Zander all of the awful things Sonny has done to them. Zander says Alan doesn't care about him, it's just all about his fight with Sonny. Alan say she can get Zander a job at the hospital if he changes his mind. Zander leaves to go to work. Ned asks Edward where exactly he was working the night of Sorel's murder.

Helena asks one of her guys who the woman is in Jax's place. He doesn't know yet. Stefan and Alexis come bursting in. Stefan yells that she murdered Chloe. Stefan punches the guy she was talking to. Alexis warns him to calm down as he approaches Helena. He asks why he shouldn't kill her now. He grabs her by the throat and starts choking her. Helena reminds him that he won't get away with this, that Alexis will tell the authorities. Alexis asks him to think about what he's doing and says he's not like her. Stefan stops and tells Helena that she will pay for what she's done. She mentions Chloe's name, which sets him off. He warns her, "No young woman will fear you ever again!" Helena wonders what that means but Alexis drags him out. Helena locks the door behind them. She says "I should have killed you when I had the opportunity". She phones someone to meet her downstairs and says there's a new threat to the family.

Mac and Taggert argue over the clues for Sorel's murder. Mac wonders what they're missing. Stefan gets the DNA test done. Alexis and Stefan wonder why they aren't taking Helena's blood. Mac says they'll do one at a time. Stefan tells Alexis to get Christina out of Jax's suite. She is suspicious. He insists that Mac arrest Helena for murder. Mac wonders if he has proof of Helena murdering Chloe. Stefan says not Chloe's murder, his.