General Hospital Update Friday 9/7/01


General Hospital Update Friday 9/7/01

By Glynis

Christina and Alexis are talking when Jax wakes. He finds that they were talking all night. The obviously like each other. They have a lot of family catching up to do. Christina wants to know the truth. She knew that she was adopted and she found out who her birth mother was. She needs to know how she got lost in the first place. It is really complicated. Alexis has never told the story before. Jax has to go check on some arrangements and he leaves. Alexis follows him telling him that she is not comfortable talking to Christina about her parentage. Jax reminds her that she has a right to know and that Alexis should tell her. She reenters the suite and tells Christina that she couldnít remember much for a long time. She doesnít know the whole story but she does remember some unthinkable things. Christina needs to know everything. Alexis was about 9 or 10 and Christina was just a baby and Alexis adored her. She was sitting on Alexisí lap and they were playing with a stuffed horse named Cocoa. That was Christinaís favorite toy. Their mother told them that they have to go to bed. Alexis was looking at her motherís necklace. They were planning to go out the next day. Her mother fixed it so that Alexis could wear half the necklace while her mother wore the other half. She said that when Christina got older she would get her motherís half. Alexis shows Christina the two halves. The doorbell rang then and Helena walked in. Christina doesnít know much about the Cassadine's. Her mother told her that Christina was a secret and when the doorbell rang, she told Alexis to take the baby out back and stay with her. Alexis took the baby out to the stables and put her down. Alexis promised to be right back. Alexis returned to the house and hears Helena telling her mother to stay away from her. Helena was there to look at the slutís face that tried to take her husband. Helena took a knife and stabbed Alexisí mother and killed her right in front of Alexis. Alexis is crying now as she tells the story. Christina realizes that Helena is the horrible person that killed their mother. Alexis tried to wake up her mother, but her hand was cold. Alexis felt sick and dizzy and she remembered Christina and she ran tot he stables. Christina was gone. Only Cocoa was there. Christina was lost because of Alexis. Christina will not let her think that. She had a really good life. Alexis blamed herself for everything and it has affected her whole life. There is nothing that she can do to make up for what she has done. Christina thinks that Alexis did everything that she could. Christina let a really good life and they are never going to be lost to each other again. They hug like sisters do.

Stavros is opening a bottle of wine and pouring himself a glass. He has a toast, "To you Laura. I will look forward to seeing you again."

Laura finds a note at her desk and it tells her only that someone is looking forward to seeing her again. Roy comes to see her and Laura wants to know where Luke is. Roy is not sure where he is. He hasnít left any tracks. Laura and Luke have a way of finding each other that is secret to the both of them and it didnít work. She is afraid that Helena has gotten to Luke. Helena uses other people to do her work and she is afraid that Lucky was used in this case to do Helenaís work. Laura needs Royís help. Elizabeth told her that Lucky said that he thinks that he did something to his father. All the pieces fit because in Luckyís last session, it came out that Lucky did something to his father. She thought that Lucky would have a deeper instinct to protect the people that he loves. Luke has been missing before, but he is not invulnerable. Laura canít believe that he is gone. She tried to believe that Luke was gone before, but she couldnít do it then either. She wrote letters to him and finally she found out that he was indeed alive. Roy is sure that Luke is not dead. They hug and he tells her that it is okay. Laura has to stay strong for Lucky because if he did something to hurt his father, he may not recover from that. Lucky walks into the office and he can tell that something is wrong. Roy is just heading out and he shakes hands with Roy as he leaves. Lucky wants to know what is wrong. Laura tells him that she loves him and she starts crying and hugs him. She begs him to help her. "It is about your father." Lucky tells her that he canít help her with that. The phone rings and Laura goes to it. No one is answering. Laura keeps asking, "Hello! Hello? Hello?" It is Stavros listening to Lauraís voice and smiling to himself. Finally he answers. He tells her that he is a financier that has been following her business. He would like to meet with her to discuss some business prospects. She tells him to talk to her assistant Elton to set up some business meetings. She returns to her son and wants to know what lab it was that he last saw his father at. Lucky doesnít remember the meeting. Luke was preoccupied and edgy. Laura really needs to get in touch with Luke. Lucky tells him that Luke is gone. Laura demands to know where. Luke tries to leave. Elton has been trying to find out who sent Laura flowers. Laura tells her that she knows that the flowers came from Lucien Cain. Elton tells her that she should get involved with him. He is tall dark and handsome. Laura turns back to her son for more information on Luke. Lucky tells her that Luke is gone, but HE is still alive. Laura doesnít understand that. ĎHeí who? Lucky says that Luke was alive. He is sure that something bad has happened and he doesnít know what it is. She hugs her son and she remembers when he was little and used to have terrible nightmares about monsters. He remembers that. Luke would come in and check under the bed. Lucky tells him that dad is gone, but the monster is back.

Bobbie comes to see her daughter and her new place. Bobbie left because she was searching for Luke. Carly thinks that she should have been around for her with all that was happening with Sorel. Bobbie tells her that she left town the night that Sorel was killed. She knew about the death because it was all over the news. She wonders why Sorelís daughter and Sonny would have anything in common. Bobbie thinks that she is off to a fabulous start without Sonny. Carly is still not giving up on Sonny. A package is delivered as they visit and Carly accepts it. She takes the envelope. Carly found something interesting in Angelís house. She is going to use that to save her marriage. Bobbie has to go to work and she leaves. Carly turns to her envelope and tears it open. She is very happy. She finds pictures in the envelope of Jax and Christina.

Angel remembers her father telling her that he wasnít going to die. He tells her that Sonny Corinthos is the one that is going to die. Sonny touches her shoulder. She jumps. She thought that he was her father. He tells her that her father is dead and she agrees that he should be the one that is dead. He came to the funeral home to say goodbye. She thinks that it is time for her to move on. She takes off her coat and is wearing red for a change. She is ready to live again. She sure picked an interesting time to wear red. There are only 2 people left in her fatherís organization. She knows that he has been uncovering dirt and picking up the pieces. Two men walk in who were former employers of Sorel. Sonny assumes that they are there to pay their respects. The want to work for Sonny. Sonny says that he will be in touch. Sonny is safe now. Carly walks in and sees Angel with her hand on Sonnyís shoulder. She looks over to another room and sees that Jax is there for Chloe. He talks over her coffin. She came into his life like a flash of lightening. Nothing else existed but the both of them and the rain. He was hurting so long and she did something that no one else could for him. She made him believe that he loved her. He couldnít follow through with forever. He is sorry that he wasnít there to protect her. She is the last person that he would ever hurt. He puts a rose on her coffin. He will miss her. She is in heaven. He looked up at the stars and he knows that they were shining brighter. Carly comes up behind him and listens to him talk to the woman that he once cared for. He turns and finds Carly there. She explains that she used to talk to Chloe when she lived at the Quartermaines. Carly knows that they have had their differences and things like this puts everything in perspective. Jax wants to know why Carly is being nice to him. She reminds him that they are separated. She tells him that there was a woman that she met in an accident and she let her stay at her house. Her name is Angel Ellis. Jax turns to her quickly when he hears Angelís name. He leaves her and sees Angel who stands staring at him. Sonny comes over and sees Jax as well.

Stavros knows that Laura will not refuse him any longer. He is going to take back what belongs to him.

Sonny is alone and talks to Sorel in his coffin. "You chose this life because you were drunk on your own power. You crossed the line. I will go there and I will carry the image of your face as a reminder of what can happen when you lose your honor. You had none. You were not fit to live. I thank God that we are all free of you at last. I shouldnít have let the law handle you, I should have handled you myself."