General Hospital Update Thursday 8/30/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 8/30/01

by Glynis

Michael is back home and he canít wait to talk to Sonny, so as soon as he is alone, he calls him. He tells Sonny that he is at his own house. He is using his mommyís phone and he begs Sonny to come over and see him. Sonny tells the child that he will come over and see him. Sonny hurries over there and Michael runs to him telling him that he missed him. Sonny missed the small boy too. He hugs the child and gives Carly a look over the childís shoulder. He fakes being glad to be there. Sonny offers to teach Michael how to ride his new bike and the two of them go outside. Sonny tells Michael that it is easy to learn how to ride a bike. It is just like swimming. Michael climbs on the bike. It is a little wobbly but that is for him to get used to riding the bike and keeping his balance. Michael thinks that Sonny is not scared of anything. Sonny tells him that it is okay to fall down but you should just climb back on and try again and again. Sonny tells the child to ride in a little circle if he is ready. The child is ready and he pedals while Sonny holds him up. Carly loves watching the two together. Michael takes off on the bike and Carly holds Sonny telling him that he is the best and she wants times to be like this always. Later, Sonny tells Michael again that he should never give up. Michael has a present for his mother and he runs off to get it. She thanks Sonny for teaching Michael to ride. He tells her that he doesnít want her using Michael to get to him. Carly denies that she made her son call. Carly tells him that it was his bodyguard that taught Michael how to dial the phone. Michael returns and they suggest that he go and use the phone to make a call. He goes to the phone and Sonny watches as the child indeed makes a call. He gives Sonny and his mother a beautiful seashell. Carly explains that Sonny is not going to be living in the house with them. Sonny tells Michael that sometimes things change and it is not his fault. He is a perfect little boy. The best thing that every happened to Sonny was having Michael as a family. Sonny tells the boy that he is not going to live with him, but if he calls for Sonny, Sonny will be there. Michael wants him to stay. He canít understand. Carly tries to explain to her son how sometimes you fall, but you have to get up again. Sonny tells him that Carly loves him and always will. Michael can call him and do whatever he wants. Michael hugs him good night even though it is day. Michael runs upstairs. Carly thanks him, but Sonny knows that Michael doesnít believe a single word. She looked like his mother did the day that Mike walked out. The hurt will not stop and it is a bottomless pit. Sonny is not going to let Michael suffer like he did. He made promises to Michael. Michael needs and loves him. He deserves so much better but now it doesnít matter because Sonny is what he wants. Carly is sure that Sonny wonít fail him. Michael will be okay. He missed Sonny all summer and he knows that Sonny will be there. He needs to see that his mother is strong. She thinks that Sonny will be part of their family again. Sonny tells her that he is filing for divorce and Alexis will be serving her papers. She tells him that she will fight him, and he knows that. She always does fight him. He walks out

Mack learns from AJ that Carly was the one that killed Sorel. Taggert joins the conversation and he learns that AJ heard that the cord was pulled. AJ knew that Carly wanted Sorel dead and he is sure that she was the one that killed him. She had some training as a nurse and could have disabled the alarm for his breathing equipment. AJ hates Carly, but he is terrified for his son. Carly is mentally unstable and his nanny looks after him. Carly is nuts and she abandoned Michael after leaving him. AJ goes through many of the things that Carly has done. He is sure that she doesnít love Michael. She would do anything to get what she wants. Every minute that his son spends with Carly, he is in danger. Michael is part of the investigation because Carly is a murderer. They shouldnít need more proof to arrest Carly. Mack says that they will follow up on this. AJ was at the hospital because he is an alcoholic and he was at a meeting. When he was leaving that was when he saw Carly. Taggert knows that AJ didnít like Sorel either. AJ admits that he didnít like Sorel, but he didnít kill him. He is accusing Carly because she was the one that killed Sorel. He wants his sonís future saved.

Christina is telling Jax that she doesnítí like being hidden off there in the corner from the world. They talk about Alexis and isnít very athletic. There is a knock on the door and it is Helena come to see Jax. He sends Christina to into the other room and he lets Helena in. She is not there to have a duel. She is warning him that the next move that he makes could have fatal consequences. He can tell that she has something to hide and he questions what that might be. Helena warns him that he may be signing Alexisí death warrant. She wants him to stop his business activities. Someone has been siphoning off millions of dollars and he wants to know what is up with that. He is surprised that she doesnít know more about finances. Cassadine Industries is in deep trouble. Helena warns him that Alexis has only been alive this long because of her kindness. Jax tells her that he thinks that she is bluffing and he is going to find out all her little secrets. She warns him that this is far from over. He agrees. She leaves in a huff. Christina comes out of hiding and Jax tells her how Helena means what she says. She once ran Chloe down thinking that she was Alexis. Christina is not running away from Helena. He is going to call Alexis. He warns her to try to relax. He leaves her alone, but she canít relax.

Stefan goes to church and enters a confessional box. He closes the door and sits. "Bless me father for I have sinned and I want to change my life and be a better person. Please help me." The priest answers, "Of course my son, Iíll help ya!" The priest is none other than Stavros in a monkís outfit. He raises his head and looks up smiling. It has been years since Stefanís last confession. He was trying to protect someone. The priest asks Stefan is good to his mother. Stefan tells that his mother is not a good person. Stavros says that he must honor his mother. Back to this woman. Has Stefan been honorable to her? The priest tells Stefan that he will never be good enough. Stefan thinks that he hears a little of Stavrosí voice in that last sentence and he becomes confused. He explains that Stavros is his brother and he is burning in hell. Stavros is behind the wall playing with a rope. Stefan tells the priest that Stavros got what he deserved. He never valued what he had. The priest thinks that Stefan stole from him. The priest says that he must pray for penance. Stefan questions what kind of priest he is talking to. He gets up and breaks out from the tiny room. Helena walks in and finds Stefan there. She had him followed and watched. Stavros was about to kill Stefan, but he hears his motherís voice and listens instead. She tells him that the Cassadine Estate is on the verge of collapse. Stefan tells her that he is going to dismantle the entire fortune of the Cassadine's and give it to charity. Stavros winds his rope around his hands again in anger. Helena will have Stefan committed before she allows him to ruin the business. Stefan loves Nikolas, but he will destroy the Cassadine's before they cripple others. Stefan tells her that Alexis and Laura are going to be the ones that decide what happens with the fortune for the Cassadine's. Stefan is not doing this for Chloe; he is doing this for his own self-respect. He walks out. Stavros comes out of the confessional box and he tells his mother that she has done a good job handling the problem with Stefan beautifully. She finds him ridiculous. She tells him to get rid of Stefan this day. She is sick of this.

Chloe is in the hospital and she has had an accident. It seems to have been Stefanís fault. She is thinking of forgiving him. Alexis comes to visit her. She realizes that Jax is the same person that she has always loved. He doesnít want to be with her anymore. Stefan still wants her, but she canít fix him. She thinks that somehow she has made Stefan different. He wreaked havoc in her life. She cares for him, but she could never feel safe with him. Alexis was hoping that Chloe would get together with Stefan. She thinks that they should spend some time together in Milan. The friends hug. Stefan walks in to visit and Chloe is okay with that. Alexis leaves. He tells her that he wants to talk to her one last time and he will not bother her again.

Jax shows up at the hospital to see Alexis. He is not there to see Chloe. He tells her that Helena came by and she was more volatile than usual.