General Hospital Update Monday 8/27/01


General Hospital Update Monday 8/27/01

By Suzanne

Ned goes to see how Chloe is doing while Jax keeps Stefan away from her. Ned phones for an ambulance. Jax tells him that he's no better than Helena and someone should get rid of both of them. 

Stavros asks Liz what she's doing in Helena's room. She tries to avoid answering but he insists. She says she's Nikolas' girlfriend but Helena doesn't like her much. They were getting hot and heavy earlier when Helena walked in on them, she says, and she ran out so fast that she thinks she forgot something. She starts to leave but he keeps her from leaving. Stavros says the item must be there somewhere, so what was it? She says it was a ring with a pearl. He flirts with her, saying she looks like someone who would like diamonds. She says that she doesn't like expensive jewelry and talks about how important the ring was to her, because Nikolas gave it to her. He asks if she remembers where she was in the room, so she points away. She plants the ring while his back is turned and says, oh maybe it was over here. He shakes his head. Elizabeth looks around and then finds her ring. Stavros picks it up for her and sneers at the size of it, then he puts it on her finger. He says it's "snug" and wonders how it slipped off her finger, as he kisses her hand. Her cell phone rings. 

Sonny and Angel try to tell Mac that Carly's charges are bogus. Carly insults Angel some more. Alexis is there so she takes Angel aside to learn the facts. Sonny keeps telling her to "make it go away". Taggert insists on questioning Sonny about some other things. Alexis asks Sonny if he's sure Angel wasn't involved with Sorel and he assures her that Angel is innocent. Mike reminds Carly that she was going to drop the charges. Carly is too annoyed at Angel to think straight. She thinks Taggert will use the situation to go after Sonny. Mostly she is jealous and says terrible things about Angel. Mike tries to make her see reason but she's too jealous. Mac says he's read her statement and "some things don't add up". Angel fills Alexis in on why she's in town and why she was visiting her mother's grave the night Sonny was stabbed. Sonny, talking to Taggert, backs up the fact that it was a coincidence that he was bleeding on Lily's grave at the same time. Both of them say that Carly is lying because she sees Angel as a threat to her marriage. 

Mac grills Carly about the details of her statement. He easily pokes holes in her theories and questions her about her motives. Mac wonders if Angel was operating on her own to help her father, but not in cahoots with him. Carly thinks maybe Angel turned on her father. 

Dara ask Taggert if these charges are as bogus as she thinks they are. Mac tells them all that they have to stick around for a while longer. Alexis wants to leave but Mac says she's a "witness". Dara brings in some phone records, etc. that Mac wanted. Mac says he found some interesting fingerprints. 

Carly tells Mike that she "saw the light", meaning she withdrew her charges. He goes to get her some water. Sonny comes in and tells her she has to leave. She doesn't want to be ordered around and says he has to hear her out. He yells at her for making up these stories about Angel. They argue. She is trying to protect her family, she says. He blasts her for running to the cops again and risking perjury charges for herself. Mac and Taggert turn on the secret listening device so they can eavesdrop on their conversation. Sonny tells Carly to be quiet. She keeps babbling on and he keeps trying to get her to shut up so they won't hear her. Finally when she is about to say what she did to Sorel, Sonny grabs her mouth to shut her up. Mac tells Taggert they can add her to the list of suspects. 

Lucky looks at a picture of Elizabeth but it fades to a picture of Gia; his brain is doing weird things and he throws the picture away. He is very freaked out. He goes to get some water but a big piece of ice reminds him of the Ice Princess. He calls room service and complains about the ice being melted, and asks for more. He picks up the ice again and stares at it. Next we see Lucky out on the ledge. He's balancing and seeming to have a great old time. He almost falls, then smiles and yells, "Woo!" Next we see that he is no longer there; the window is open, curtains blowing in the breeze. 

Gia tells Helena that she's grateful for what he did to mess with Lucky's brain. Lucky doesn't care about Helena, Elizabeth, or Nikolas any more--he wants to have a good time with her. Helena observes that she seems to have gotten over Nikolas. Security comes over but they're interrupted by a stretcher being brought for Chloe. 

The emergency team works on Chloe; they prepare to take her to the hospital. Stefan tells them she's had a previous head injury, to which Ned replies, "Yes, when she was run down by your mother". Stefan wants to ride with her. Jax objects and threatens Stefan. Helena watches, smiling. 

Gia phones Elizabeth to tell her to get out of Helena's room because she's on her way up there. Elizabeth pretends she's Nikolas. Gia doesn't understand at first what she's babbling about. Stavros asks to speak to Nikolas but just then, Helena returns and wants to know what's going on. Stavros pretends he's an old friend of Helena's that just stopped in to have a drink with her while he was in town. Helena wants to know why Elizabeth broke in again but Stavros tells her that he'll fill Helena in. Liz makes a hasty exit. Stavros finds out that Liz is still in love with Lucky, not Nikolas. He notices the mess on Helena's outfit. She doesn't look happy at the mention of that. Later, Stavros asks her how she's going to handle Elizabeth. She's more interested in what to do about Jax. She says that Jax and Stefan "almost came to blows" tonight. She says that when Stavros destroys Stefan, he has to make it appear as if Jax is responsible. 

Gia and Elizabeth confer about what happened. Liz is appalled at Gia's spilling dessert on Helena's outfit. Elizabeth talks about the mysterious stranger she met. They bicker over petty things to do with Nikolas and Lucky. They decide to go see if Lucky is okay. They come back and find him crashed on the bed. Elizabeth wants to stay with him. Gia is not thrilled with the idea but lets her stay. Liz says even though they don't get along that well, she asks Gia to watch out for Lucky. Gia promises to try and asks Liz, "Don't let Nikolas sell his whole soul, okay?" and Liz agrees. 

At the hospital, Ned, Jax and Stefan listen to Tony tell them that he'd like to keep Chloe there for observation. He asks them not to visit her all at once. Ned goes in first, leaving Stefan and Jax to glare at each other. Jax stands guard. He and Stefan argue about who has let Chloe down more. Stefan says he intends to prove to Chloe that he loves her, then he leaves. Ned jokes with Chloe as she awakens. Jax comes in and asks how she's doing. She says she doesn't need both of them fussing over her. Jax leaves. Ned tells her that he's still a good friend. Ned asks about the fall. She says yes, it was an accident. He grabbed her and she fell, stumbled. She doesn't blame Stefan. Chloe sleeps. Tony says he needs Ned to fill out some forms, so they leave. Stefan returns and visits her. He sits next to the bed and takes her hand. He whispers her name and apologizes for causing her more suffering. He tells her how much he loves her and what she means to him. He says he'll find a way to keep his world from crashing again (i.e. her leaving). 

The mysterious red-headed friend of Jax's tries on Alexis' mother's necklace and smiles. Later, Jax returns and calls "Christina?" She comes out and they chat about how she's been spending her time as she waits for him. She admits that the night of the auction, she went out, had something to eat, walked around, and came back. He tells her that she needs "to be more careful until the timing is better". He is worried about her safety. She thanks him for wanting to slay all those dragons for her. She asks if she was wrong to want to do this. Maybe she shouldn't have come at all. He says she has to give it a chance. She says he's right and suggests they go find a video arcade. He reminds her that she promised to stay put. She relents but asks him to buy some stuff to keep her occupied tomorrow, and she lists a whole bunch of different things. He laughs and says he shouldn't have gotten rid of the pinball machine. She says there's probably another one out there. She says that's like life, there are a whole lot of opportunities out there, you just have to know where to look.