General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/4/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/4/01

By Suzanne

In the boxcar, Elizabeth tells Lucky they're stronger than Helena or the Ice Princess. She begs him to remember and feel. He can't, he says, but she knows he feels something. He takes her in his arms and they kiss. She asks what he felt. He says he "flashed on" some things from the past and he names various times they kissed but he doesn't feel anything. He tells her she's beautiful. She's very disappointed and gets despondent. She tells him how awful it is that he can't feel the "magic" any more. She says, "It's as if Helena has taken a piece of this diamond and carved your heart out". He looks sad as she tells him all about what Helena did. She hates Helena and she's sick of it all. Lucky gets close to her and says he knows how to fight it. He grabs the Ice Princess and she follows him. He says, "It's time to stop Helena" and goes to throw it in the water again. She doesn't want him to and stops him again. He doesn't believe it will work. He is upset that their magic is gone and says his life is over. He says he can list all the times they made love, but he can't bring back the feeling. Elizabeth says that he won't beat Helena by giving up. Maybe Kevin can use the diamond to bring back their love. He doesn't believe it. He throws it into the lake, into a big trench so no one can find it. She asks him if he feels different. He can't say. Helena's henchman comes along and asks Elizabeth where the Ice Princess is. Lucky asks him who he is and the man starts to threaten Liz. Lucky says she had it but I took it and threw it into the lake. So he tells the guy to tell Helena that her power is gone. The guy smirks and leaves. Lucky tells Liz to forget about Helena and about him. "Go find someone you can love, who can love you back. I can't do it anymore". He leaves but she follows him.

Jax and Alexis are on the docks. He wants to go over to Windemere to find Chloe. Alexis wonders if that's the right thing to do. Jax points out that Chloe just left the hospital without telling anyone. She says she'll go with him. He compares her relationship with Stefan to his with Jerry but says that Stefan has hurt Chloe badly so it's different. Alexis wonders if maybe Chloe wants to see Stefan. He doesn't think she does. Alexis phones to leave Mrs. Lansbury a message, since she can't get Stefan. Jax tries to call someone else he knows across the river who can get him a boat. Alexis suggests they go see Christina but Jax is too worried about Chloe. They bicker some more about Jax's relationship with Chloe. A man comes up with a boat so Jax throws a bunch of money at him to rent it for a while. Alexis insists on going with Jax anyway.

Stefan returns home and sees Stavros sitting in his chair with a letter opener in his hand. Stefan looks stunned and he's suspicious. Stavros tells him that he's back because "love is stronger than death". But he says, "hate is stronger than love". Stefan can't believe his eyes. Stefan tells him that Helena restored him. Stavros holds the knife to his throat and taunts him about all the 10 commandments that he broke. Stefan says it's too late to stop him from dismantling the Cassadine empire. Stavros keeps taunting him. He quotes a bunch of Shakespeare. Stefan is forced to do what he wants as Stavros forces him down and then he apparently slits Stefan's throat.

Meanwhile, Helena toasts Stefan's death. Next we see Stavros carrying Chloe's body to the couch. He apologizes for hurting her, saying she was "lovely and disarming", but her timing was "unfortunate". He talks to her for a while and then we hear Stefan's footsteps. Apparently all of that before was Helena's dream. Stefan comes in and sees a rope and a big vase of flowers. He wonders how they got there. Behind the curtain he sees Chloe's lifeless body on the floor. We see Stavros hiding with blood on his knife, smiling. Stefan frantically tries CPR while the 911 operator hangs on the line. Stavros opens the door where he was hiding and strolls in. He hears Jax yelling so he goes back in. Naturally, Jax and Alexis come in and see Stefan lying on the floor over Chloe, crying. As Jax pulls him up and starts pounding him, Stefan yells, "I didn't do this!" Alexis checks on Chloe, upset. Mac and the police rush in and break up Jax and Stefan. Jax tells them that Stefan killed Chloe. He yells, "I did no such thing" and Alexis tells him to shut up. He is shocked that Alexis thinks he did it. Despite Alexis' advice, Stefan maintains that he has nothing to hide. Stefan insists that they search the grounds so that they might find the person who killed Chloe. Mac says he's already on it. Jax says that Stefan is the killer. Alexis asks if Stefan is being charged. Mac suggests that the three of them go down to headquarters. Stefan says no and slugs Mac. He goes to hit him some more but Jax pulls him off. Mac keeps pleading with him not to make things worse. Alexis cries.

Helena yells at her thug on the phone for not finding Elizabeth and the Ice Princess yet. Stavros returns and Helena immediately starts questioning him about the gory details and what Stefan said and did when Stavros appeared and then killed him. He says, "there's good news and then there's bad news"... Helena is not happen to hear that things didn't go as they planned. Stavros gets a call that Laura has returned to town. He leaves. Helena looks worried.

Mac continues to question Roy about the evidence. Mac says he has a court order to search Roy's place and get samples of his clothes and hair to match with what they found at Sorel's room. Melissa is concerned about Chloe, her missing patient. Roy tells Mac to go ahead and search; he knows Mac doesn't have anything or he'd already be there. Mac tells him that Taggert is going through Melissa's apartment right now. She gets upset. Mac gets a call and leaves. Melissa tells Roy that after tonight, she's finished hiding things. Roy wonders what she means. She says there's something she hasn't told him but wants to. He tells her she shouldn't tell him anything that could be used as evidence in court. He doesn't want to have to lie under oath. She sighs but she understands. She says if she can't tell him, she'll tell the police. Roy stops her and urges her not to go to the cops. He reminds her that Sorel deserved to die. Roy and Melissa go into her place. Taggert greets them and shows them a folder Melissa had with pictures of her brother and newspaper clipping of Sorel's murder. She says she was just looking for closure since Sorel killed her brother. Taggert wonders why she has a catalog with a page open to an EKG simulator that was like the one used to kill Sorel. Melissa looks concerned but doesn't say anything. Taggert says the catalog says it's used for student nurses so why would she have one. Melissa shows him that she was looking at the clogs on that page. Taggert apologizes and asks her if she will voluntarily turn over her credit card records or should he subpoena them. She just stares at him silently so he leaves, along with the rest of the cops. Melissa tells Roy that he was right, the police don't want the truth. She plans to concentrate on the future. They hug.

Christina opens the door, thinking it's Jax, but it's Angel, whom she apparently knows. She invites her in. Angel says Jax said Christina was upset and having second thoughts about seeing Alexis. Since Angel was the one who "facilitated" her arrival, she thought she'd stop by and help out. Christina says she's not going to back down and Jax is with Alexis right now. Angel comforts her and Christina thanks her. Apparently Angel's job was to find Alexis based on the photo that Christina gave her. Christina wonders what's taking so long and worries about Alexis' reaction. Angel reminds her that Jax says "Alexis is intelligent and perceptive". Christina wants to take a walk but Angel cautions her about Helena. Christina says she'll wear a disguise.

At Luke's, Ned tells some guy what he thought of his song demo. The guy tells Ned that the band has other offers. Ned tells him why he should sign with L&B. Ned walks the guy out to his car. Christina walks in with a big overcoat and hat. She orders a martini at the bar and looks around. Ned comes back and thinks she's guy. He tells her she's in his seat and drinking his drink. She looks like she's considering what to do next. She doesn't move so he gets angrier so finally she turns around, takes off her hat and shakes out her long red hair. She tells him he needs to work on his manners.