General Hospital Update Monday 9/11/01


General Hospital Update Monday 9/10/01

By Glynis

Lucky is trying to tell his mother that the "monster" is not dead, he is alive. He is after her; he is after all of them. She wants to know who the monster is. Lucky gets angry with her when she asks him about a lab again. He feels that he is living someone else’s life. It is too late for Kevin, he says. Lucky can’t go there and go back to that place in his head. There is nothing there that he can change. It is because of "him". It is his entire fault. But no more, Lucky swears it. He turns and leaves the office. Laura tries to calm him down, but she can’t.  He leaves, very upset.

Stavros is home fixing up his facial hair. He is wearing a towel and looking over his bottles of wine. He finds the right one. He gets the aftershave that he is going to use…he slaps some on and rubs some on his body. He is doing all of this to the tune, "I’m Too Sexy". Stavros gets dressed and looks at a picture of Laura. He thinks that she is as beautiful as the day that the picture was taken and she is still his. He is ready for his date. He grabs his bottle of wine with the big red bow on it and he leaves the lab.

Alexis is there to get Stefan out of jail. She tells him she was late because she had a personal matter. She thinks that they can get bail. Alexis tells him to keep quiet and let her handle this. He denies that he has killed Chloe. He wants to go home. She has her car outside, but he wants to go to Chloe’s wake. He loves Chloe and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He can see that she thinks that he was Chloe’s murderer. He knows that Helena did this. She punished Chloe to punish all of them. She tells him that he sounds obsessed. Alexis knows that he wouldn’t murder her intentionally and that was how she was murdered. Alexis doesn’t believe that he murdered her, but she is going to find out who did.

The Quartermaines show up for Chloe’s wake. Jax and Sonny almost get into it. Alan asks Sonny to leave. Sonny gets Angel and takes her aside to talk, much to Carly’s dismay. Sonny tries to leave, but Carly wants to talk to him first. He tells her no, he will not talk to her right now. Angel likes hearing that… Mac and Taggert are there and they are watching everything that is going on… Angel walks into her father’s room at his wake, where no one is, but Carly follows her. She slams the door behind her. She says that Angel wants to know what is wrong with Jax and Sonny. Carly explains it to her. They hate each other because of some woman. Angel doesn’t know what type of game Carly is playing and she doesn’t want to play. Angel is concerned for Sonny, not herself. Angel says she warned Carly not to mess with her. Carly is not afraid of her. They are talking over the coffin and they don’t know it, but Mac has rigged the coffin with a microphone and he hears the ladies talking. Angel tells Carly that she saw… Mac is in another room listening to the ladies speaking. Carly rolls her eyes at Angel. What does she think that she saw? Angel warns her to stay out of her business if she knows what is good for her. Angel has someone to see. Carly warns her that she better not be seeing Sonny. Angel is not afraid of her threats. Angel tells her that she shouldn’t want to be alone in a room like this. Angel leaves her, and Mac and Taggert enter, stopping Carly’s exit. They want to know where Carly was the night Sorel was murdered. Carly explains herself, and she actually thinks that Angel is the one that killed Sorel. Mac and Taggert leave Carly, but then they decide to tell her that Angel wasn’t the one that said that she saw Carly in Sorel’s room that night.

Next door at Chloe’s memorial service ,the Quartermaines are mourning Chloe. "She will always be a part of us…I’ll hear that laugh she had forever…I am still finding designs that she scribbled on the napkins…the beauty that she made and gave and the beauty that she was is a part of all of us now. You are the heart and soul of everyone that you touched Chloe. And for that, thank you and goodbye." Monica goes out to see the sign that is before Sorel’s room in the funeral. It was unnerving to have had Sorel in the hospital and to believe now that he is dead. Ned calls his parents back in Chloe’s room to spend time with Chloe’s body and say a prayer… Nikolas and Elizabeth come to the wake for Chloe, and they are very interested in who may have killed her. Gia is at the funeral home, too. She thinks that she has very bad timing. She goes into Chloe’s funeral room, and Elizabeth and Nikolas follow. Monica is having a terrible time at the funeral. The police are swarming all over the place, trying to find a suspect at Sorel’s funeral. Jax thinks that they all know who killed Chloe. Stefan enters the funeral room but Jax tells him that he has no right to be at the wake. Stefan says that he loved her. Jax says that he killed her. Alan forbids Stefan from entering the room. Ned thinks that he should go. Stefan shouts that he loved Chloe. He thinks that he could have made her safe. Stefan tries to enter the room but Nikolas stops him and tells him that he is making things worse… Gia tells Elizabeth that Nikolas needs somebody right now. Elizabeth follows Nikolas and Stefan out of the room. Ned tells Alexis that Stefan is not welcomed there. They let Alexis stay to say goodbye to her friend.

Outside the room, Stefan can tell that Nikolas knows that Stefan didn’t do this crime. Gia shows up, telling Stefan that Nikolas is turning bad. She tells Stefan that he had Lucky’s memory removed so that he wouldn’t want Elizabeth anymore. Nikolas walks off and Gia follows him but then stops.

Stefan comes back into the funeral room to tell Alexis that he is going to find Helena and stop her. Alexis tells him not to go near Helena. She will go and talk to Helena. First she wants to go and be with Chloe. She begs Stefan to wait outside for her. She reenters the funeral room. Alexis goes to the body and she talks to her.   "I have a sister that you would really like to meet…I love you, Chloe…you were as much of a sister to me and I will love you and I will think of you always."  Jax comes over and Alexis asks him to leave Stefan alone. Jax tells her that he is there for her if she needs him. She knows that. She leaves the room and Stefan is not there. Elizabeth tells her that he has gone. Alexis goes running out of the funeral room.

Laura is in her office and she hears someone in the outer office. She calls out, "Lucky! Is that you?" It is Stavros.  He is holding a bottle of wine and leaning on the door to her office, listening to her. Someone is coming so Stavros hides. He hears Scotty come in to see Laura.  Scott tells her that he was out there acting like an idiot. Stavros listens to every word. Scott says that he loves her very much and he thinks that she wasted time with Luke and that drives him crazy. Scott realizes that when you have a kid, there is a bond that can’t be broken. He wants to make up with her and promises not to screw up again. They move into the inner office and Stavros comes out of hiding, listening at the door. Scott will do anything to keep her happy. Stavros doesn’t like the sound of that. Laura says that if he showers her with some more gifts, like her flowers, she might consider being with him again. She tells Scott that the flowers come from some guy named Lucien. Scott jokes that the flowers may have been sent by mistake. Laura doesn’t think that he has anything to worry about. This Lucien guy is not a threat. Scott wants to spend time with her, but the next day is the first day of school and Laura wants to be there for her daughter. Scott walks her out of the office. Stavros wisely hides from them, simply by sitting in a chair. After they go, he gets up and enters her office. He is holding his bottle of wine. He is angry now. He puts the wine on her desk and sits in her chair. He looks at the picture of Lucky and then tosses it aside. He goes through her Rolodex and finds the card for Scott Baldwin. "Attorney at Law…" he laughs madly.

Lucky has returned to Helena’s lab. He is trying to put together what has happened to him and his father. He sees the bottles of wine and then he sees a case of it. He opens it and takes out a bottle with some fluid in it. It is slowly coming back to him now. He remembers the things that he has said in the past. "I think that I have done something to my father". A guard comes in and asks Lucky what he is doing in there by himself. Lucky holds the bottle out to the guard and tells him that he hears him. The guard backs up and Lucky sees how scared the man is of him and the bottle. He offers to go and get Helena and return right away. He leaves the room and Lucky realizes the bottle must be something very important to frighten Helena’s man that way. Lucky tries to put everything together now. He holds the vial and then hides it between the wine bottles. He closes the wine case again and heads for the door. He opens the door and leaves.

Sonny’s man tells what has been happening with the Sorel murder investigation.

Angel comes to see Sonny. She has something that she needs to tell him. She tells him that she saw Carly at the hospital the night of Sorel’s murder. She starts talking and Taggert bursts in behind her, telling her that he would like to speak to her about what she knows about seeing Carly the night of Sorel’s murder.

Nikolas goes to the docks and he sits on a park bench. Gia finds him there. She sees that he is crying. She wasn’t sure that anything could still get to him anymore. Is there still hope for him after all?

AJ sees Carly coming out of Sorel's funeral room. He makes cryptic remarks to her that she doesn’t understand. AJ walks into Chloe’s funeral room after Carly, and she announces to the Quartermaines that AJ is trying to frame her for Sorel's murder so that he can get his son.