General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/28/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/28/01

By Suzanne

Carly insists on gabbing to Sonny while Mac and Taggert listen. She tells Sonny about her conversation with Sorel when he held her hostage and how she begged him not to kill Sonny. She says she did it all for him. He retorts, "You can't use this to bring back what we had". She tries to get him to remember their past, like the first time they made love. Sonny gets uncomfortable. She keeps talking about what she did to protect him from Sorel. Sonny can't help but be curious about what she did but says that she is going to have to tell the truth. She says she didn't kill Sorel, even though she wanted to. She asks him if he killed Sorel. He says he didn't, either. She wonders who did, with a smile on her face. Mac thinks they know they are listening. Alexis comes in and is annoyed to find them listening in on their conversation. Mac turns it off but doesn't take her threats seriously. 

Roy practices what he'll say when he drops by Melissa's place, trying to think of a good excuse. She opens the door. He hears a cough from inside and realizes she's not alone. She says it's not a good time. She says it's Bruno and he's really upset. Roy is jealous. She says that her car is temperamental and Brunothe mechanic is the only one who can handle it. We hear Bruno cry, "Why, why?" She tells Roy that Bruno is upset because his wife left him. Bruno comes out and wonders if Roy is stalking her. Roy says he's her boyfriend. Melissa reminds Bruno to be more sensitive to other people's needs. Roy advises him not to top off a lady's drink when she's not looking (as he did with Melissa). Bruno leaves. Roy comments on how this is just like Chicago; she is always helping people and giving them advice. Melissa laughs hysterically at his comment about being her boyfriend. She just says that the term is so old-fashioned and it's been so long since anyone used that about her. He compliments her. She looks touched. He explains why he was acting jealous. She tells him that she's happy he's in her life. He asks if the police have been bothering her. She says no, they didn't know, as far as she knows. He sees something and asks if that's what he thinks it is. It's the piano from Rosie's bar that they frequented in Chicago. She says they are tearing the place down and she had to buy it. He tests the piano, which seems out of tune. She tells him that she's learning to play. He jokes about her ability so she plays and sings some of "Dream a Little Dream of Me". He is impressed. They kiss. An elderly woman comes in and tells Melissa about her sciatica. Melissa introduces her to Roy. The woman, Edna, tells him that Bruno doesn't trust him and he'd better treat her right. They kiss again. Edna falls asleep on Melissa's couch; Roy kisses Melissa's hand and then leaves.

Elizabeth and Gia watch Lucky sleep. Gia wonders how long she's staying. They bicker again about Nikolas. Gia is jealous and wonders what's going on. Liz tells her that she only cares about Nikolas a friend, and he knows it. Gia thinks she encouraged him to be more and blames her for their breakup. Gia tells her to leave. Elizabeth won't go because she's worried about Lucky. Gia sighs and agrees. She leaves to get air. 

Liz goes over and pets Lucky's head, so he wakes up. He wonders why she's there. She notices dirt on his hands and is horrified to find out that he was on the ledge. She asks him if he was thinking about her out there. He changes the subject. She tells him that Gia left to give them time alone. She tells him again that Helena erased his memories of her while she watched. He doesn't remember, he says. She gives him details about what Helena said and did. He is rapt with attention. She says it doesn't matter, she won't ever give up on him. "I know that you still love me in your heart" she says. He asks, "How could I not love you?" She thinks he's remembering. He tells her that she's beautiful and sexy, and she tells him how much he loves her, so he wonders why he doesn't feel anything. He isn't sure whether to believe her story about Helena or not. He can't think of any good reason as to why he stopped loving her. He gets annoyed; she's just trying to help him stop being self-destructive. He can't deal with it and wants to leave. She insists that he stay. He tells her to get out of his way and he'll be okay. She says he helped her once when she was hurting and she is going to protect him now. She talks about the rape and how he helped her trust again. He remembers some of it. Elizabeth says that Helena didn't take away the memories of what they shared. With her help, he remembers it. She asks him to let her stay on the floor next to him, like he did with her. He gets upset again when she mentions Helena's programming. She assures him that she's not there because of love or romance but just to be there for him. She asks him to trust her again. He agrees. Later, we see Lucky leave his chair and go over to where Elizabeth is sleeping and cover her up more, then he he hits on the floor next to her. She opens her eyes and watches with tears in her eyes and he holds her hand.

Gia walks through the dining room downstairs, mumbling in an annoyed manner to herself. Nikolas walks up behind her and they exchange a Look. He apologizes for startling her and says she looks "beautiful". She sarcastically comments on how he is so good about turning his charm on and off. He acts concerned. She thinks he is just being nice so she won't sue. He is shocked to hear about her smushing dessert all over Helena and warns her not to piss off Helena. She shrugs it off but he says she can't be involved in this. She wonders what he's talking about. He sidesteps the issue and she tells him about Lucky being in her room with Liz. She wonders why he is not rushing up there. He says they have "unfinished business"; he can be patient. She is very suspicious about the way he's acting. She accuses him of being the one who erased memories of Elizabeth from Lucky's brain. He denies it. She says he just got Helena to do it. He says that when Lucky came back, none of them know what had been done to Lucky's head. Gia is not buying it. Later, Nikolas plays a sad song on his saxophone on the docks. Gia hugs herself and cries. After Nikolas finishes with his song, he cries, too.

Angel gets impatient at the police station because of Carly's stupid charges. Alexis blasts her for keeping Sonny hidden for weeks without telling anyone, and for not telling people that she's Sorel's daughter. Later, Angel, Sonny, Carly, Mac and Alexis get into the same argument again. Sonny tells Carly to admit that her charges were wrong and she made a mistake. Carly pouts but then finally admits she didn't actually hear Sorel mention Angel's name. Carly chews the cops out for not being there when Sorel kidnapped her. Mac tells them that the phone records show that Angel didn't make any calls to Sorel. She's free to go. As Carly and Sonny leave, she pesters him about how they add such a great connection in the interrogation room, just like they often had before. She says, "You were never bored with me". He keeps trying to tell her off. Finally he tells her he went along with her in there but she shouldn't have gone to the police in the first place. He bailed her out just for Michael and she'd better stop trying these stunts. "You tried to throw an innocent woman in jail", he says, "Stay away from her". He tells her to get it through her head that what he does is none of her business. He walks away. Angel comes out of the police station just then, too. Carly turns around and sees Angel there, looking angry. They glare at each other, then Angel walks away. Sonny stands in his office with a drink in his hand, looks out the window, then stares off into space, thinking. He puts the drink down and leaves.