General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/5/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/5/01

By Suzanne

Carly goes to see Angel at her house. She pounds on the door but no one answers, so she lets herself in. Carly makes sarcastic comments while she snoops through Angel's things. Carly makes fun of Angel wearing white, tries on one of her outfits and prances around pretending to be her. Ha ha! Carly finds a roll of film and thinks maybe there's something there she can use.

Angel sits at the bar with a glass of wine. Sonny comes in and greets her. He wonders why she's there. She makes a whimsical toast to getting her father's body back from the cops. He doesn't think she should be there. She says she practically grew up there, had her first communion there. He asks her why she wears white all the time, but he can't help but laugh. She says after what happened to her husband, she couldn't wear colors, but she doesn't like black because of her grandmother who always wore black. Sonny jokes with her; they flirt. He's never seen her act like this at the lake. She says that was his fault. He was so wary of her. He didn't tell her anything about his life, so she didn't tell her anything about hers. She kept to safe topics but she realizes she probably sounded a little loony. Sonny asks if Taggert has been bothering her. She says he came out to the house but he was just fishing. Sonny notes how she's changed. She says she feels more relaxed with him now. He asks her if she wants another drink but she wants to head home. He offers to help with her tasks. She is incredulous that he would want to help with her father's funeral arrangements. He says, "I want to make sure you stick around". They leave together. They head into the house while Carly is standing there still. 

Elizabeth gets a diver to find the Ice Princess before Helena does. Nikolas chews her out for not calling him sooner and going ahead without him. She defends her actions. He makes a really mean comment about her flirtation with Jason, but then apologizes for doubting her love for Lucky. He's under a lot of strain because of dumping Gia. Their diver brings up a rock about the same size and shape as the Ice Princess, but that's not it. Elizabeth wants him to keep looking but Nikolas gives the guy a wad of money and tells him to come back tomorrow and not to tell anyone about it. She worries that it will wash out to sea but he assures her that diamonds are heavy and it probably sunk right to the bottom.

Lucky develops pictures at work, including one of Elizabeth. Gia comes in and he yells at her for opening the door of the darkroom. She has been looking for him. She wonders what happened after she left them and why Elizabeth is looking for him again. He tells her that Elizabeth and his family don't have to worry about him any more.

Stavros is in Laura's office, making himself at home. HE sits around, waiting, fondling her name plate. Laura and Scotty arrive, joking arrive about the trip they just took together. Stavros hears them chatting and he eavesdrops, as usual. Laura and Scott flirt while he listens. She says they can go out but first she wants to check in with "the real world". She goes to get the key out of her purse so she can go inside her office. Scotty pulls her away and suggests they go to dinner first and forget about work. Lucky and Gia come in and greet Laura. Scott asks them to dinner, suggesting that Lucky call Elizabeth. Lucky tells Laura offhandedly that he broke up with Elizabeth and goes to check some test shots that he wants to show Laura. Laura is shocked and asks Gia what's going on. Gia fills her in on what's happened. The part she knows, anyway, including Luke being gone. Gia wonders why Elizabeth didn't tell her all this. Lucky comes back while Gia's talking about Luke at the auction. He has another flashback to stabbing Luke with the hypodermic. Lucky says he has to look at something and he wants Gia's help in the darkroom. Gia says Scott can fill Laura in more about the auction. Laura wants to know why he didn't tell her any of this. Scott hems and haws, trying to make excuses. Laura doesn't buy it and blasts him for keeping stuff from her that he knew was important to her. Stavros smiles as he listens to their fight. Laura storms off to find out what's happening. Stavros comes out of Laura's office, smiling. Gia comes back and finds them. She says he's busted for lurking around. He explains that he came there to visit her but saw that she was with her boss and didn't want to get her in trouble for having personal visits at work. She doesn't buy it but he charms her. He tells her that while he was away, he couldn't forget her. She is annoyed that he vanished right when she was supposed to start suing the Cassadines. He apologizes but says he had an emergency with a woman friend. He says, speaking about Chloe in that coy way he has, "She was in a passionate love affair and they had irreconcilable differences that needed to be laid to rest". He offers to take her out to an expensive restaurant so she agrees. Lucky returns and recognizes Stavros, but he's not sure where. Stavros reminds him that he saw him before, out to dinner with Gia. Lucky tells Gia that they have some more work to do. She doesn't want to but he convinces her. She asks Stavros for a rain check so he leaves. Lucky tells her that she should stay away from "Lucien" because it's "not safe".

Ned is stunned to find that the person he was yelling at is a woman. Christina offers to fight him outside. He apologizes, saying he's had a bad day...actually a bad millennium so far. She says he has a "grouchy attitude". They joke around and flirt, sit down at the bar together. She says her story is long and complicated. They get to know each other. He tells her about his business.

Stefan is still angry and frustrated at the police station. Alexis tells him to calm down, he's already assaulted the police commissioner and this isn't going to bring Chloe back. Jax can't believe Alexis is betraying Chloe. She says Stefan says he didn't do it. Jax wonders what she will do when it comes out that Stefan is guilty. Taggert interrogates Stefan, who suggests they investigate Helena. Alexis tells him again not to talk without his lawyer around. Stefan is still annoyed because he thinks she thinks that he's guilty. He tells them that they should be out looking for the real killer. He also says if they hadn't all interfered with his relationship with Chloe, they'd be on their way to Europe right now. Alexis looks pained and tells him to shut up again.

Jax tells Mac about what happened earlier with Chloe and Stefan, how they argued and Chloe fell and hit her head. Jax says Ned was also a witness. That reminds Alexis that Ned needs to be told about Chloe's death. Jax phones Ned to tell him about Chloe and asks him to come to the police station. Ned, rattled, rushes off without saying much to Christina. She follows him. Taggert and Mac are insisting on keeping Stefan in jail because of his hitting Mac, so Alexis tells Stefan that he'll have to spend the night but she'll get him out tomorrow. Ned arrives so Jax fills him in on his version of the events. The cops bring Stefan out, cuffed, so Ned attacks him. They are pulled apart and Ned calms down some as Stefan is carted off. Ned asks Alexis what happened. She tells him that Chloe's neck appeared to be broken, according to the paramedics. Ned holds her as she breaks down and cries. Christina arrives and sees Ned and Alexis together.

Laura walks up to Nikolas and Elizabeth and wants to know about what his part was in having Helena to play with Lucky's mind again. He can't deny it. Nikolas tells her that it was part of their plan but it didn't quite work out. They fill her in more on what happened. Laura apologizes for doubting Nikolas. He assures her that things will work out and they hug. He asks about Lesley and Lulu and leaves. Elizabeth tells Laura, "It's much worse than Nikolas knows. Lucky may have made himself even more of a target". Laura is shocked to hear about Lucky's self-destructive behavior. Elizabeth tells her that she thinks that he is trying to "obliterate" something he can't quite remember, what he did to Luke.

Stavros returns to Laura's office with a vase of red roses. He leaves a note that says, "Can't wait to see you again".