General Hospital Update Thursday 9/6/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 9/6/01

by Suzanne

Jax returns to his place and calls for Christina, but she's not there. He is still upset over Chloe's death. He phones someone to tell them to start buying out the Cassadines, no matter what the cost.

Christina puts her hat back on and doesn't introduce herself to Alexis. Alexis tells Ned that she has to focus and not be upset. Ned tells her she should worry about herself more. He wonders why they gave up on each other. Alexis mumbles to herself while Ned goes to talk to Mac. Christina goes to chat to Alexis but she blows Christina off, thinking that she's just some woman looking to talk to the police. Ned finds Alexis just standing there, staring off into space. He offers to take her home. She says she's never noticed the plaque that says "To Protect and Serve". She berates herself for helping to keep Chloe and Jax apart and for telling Chloe she should keep her independence. Ned tries to comfort her. Alexis says this was supposed to be the day she found something but instead she lost something. He wonders what she's talking about. She gets very upset. He tries to calm her down and find out what's going on. Alexis doesn't want to discuss it right now. Ned says he has to go tell his family what happened before they found out on the news. He asks Alexis again about who she was supposed to find but she can't.

Sonny and Angel chat outside her place. She tells him about her first date, when her father sent a bodyguard with her. Carly listens in from inside. Angel and Sonny flirt. Angel asks him if he wants to take a canoe out to the middle of the lake. He takes a raincheck; he's not found of lakes. She invites him in for a glass of wine so he accepts. Carly hides but leaves the white dress laying on the couch. Sonny tells Angel she should lock her door, be more careful. Angel sees the dress and knows that someone's been there. They check around but don't find anyone. They dno't think to check the inside where Carly is hiding. Angel hides the dress. Sonny worries about her. Carly rolls her eyes. Sonny suggests they go back to town. She invites him to stay but he decides to leave after all, after making sure she's okay. After he leaves, Angel yells for Carly to get her "butt out here, now". Carly makes snide comments while Angel yells at her for borrowing her clothes and barging into her house. They argue about Sonny. Carly gets in her face and taunts her about making love with Sonny and other stuff. Carly tells Angel, "You want Sonny, you deal with me". Angel says, "Fine, no problem" and moves closer to Carly. They argue some more about Sonny. Carly lets it slip that Sonny's filing for divorce. They argue yet more, threaten, etc. Angel tells her that where she comes from, you don't make a threat unless you are ready to back it up. Angel threatens her back. She tells Carly to get out. Carly keeps making rude remarks until Angel is yelling at her. Outside, Carly looks at the film she found and then leaves.

Christina returns and wonders what Alexis said. Jax yells at her for going out. Christina rants about Alexis being a cold yuppie bitch. Jax realizes Christina was at the police station. He tries to explain what happened with Chloe. Christina is instantly sympathetic. She apologizes for the way she acted and expresses her sympathy. Jax tells her Chloe's name but doesn't say how much Chloe meant to him. Instead he talks about what great friends Alexis and Chloe were. Christina realizes that Alexis was dealing with her friend's grief by burying herself in her work. Jax asks Christina if she wants to go eat but she knows that he is covering, too, and he should just deal with his own grief. There is a knock on the door so she hides. Alexis arrives, upset, saying she didn't know where else to go. Jax hugs her. She tells him where Ned went. She talks distractedly about how she had wanted Chloe to take her shoes shopping before she left for Milan. She regrets that she didn't thank Chloe more. Alexis cries as she talks about her loss. Jax tries to console her. He tells her that she's "on overload" so she needs to sleep or cry or get drunk or something. Alexis thinks maybe she should be steadier when she meets Christina. Christina comes out and says "too late". Alexis apologizes for being rude at the station. Things are kind of awkward. They sort of gape at each other and talk about how weird it is. Christina rambles and says she does that when she's nervous (just like Alexis does). Christina gives her a picture she has of their mother. Alexis is touched. They hug and cry.

Alan chats with Zander. Zander says the police have been all over the place; Alan says to let him know and he'll keep them away from him, protect him. Zander asks him why. Alan says because Emily loves him and he thinks he loves Emily, and he's not a killer. They have a chat about Emily and the past. Alan knows he's trying to change. He asks Zander what his plans are. Zander says he has a job with Sonny. Alan thinks that's a bad idea. They argue. Sonny comes in just as Alan is telling him to stay away from Sonny. Sonny makes small talk with Zander. Alan continues to harangue Sonny. Zander reminds Alan about when he came to visit him in jail, and Alan called him "scum" and told him to stay away from Emily. He tells him that Sonny visited, too, but posted his bail and paid for his lawyer. Alan ignores this and points out that that Sonny got him shot twice. Alan yells at Sonny. Sonny tells Alan off, saying it's Zander's choice. Alan gives Zander Emily's number at the clinic and suggests he discuss it with Emily. Sonny tells Zander after Alan leaves that Alan has a point. He's in a dangerous business. Zander says he's ready to give 100% or more. Sonny asks Zander if he didn't like jail. He says that he doesn't like to get arrested so that's why he's very careful. But Zander may not be so lucky. Zander says he thought about being a gardener because it was safe, he would make good money, etc. but it won't work because when he tried following the law, testified against Sorel, it didn't help. Sonny was the only one who could stop him. Sonny says that was "an extreme situation". Zanders says that he wants to learn from Sonny and get respect. Sonny says, "People are afraid of me; don't confuse that with respect". He tells Zander that everyone will hate him if he works for him. Zander is adamant. Sonny tells him about when he was a kid running numbers in Brooklyn and his background owning the strip joint and how he got into the mob. They talk about power--Zander wants some.

Monica asks Edward if Alan has called yet. Edward starts in on a rant about Zander. A.J. comes in. Monica argues with Edward. A.J. says he's been "defending the family name" and says the police have a new suspect. A.J. tells them that he told them about Carly. Edward is happy about the idea and the potential for getting Michael back. They share a toast (A.J. with ginger ale). Lila joins them and they continue to talk about Michael. Lila hopes A.J. is right about his getting his son back. Alan comes home and wonders where Chloe is. They tell Alan why they are celebrating. There are several hints that Monica might know something about Sorel's murder. Ned comes in and doesn't look happy about the news he has to impart. He asks what's going on so A.J. tells him that he hopes to get Michael back. Ned reluctantly gives them the bad news. They are all shocked and saddened.