General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/18/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/18/01

By Suzanne

Angel reaches up to stroke Sonny's neck and they look deeply into each other's eyes. She is chatty and flirty with him. Carly walks in and spoils the mood. Angel and Carly bicker; Sonny asks Carly why she's there. Carly babbles about AJ and her son and then starts to storm out, but Sonny stops her. He wants to know what AJ has done. "It's a family matter", she says icily. He asks Angel if she minds, so she leaves. Carly makes snide remarks the whole time about Angel. Carly tells Sonny what AJ told the cops and the offer AJ mader her to get shared custody of Michael. He is dismissive of the danger but she says he knows what happened. She says, "What AJ thinks I did, I really did do". Sonny doesn't want to hear the details. He worries that she will keep blabbing it around, eventually to the cops. Carly says she did pull the plug on Sorel. She confesses that she killed Sorel for threatening Michael and she's glad. Sonny reminds her that AJ has no proof and tells her again to keep her mouth shut. Sonny tells he she didn't kill Sorel; he was already dead. He tells her that the respirator was hooked up to a corpse, so pulling the plug didn't do anything. She asks how he knows. He tells her not to ask any questions. She asks if he's sure. He is. He has his guy take Carly home. Carly is subdued. She thanks Sonny quietly and then leaves.

The Q's return from Chloe's funeral. The mood is solemn. AJ wonders what happened with Carly. He had her "on the ropes" until Alan jumped in and ruined it. He also blames Edward. AJ reminds Alan that he was being supportive before about getting his son back. Alan says AJ doesn't know if Carly did anything to Sorel, so he doesn't know that she would have given in to him. They keep arguing about Carly. Ned comes in and yells at them for being disrespectful to Chloe's memory. He begs them not to argue for one day, at least. Monica agrees but Edward bitches about Alexis bringing Stefan to the memorial service. Ned tells him to "back off". AJ gets a phone call. They all argue. Edward goes out on the terrace to see Lila, who is getting some air. AJ says his call is about Michael and leaves. 

Monica consoles Ned. He wonders why he bothers trying. He asks them again to behave better for Chloe's sake. Alan and Monica agree and thank him. Ned leaves. Monica wants to know what Alan meant back at the funeral home, his half-finished sentence. Alan says he will do anything to protect his children. Monica agrees. She says, "So we leave it at that, huh" and he says, "I think so". She misses Emily and he suggests that they go see her. She agrees. Alan hugs her and asks her to do what Ned says and stop fighting. Monica agrees to bury the hatchet but says she doesn't have to like Skye. They flirt and laugh, then hug tenderly. He reminds them that they were close not too long ago. She says a lot has happened. They hug, kiss, and head upstairs together.

Lila asks Edward to cut some of the roses that Chloe liked, to give her and Ned some time alone. Ned brings her a box that was left on the closet shelf, that she had asked him for. She asks how he's doing. He jokes but he's hurting from Chloe's death. He speaks fondly of her. He says that Chloe accepted him as he is. He was just getting used to her leaving town and thought that he could still visit her, phone her, email her, but now...Lila suggests that he call Alexis. He says that "Alexis is too busy rescuing the rest of the world to come and rescue me". Lila asks "And who is going to rescue Alexis?"

Edward brings the flowers back to Lila, who is looking at the old box of love letters he sent her. Edward reads one aloud to her.

Christina asks Jax how the service went. He says it was "difficult". She tries to comfort him because he is blaming himself for not saving her. She wonders where Alexis is. He says she is busy with something right now. Christina guesses that Alexis' work somehow involves Chloe's murder. Jax changes the subject vehemently. She catches him on it but forgives him and agrees to drop it. Jax says she is "too perceptive" and it can be "disconcerting". She learned young to watch people and their signals, gestures. She started it because her mother told her that her father died in a car accident but she never believed her, so she started watching men for a clue that someone out there may be her father. She tells him to stop protecting her and wants to know about the Cassadines, starting with her father. He tells her about Mikkos, saying he was "cruel and evil". Christina doesn't believe it because Alexis turned out so well and she speaks lovingly of his love for their mother. He mentions Helena and Mikkos' children which is a surprise to her. He tells her that she has a half-brother. He paints a terrible portrait of Stefan, all of his faults. Christina wants to get Alexis away from her family. Jax says she won't leave. And the Cassadines can find them wherever they go; that's why he was so concerned about her going out in public or revealing herself to anyone. She asks how Alexis gets along with Stefan. He replies, "surprisingly well, she's quite attached to him". She figures out that Jax doesn't like Stefan much. Jax says that she could have figured out she was Alexis' sister even if he didn't know, because of the way they behave together. Christina says Alexis is a lot more vulnerable than she lets on.

Ned arrives at Jax's place. Jax tells Christina to hide. She doesn't want to but she does. Ned invites him to a Quartermaine funeral service for Chloe tomorrow at the hotel. They discuss what happened at the viewing. Ned doesn't understand why Alexis is defending Stefan and asks Jax to talk to her. Christina listens in. Jax agrees to talk to her. Ned leaves. Christina wants to know why Ned hates Stefan and why was Jax so eager to have him leave. She wants to know what Alexis is defending Stefan from.

Alexis follows Stefan home and is shocked to see him get out a gun. She tries to talk him out of it. They argue. She says they will deal with Helena other ways, in good time. He points out how Helena has ruined their lives and he wants to make his life count for something. She reminds him of his raising Nikolas by himself but he says that Helena has stolen him, too. She says if Chloe counted for something with him than he should live up to it, be the "better man" that he wanted Chloe to teach him to be. She says they can be a normal family and bring Nikolas back. She almost mentions Christina so he asks who she's talking about. She says she will tell him if he promises not to tell anyone. "There's still hope for us" she says.

Alexis brings Stefan to Jax's room to meet Christina. Jax goes ballistic and tells him to get out. Christina comes in so Alexis introduces them. Christina looks wary, Stefan looks curious. Stefan asks Jax, "What lies have you told her about me?" Alexis tells Christina that Stefan and Chloe were "very close" and that, unfortunately, Stefan was the one who found her murdered, and the police have accused himm of the crime. Jax says that he "betrayed Chloe in a hundred different ways". Alexis points out that Chloe forgave him and was able to see the good in him. Alexis tells Christina that she knows Stefan and that he has some faults, he's been "harsh", but he is very devoted and hasn't killed anyone. She hopes that Christina can give him a chance. Christina smiles and she hugs Stefan. It is very touching.

AJ visits Scott, who is talking to a private detective on the phone (to find Luke). AJ tells him that he found the address where Carly is holding Michael here in the US, so he plans to get him back tonight. Scott wants to tell Carly but AJ says that if Carly knows, she'll hide him again. Scott cautions AJ not to be rash (a futile suggestion). Scott gets an important phone call about his search for Luke so AJ leaves.

Michael wakes up from a bad dream and comes running to Carly. Uncle Sonny was in the dream. She tells him that Sonny will never let anything bad happen to him.

Meanwhile, AJ is brought bound and gagged into a room where Sonny is sitting. Sonny smiles and laughs.