General Hospital Update Monday 9/17/01


General Hospital Update Monday 9/17/01

By Suzanne Lanoue

Nikolas tearfully tells Gia that he is still human and he still hurts. He's upset over Chloe's death. He talks about how all he does any more is push people away. "There has to be a way to let love back in", he says. She wants to know what he means. He wants to try again with her. He kisses her and they tell each other how much they missed each other. They kiss and he keeps crying. She hugs him. She asks him to explain why he pushed her away. "It's complicated" he says. She tells him how much she still loves him and how painful it's been. He says it's been eating at him, too. She says Helena can't hurt them as long as they're together. Nikolas sits on a bench silently. She asks him if he really does want to get back together. Nikolas changes his mood suddenly and suggests they go up to her room. She says it sounds like he just wants to get her in bed. He acts just like Luke did when he was talking to Felicia, like a pig! He comes on to her in a vulgar way, disgusting her, and tells her that he loves her but in a nonchalant, fake way. She pushes him away and tells him off. She says he's using Chloe's death to get her into the sack. He denies it. She yells at him some more but he keeps coming on to her. When he mentions her suing him, she says that's what this is about; he's trying to get her to drop her law suit. She phones "Lucien"'s machine to leave a message, saying that she'll accept his dinner invitation. She tells Nikolas that he's out of her life for good. She stalks off. Nikolas is upset but hides it when he sees Roy.

Laura thanks Scott for the ride home. He wants to know what she's not telling him. She offers him coffee. He questions her about what she's hiding. He agrees to put his hatred for Luke aside to help her. She hears a noise in Lulu's room and goes rushing up. They go there and see it's Lucky telling Lulu a story. Lulu says that daddy told her, monsters are real. Lucky continues with his story about the prince and the monster. Lucky says one night the prince snuck down into the monster's lair with a magic potion and got rid of the monster. Lulu likes the story but Laura looks worried. Lucky tucks her in and kisses her. Lucky goes outside and they shut the door. He says Lulua couldn't sleep so he had to tell her a story. Laura wants to know what happened; he told her that the monster was still alive. He replies, "Not any more; I killed him". Scott tells Laura he wants to help Lucky but he can't unless he knows what's going on. Laura is reluctant but finally she agrees to fill him in. They go downstairs and Laura asks Lucky about the monster. Lucky says he sent the monster back to Hell where he belongs. Scott asks him if Helena made him do it. Lucky replies that no one makes him do anything. Scott suggests that maybe Lucky can take them where he killed the monster, to make sure he's dead. Lucky refuses to take them there and wants to leave. Laura asks him to stay. She says there have been a lot of break-in's lately. She lays a big guilt trip on him and asks him to move in for a little while. Lucky agrees. They hug. Lucky leaves to get a few things. Scott says that if Lucky killed Helena or someone, he can probably get him off because of what Helena's done to him. Laura's afraid that the "monster" is Luke. Scott says he knows that Luke is alive and he promises to go out and find him for her. She is grateful because she knows that Scott hates Luke. He says he loves her, so that's enough. They hug.

Roy tells Bobbie that Luke believed Helena had a laboratory hidden away somewhere; he thinks he was right. Roy goes to visit Tony, who is busy in a lab and doesn't want to talk. Roy says his best friend is missing and he doesn't know why, or where he could be. He thinks Tony knows that this is connected to Lucas' illness. Tony refuses to talk to him. Bobbie comes in and insists that Tony talk. She badgers Tony and tries to make him feel guilty for not helping Luke. Tony claims he is not certain that Helena is responsible for Luke's condition. Roy counters that Tony does know and what's more, he knows about Helena's lab. Tony says they don't know what they're dealing with or what she's capable of. (There is a weird interruption here on Soapnet.) They argue and Tony tries to convince them that Helena is too strong for them. They beg him to give them some help on what they can do to stop her. Roy tries to reason with Tony, saying Helena is human even if she does seem like a monster. Tony again tells him that he has no idea. He won't go into details. Roy says fine, he'll go around Tony. Tony says if they find Luke, they can bring him there and maybe he can help him. Bobbie sees that Tony is working on some sort of antidote like the one he gave Lucas. She realizes it came from Helena, not Johns Hopkins. She demands to know Helena's part in it all. Tony says that Lucas' virus could come back. She realizes that Helena has been blackmailing him to do her bidding. He swears that he will do whatever he can to protect their son, on his life. She hugs him gratefully.

Roy tells Nikolas that he knows he was lying to Gia, and why. He knows he's trying to save Lucky. Nikolas fills him in. Roy tells Nikolas about the lab and says Nikolas has to find it.

Carly yells at AJ for trying to implicate her in Sorel's murder. They argue so she tries to attack him. The other Quartermaines pull them apart. Alan tells them both to knock it off. Mac listens to their conversation through his bug. AJ says he heard Carly say she once pulled the plug on Sorel. They all suggest that she turn herself in and confess, except Alan, who tells them to stop, saying, "She didn't do anything, I was--" but then he stops. Monica suggests they discuss it privately. Alan changes the subject and says they should stop arguing because Chloe would want it that way. Edward suggests that if Carly could come live with them, they can put all this animosity aside. Carly seems tempted, but she knows what he's up to and calls it a "crock". Carly calls him "sick" and says that Edward likes having pretty young girls run around his house. She accuses him of having found excuses to go into her room when she lived there. Edward and Monica are disgusted with her accusations. Monica is glad Lila isn't there any more. Carly says Lila is the only one there that can handle the truth. She tells them off and says they will never get her child. AJ drags her outside and they continue arguing about Michael. He tells her that he wants to make a deal to work this out. AJ says if she gives him joint custody of Michael then he will forget what he told the police about her being at the hospital the night Sorel was murdered. He'll say he made it all up. She quizzes him so he tells her what he told the police. He backs her into a corner so she says we'll see what Sonny thinks.

Alan and Monica briefly discuss Sorel, saying he won't go after Emily now.

Sonny wants to know why Taggert is hassling Angel about Carly. Angel realizes that Taggert bugged her father's body in the funeral home. Sonny points out that he violated everyone's rights there and a judge won't like it. Taggert suggests they go to the police station to talk about it. Angel says she'll tell them both what she knows. She tells Taggert indignantly that Carly hit her car and is driving without a license. Taggert is incensed. He yells at her for not telling him the truth. Angel says if she really knew anything about who killed her father, she would tell him. Sonny says they're through and orders Taggert out. Taggert leaves angrily. Sonny is impressed with Angel's performance. She goes to leave but he asks her about what she knows about Carly and why she isn't looking for revenge. She lets slip that Carly broke into her house and went through her stuff. He is surprised she didn't tell him. She says that throwing Carly to the police would just hurt him and her son, so she won't do that. They talk about Sorel and why she was there at his funeral. She tells Sonny how much she hated Sorel. When Sorel told her how he would kill Sonny, he knew how much it would hurt her. She steps very close to Sonny as she says the last part.

Mac and Taggert discuss what's been happening in the Sorel case. Taggert thinks that Angel is her father's daughter and she could have offed him. Mac suggests that Taggert check Alan Quartermaine's prints against the ones they found on the crime scene. He also wants him to look into all the medical care Sorel got.